The Post of Shame

I'm assuming this post is the blogger equivalent to that infamous "walk of shame." I always told myself I should blog again... for no one else but myself. I constantly had tons of thoughts of "this would make a good blog post" and, "that would be a funny blog post." Yeah, well apparently I have had that thought for over a year. Like A. Year. I didn't even realize it was that long until I looked and saw the date of that last post... June 2, 2015. 2015 people. I don't even know what happened haha I guess I got caught up in life? I'm not even sure.  This last year has been a freaking roller coaster. But then again, if it weren't, it wouldn't be called life. So, in theory, I'm back at it. I suppose? I was nominated to start and be in charge of my cousin's blog while she is on her mission and it kind of got me back in the swing of the whole blogging thing again. And let's be honest. It's a good outlet and sounding board. Am I right? So there you have it. I just did the infamous Walk Post of Shame.

And because Friends is literally the best...