Day 2: a really good memory

Choosing one really good memory was really hard for me. My life tends to be pretty exciting and entertaining, at least from my perspective. I always have an unforgettable time with whoever I'm with which results in a myriad of good memories. However, when I was thinking long and hard about this, one occasion stood out above the rest. It was the summer of 2009. I went on a Baltic Sea cruise with my mom and dad. It was really amazing. We got to go to many countries such as: Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland, and Sweden. It was this trip that I also traveled on my very first 747. Between getting stuck in a train door, hauling our extremely heavy luggage up 2 flights of stairs and then noticing the elevator, and a hotel room the size of my shower it was certainly one of the funnest vacations of my life.

My very first 747

Our cruise boat

Mom and Dad in Russia - It rained a lot!

The church of the spilt blood or as I like to call it "The Willy Wonka Church"

Me and Dad in front of the sightseeing bus - It was a quick and efficient way to get to see many things.


day one - a picture of me and 15 interesting facts

15 interesting facts:

1. I have a slight addiction to Nivea chap-stick

2. I write my & signs backwards

3. When I'm uncomfortable or unsure of myself I curl my toes

4. I am by far the shortest person in my family - my 13-year-old cousin is easily 5 inches taller than me

5. I tend to love diet coke

6. I am convinced that a soft blanket will make anything better no matter how bad my day is

7. I make wishes at 11:11 - even though I'm not sure they always work out as planned

8. I am always requested to paint nails - people think I do a good job, me? Not so sure.

9. Sour patch watermelon are my favorite candy

10. I check my horoscope regularly

11. My favorite place in the whole wide world would be laying on the boat in the sun - nothing beats it

12. I've never lit a match. Ever.

13. Generally I only wear Toms or Flip-flops

14. I have a fear of masks

15. I am the only Ute in my immediate family

30 Days of Blogging

So I saw this idea and thought it was rather innovative and enticing. I figured I would give it a whirl to not only keep my sanity intact but also to entertain my currently bed ridden sister. The whole believed abstraction behind this 30 days of blogging is to let you attain a little insight into my life; it should be relatively thought-provoking.

The list is as follows:

30 Days of blogging

1. a picture of me and 15 interesting facts

2. a really good memory

3. a picture of you and your craziest friend

4. a habit you wish you didn’t have

5. a picture of somewhere you’ve been to

6. favorite superhero and why

7. a picture that shows the true you

8. picture of someone/something that has had the biggest impact on you

9. a picture that makes you laugh

10. a picture of someone that has gotten you through the most

11. songs you listen to when you’re happy, sad, bored, excited, and mad

12. your celebrity crush

13. A picture of something you love

14. A picture of something you hate

15. Picture of someone you could never imagine your life without

16. Someone you would switch lives with for 1 day

17. Ipod on shuffle first 10 songs

18. a picture of the cast from your favorite tv show

19. a picture of someone you miss

20. a picture of somewhere you’d like to travel

21. a picture of something that makes you happy

22. some thing that confuses you

23. a picture of you and the person you’ve been closest to the longest

24. a picture of yourself and a family member

25. what would I find in your bag?

26. A picture of something that means a lot to you

27. A picture of something you’re afraid of

28. A picture of you last year and now how are different

29. a picture that can always make you smile

30. who are you?

So if any of this subject matter happens to capture your curiosity stay tuned as I endeavor on this 30 days of blogging adventure.