Things I've Learned the First Week of the Semester

- I have extremely short legs. I get passed by everyone... when I'm walking my fastest.

- Campus gets steeper and steeper every semester. The mountain is seriously growing.

- When your professor says they're going to end class early, they will never end class early.

- If you don't get almost hit by at least 2 cars and 3 bikes a day, you're doing something wrong.

- No matter where you need to go there will inevitably be construction and you will have to walk 3 times farther to reach your destination.

- One of my professors reminds me of Robin Williams.

- Another one reminds me of Jim Carrey.

- Grad students hate the world and are out to make everyones life a living hell.

- All of my classes are in the same auditorium. It gets me really confused and I can't remember what class is which, let alone what assignments I have for said classes.

- Those big yellow yield signs on the side of the road are meant for pedestrians, not cars.

- You have a smaller risk of getting run over by a bike if you walk on the bike route and not the normal side walk.

- My Jim Carrey professor makes oatmeal chocolate chip cookies 2 times a week. He told us this to prove a point that we're all weird. He's awesome.

- It takes me approximately 8 minutes to get from the building where all my classes are to where I park my car.

- I walk across campus 12 times a week. And it's a big freaking campus!

- My professors that are technically "Assistant Professors" will flat out admit that they are "Assistant Professors". They also insist that you call them by their first names. My grad student teachers will "only answer to Professor _____ " To them, I say this....


VMA Thoughts

So the VMAs were on Sunday night. To be honest, I thoroughly enjoy watching them ever since the whole T-Swift Kanye episode. And the rumor about N'Sync performing was pretty enticing as well.

 Lady gaga opened the show and I guess I really shouldn't be surprised by anything she does anymore but What. The. Heck. The whole box on her head and how they felt the need to zoom completely in, thoroughly freaked me out. I personally didn't care for her song.  

Then, while one direction was up there announcing an award, T-swift got caught mouthing "shut the blankety blank up" to her BFF Selena. Can you say classy? I just hope she gets totally ridiculed for it. 

Miley Cyrus then took the stage. Umm... I don't even know where to begin. She is basically the most disgusting person currently on the planet. Her performance was everything but appropriate. I have never liked her and I was honestly shocked her latest music video was nominated for any awards at all.  I watched half of it and my eyes were bleeding by the time I shut it off. After her performance if she wasn't already wearing nothing she stripped down even further to help sing Blurred Lines. And by sing I mean dance around the stage making crude gestures for 10 minutes. 

Can someone please riddle me this ..... 

How can this girl

End up with this gorgeous hunk? 

Please. Someone enlighten me. Please. 

And if her performance wasn't excruciating enough to watch we were lucky enough to watch Taylor swift and Selena Gomez dance through it all as the camera showed them every 5 seconds. I was beginning to think they were the only celebrities there. 

T-Swift then thought she didn't make a big enough fool of herself so she felt the need to thank, very loudly, the person who inspired her song and "you know who you are". It obviously it can't be that One Directioner because the song came out before their break up. I'm willing to bet that the real guy honestly didn't know it was him. It's one of her more vague public displays of hatred. I guess if there's one thing I learned throughout the night it's that you spell Taylor Swift B-I-T-T-E-R. She just needed to be slapped about fifty times throughout the night. Where's Kanye when you need him? 

Bruno Mars won an award... Can we talk about how short he is? 
He's like leprechaun status. 

Now basically the only part I was looking forward to ..... JT. I loved the fact that they had Jimmy Fallon introduce him because let's face it. They're basically BFFs and when they get together... amazing things like this happen. . . 

This might be my favorite thing that has ever gone down on Late Night. 

So Justin had a good fifteen minute performance and I loved every second of it! His singing? Incredible. His dancing? Top notch. His looks? mmmm (swoon) 

Then the part that any nineties girl would be excited for... this so called "N'Sync reunion" 

Yes. It happened.

Yes. It was awesome to see them together again. 

Yes. It was extremely short and left me on my knees begging for more. 

I'm sad to say I was disappointed with that part. I am surprised that Chris, Lance, JC, and Joey would so graciously show up and participate for 30 seconds just for Justin's performance before he was awarded The Video Vanguard award. (Side note... Did you see One Direction drooling over the N'Sync performance and wishing they were that cool?)

(I must say I was super stoked that he got that award) 
I was even more excited when he beat out Robin Thicke, Macklemore, Bruno Mars, and Taylor Swift for the video of the year award. And Justin was happy and responded with a modest smile. 

You basically couldn't slap the smile off of Justin's face that night. 
He's amazing. 

Anyways... the gist of this post? 
I hate Miley, love JT. Go figure. 


An Update of Randoms

This summer has been the busiest yet most fun summer of my life! 

I've neglected my blog and I have no excuses other than I was busy having fun. 

So here's my random semi simplified update. Bullet point style. 

- I've spent a lot of time up at Bear Lake. I still wish I could go boating more. Apparently I got guts sometime in the not too distant past and I've started to work on jumping while wake-boarding. I'm no where near good and I wipe out rather frequently, but I must say I've impressed myself and I'm happy with where I stand. 

- My niece got her ears pierced. She didn't quite understand the concept and just thought they were simply going to put earrings in her ears. Not as simple as she anticipated. Best quote from that experience? "What does piered mean?" Yes. Piered. 

- Dating... I hate it. I love it. End of story. 

- Painting. I've spent quite a bit of time with it and I must say I love it. It's my escape. These are my 2 favorites thus far. I'm very proud of both. Cue the song "you're so vain" 

- I finished the entire series of Friends. The best... I don't even want to know how many hours... of my existence. 

- Endless amounts of singing with my niece... This ranged from the Backstreet Boys, to Sophia the First, to N'sync, to Moves Like Jagger (I'm very proud she knows this one), to Dora, to The Sound of Music, to last but not least Hey Jude. . . Her newest cousin on the other side of her family was named Jude. We decided that because of this it was necessary to teach her this song in hopes that she would randomly start singing, as she does, around her aunt and uncle and make them rethink naming their child Jude. Man, what is it with Utah and weird baby names? 

It sounds like she's saying "hey dude" haha 

- The best conversation I had all summer? 
Me: I want to go camping... in a tent. 
Dad: Why would you want to do that

I guess he's grown accustom to his motorhome. I never thought I'd see the day where I wanted to sleep in a tent and my dad didn't. 

- Camping. We were able to go up in the mountains to a huge private property with my aunt and uncle. And we camped in a tent! It was the funnest 5 days! It was so secluded and there was nobody else for miles. So relaxing! At night we made our own little outdoor theater and watched movies... my favorite was The Dark Knight, that movie never gets old. Oh and did I mention the s'mores? Oh, the s'mores. I could live off them. I also saw my very first porcupine and I'm rather excited about it. 

- My hockey withdrawals are in full force. This past week I've been watching every hockey documentary I can get my hands on. 
Only 22 days till I can watch hockey and 56 days till I can go to a hockey game. It's a good thing college football is starting next week... that will be a tiny bit of a distraction. 

Hope your summer has been a blast!