Parental Advisory: Explicit Content

Recently, in my ever so exciting life, I discovered this somewhat nifty little thing on good ol' IMDB

I wanted to watch a movie with one of my favorite actors but wanted to know the actual movie to crap ratio. I found out if you scroll down on IMDB there's a "parent's guide" it has different categories...those being: sex & nudity, violence & gore, profanity, alcohol/drugs/smoking, and frightening/intense scenes.  

I told my roomie about this right after we had gone to see Premium Rush

We figured looking it up would probably be the best way to procrastinate our homework at that moment. 

Oh my goodness. They seriously have the most detailed list of everything that occurs. 
I swear to you this is what it said... I could not make this stuff up. Of course these are only most of the entertaining ones. . .

Sex & Nudity
- We see 3 couples kiss briefly on screen
- A couple embraces outside a restaurant for several seconds
- Dozens of male and female bike messengers wear short, tight pants that reveal legs from mid-thigh to ankles.
- A street poster shows a woman in a floor length gown split up one side to the waist, revealing the full leg, and ankle.

Because ankles are ever so sexy. 

Violence & Gore
- A police officer accumulates scrapes to his cheek, chin, both elbows, and knees
- A bike messenger steals a police officer's bike and the officer says, "I'm done" and walks off screen
- Wearing a helmet but no pads, a bike messenger pedals fast through NYC traffic 
- A man's forearm is shown wrapped in a bandage from elbow to wrist in several scenes. 
- A man stabs a pencil into an apple. 
- Campus security guards shout at students on cycles to watch what they're doing. 
- In a public park, police shout at cyclists to get off the paved paths. 
- We hear sirens off screen
- Throughout a messenger's rides and deliveries, he argues by cell phone. 

For reals? I think they forgot to mention that the main character sneezes. 

Anyways I'm pretty sure that all movies have some level of hilarity courtesy of the handy dandy "Parent's guide".... so if you're ever bored... I suppose it could be entertaining ;) 


Hello Yet Again

Wow. Where have I been? It seems like I've been everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. I can't believe it's been basically a month. 

Well we went to Disneyland over fall break. It was super fun minus me being sick most of the trip. Amanda and her cute kiddos met us there and it was a blast. 
The new cars ride was very impressive and I loved it. Hunter on the other hand wasn't quite a fan as you can see from the picture.... he's the little boy that looks like he's face to face with death.

I made my sister and mom go on it and I took the kids. All three of them. By myself. The good news is I didn't lose 1 of em! The best part was the peoples faces that looked at me as I had 3 kids with me. Don't fret... Teen Mom 3 here I come. 

 I absolutely love these pictures. She's a riot. 

One of the days we were there the hand stamp said "GRIZZLY" 
it kind of made me a little excited. They're my hockey team. It was very ironic. 

We got suckers one day and the kids were an absolute mess. Good thing we gave them to them when their mom wasn't around. 

After fall break I had to go back to school unfortunately. I feel like after fall break I hit a wall and it's all downhill from there. Uh oh. 

The good news was I came back to this test from my family violence class. . . 

Probably the best I've done in a while (pathetic I know) but it was great. I didn't know you could get an A+ in college but hey I'll take it! 

Last weekend we went camping with my dad's two older siblings. It was a lot of fun. 
Here's a picture of what my mom, dad, and me ended up taking for an overnighter. 

Yes, 2 vehicles and 2 trailers. 

The place we went was INFESTED with red ant hills. Every 8 feet there was another one. I convinced my parents to light one on fire and see what would happen. It was pretty anticlimactic unfortunately. 

It was obvious this wasn't going to help so we packed up and went to another camp spot. 
I don't have any other pictures because I didn't think it was a good idea to bring my new phone on a four-wheeler. 
Some other things that happened camping. . . 
- Going 68 on my dad's raptor on the salt flats. So so so fun! Talk about adrenaline! 
- campfire
- one lost person
- one four wheeler crash
- one very severe concussion
- one very worried and upset Kylie
- one very confused dad "trying to put his life back together" 

And I thought getting dumped by a dumb boy was upsetting. . . try not knowing where your dad is or what happened and not knowing if he's okay. Now that's truly upsetting. 

Oh also two weeks ago hockey season officially started. I can't believe I forgot to mention this. Our team is looking really good this season and we're 3-1. The next home games are this weekend and I can't wait to go!!! There's an auction after so I texted my mom. If you remember this post you know what happened at the last auction we went to. She said we could watch but probably wouldn't bid on anything. I told her that was fine, but she had to promise not to twitch or flinch. 

Last weekend in addition to camping I went to a corn maze and halloween carnival type thing with my cousins. It was a lot of fun. They scored an extra ticket and I was the lucky winner. I couldn't believe how hot it was that day. It seriously felt like it was mid 80's. Crazy. It's October. 

And the last exciting news for now. . .I bought T-Swift's new CD. I was bracing myself to be severely disappointed and I was worried it would be too much pop and not enough country. 
It's a little bit of both and I'm okay with it. It tends to grow on me the more I listen to it. 

Well, sorry I went AWOL. 
Till next time!