College Days

It's a good year to be a Ute!!! (as far as a college student goes and a football fan) So far this football season has definitely been one to remember. Stomping on all the competition we are currently 8-0! The game this Saturday will probably be one of the most exciting of the season... It is ESPN college game day at the U and it will be us, the Utes (ranked #5) against TCU (ranked #3) It will in the simplest of words be EPIC!

Any ways onto my college adventures thus far...

We'll start with rock climbing.... My friend Sarah got me into rock climbing. We had this marvelous plan to go up the canyon and go climbing... She "knew" where we were going haha.... well let's just say she forgot exactly where the trail was to get to said rock climbing wall. We ended up going on about a 3 mile hike up the whole freaken mountain... it was steep and treacherous!
This is a picture of a wall we climbed (without harnesses) trying to find the real place to climb... It was straight up and a lot higher than it looks

This is the view once we climbed the above wall.

Me and Sarah exhausted from our crazy adventure.

Back at the dorm we do lots of fun and crazy things... One night started out with us painting our nails...

Followed by watching this video about Parkour...

Followed by us participating in our own parkour adventures throughout our entire dorm. This would be Mary and Jess as they were parkouring through the lounge

Well the adventures continued when me and Jess decided to do a morning temple trip. We went and got breakfast at Einsteins (that is after we spent 20 mins lost trying to find it) It ended up being a great way to start the day! We ate our breakfast right outside the temple, walked around temple square screaming for Sister Felici with no luck finding her, and topped it off by taking a tour of the Beehive House where we had a near death experience with a ghost haha

Fall break rolled around and how did I spend the first day of it? Playing with blocks! We built this epic castle!

The first Monday of Fall break we had our family Halloween Party (costumes required) well most of the adults didn't dress up but I'm proud to say my parents did!!!
M&M (Mr & Mrs) haha

Erik was Waldo and I was Wenda from the hit books "Where's Waldo" I'm proud to say I have all six of these books stashed in my dorm room!

We. Looked. Awesome.

Me and Podge (Paige)

Sadly Fall break had to end and life had to resume. I was out of my chapstick (or so I thought) so I started buying some here and there and well guess what I found out that I really didn't lose my chapstick I had it in my tin on my desk I just forgot where I put it. I'm happy to say now that I currently have 8 Nivea chapsticks! But hey, it's my favorite, and it makes me happy!

Sad to say this but I had to unpack my closet full of flip flops and trade them in for some boots and moccasins. It gets pretty cold when you have to walk to class. This is an entire bag full of flip flops... and I still kept two pairs just for the sake of my sanity.

Well that's pretty much the simplified update of my college experiences thus far... until next time! Let the world keep a spinnin'!