Christmas 2011

Hello my fellow bloggies. I've been so busy lately (hence my lack of posting) but it feels like I really haven't done much. It's break, so it's expected.
 My sister and her cute family were in town for about a week too so that's always a fun distraction. They got here on the 23rd and the next day we decided to go out and see the "Up" house....So. Cute. 

Hunter and I 

The people don't move in till January and you could still go through it, but since we went on Christmas Eve it was closed. We did sneak around and look in the windows that were open though. 

 The rest of Christmas Eve day was spent with my dad's side of the family. If you're not sure what they're like, this will give you a glimpse. We did go over to my other grandparents house after the Maxfield's. We read the Christmas story and talked about our sub-for-santa that we did instead of a Christmas Eve present. After that I hung out with a special friend for a while. All in all it was a fun but very busy day. 

Christmas morning rolled around and we went to church and then came home and opened presents. . . 

I mainly got clothes and it was great I got a couple coats (one is The North Face and I absolutely adore it), jeans, sweaters, and shirts. I also was spoiled with all the seasons of Boy Meets World and Clarissa explains it all. I also got cold weather running gear which will be very nice to have especially once it decides to snow. 

Garrett and his Christmas spoils

Erik, Amanda, and Garrett at my grandma's 

Hunter is the reason this picture is up. Too funny. 

Mckinley and her wooden dog. Please note her plastic high heel dress up shoes. She loved them.

Mom and I . . . Don't ask. It had been a long day. 
 Since Paige now completely towers over me I jumped on her back for a piggy back. We then thought it would be a wise choice to load her up with multiple people. She held up pretty well though. 

Hunter loved his dinosaur Garrett made him and his Mario that I painted for him. 

The aftermath of Christmas day. Can you say spoiled? 

She refused to open her eyes for any picture. I love her. 

The day after Christmas we decided to go back out to the UP house so we could go inside and really see what it was like.  The floor plan was super small but totally livable. It's my dream starter home. Not because it's the UP house but I really loved the floor plan. 

The inside was amazing. The amount of detail that went into each room to make it exactly like the movie was quite incredible. It didn't disappoint at all. 

Hunter had been asking to go to Jungle Jim's for quite sometime. On the way home we surprised him and Mckinley and took them to Jungle Jim's. They had a blast. I'm pretty sure that was the first time I'd been there in at least 12 years. Mckinley loved the carousel as usual. 

Since Christmas, the week has been filled with sleeping/lounging, games, hanging out with friends, shopping, and enjoying every minute that I don't have to stress about school. 

Hope you all had a lovely holiday! 


December Happenings

Well look who it is! . . . Sorry I've been AWOL. The semester's over and I've been home a week, you'd think I'd have some time for blogging. 

Here's somewhat of an update of my life as of lately. . .
  • Christmas cookies galore! These were from a while back but they're too pretty not to post a picture. They're definitely long gone now.  

Parking tags. In our apartment parking lot the spots are narrow and lines don't mean anything to anyone. We made these and intend to use them in the not so distant future. Don't judge (or do) we're college students. We have fun.  

  • Hockey! As always. I'm sad to say that more than half of our team is gone due to injuries. Last I heard 11 of them were injured. Ouch. Poor LoVecchio. And CJ. And Bryan. 

  • These cute kiddos got into town earlier tonight. They've grown so much and it's only been about 2 months since I saw them last. I missed them like crazy and I can't wait to have them around for the next week. They're too cute! 

  • Shopping has been a major theme for life as of late. I guess it usually is this time of year but when you have finals all the shopping tends to get put off.  I've been to the mall way too many times but the shopping is done and the presents are wrapped. 

Garrett @ the mall with me. 

  • My poor depressed cat. She's fat and she hasn't left my side since I've been home. She's so funny... this is her trying to sleep, covering her eyes with her paw to block the light. Such a drama queen. I love her. 

  • Hunter asked me to paint him a Mario a while back for Christmas. I don't know if he remembers this but I finally got around to it and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I took pictures as I went to show you lovely bloggers. Hopefully he'll love it! 

Wa-la! Finished product.
What says you? 

Some more things I've done lately:
  • Cleaned the apartment with Jess because cleaning check means nothing to our Asian roomies.
  • Shopping 
  • Hockey
  • Pokeno
  • Sub for Santa
  • Hockey
  • Christmas party with our neighbors (Ryan, Christian, Michael Scott)

Here are some things I'm looking forward to: 
  • Christmas Eve day - games, food, family
  • Christmas day - seeing my family open their awesome gifts from me
  • Watching tv and not feeling guilty about not studying. Same goes for Pinterest and Facebook. 
  • Sleeping in my own bed for a whole 2 more weeks
  • Not questioning what's  being cooked in my kitchen/not having to run around with air-freshener every 2 seconds.
  •  New Years Eve/ New Years 
  • Game night with Brent and Cherie's family
  • Playing with Hunter and Mckinley
  • Hockey
  • Movie nights with Garrett
  • Temple Square (still haven't been)

What are you guys looking forward to? 

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!! 


A Social Network Christmas

This video is really neat.  It opens your eyes as to how things might have occurred if they happened today. It's amazing how real it feels when you see it through something you look at everyday like Facebook. It opened my eyes and was a good reminder about the reason for the season. I'm grateful for my Savior and his amazing birth and sacrifice for each one of us. I love the feeling of kindness and love that it brings to us each year at this time. Merry Christmas! 


Memory Lane

Ever have those days where you just reminisce on the good old days of childhood? Well basically, it's all I do anymore. I want my childhood back. I miss it. . . 

I miss Tomogotchis. . . 

I miss Lisa Frank school supplies. . .

I miss Rescue 911. . .

I miss my Betty Spaghetti dolls. . .

I miss pop up pencil cases (you were so not cool unless you had one of these). . . 

I miss playing with my doll house. I still have it but I'm not sure I could justify myself if someone found me playing with it.  It's probably my most prized possession. Don't touch it. 

I miss Hit Clips. They were still are the dumbest toy ever. They played like 20 seconds of a song but for some strange reason, I loved it. 

I miss Clarissa Explains it All. . .

I miss stick on earrings... I'm thinking of bringing these back. They wouldn't bug my ears. 

I miss Supermarket Sweep. . . 

I miss my Puff a Lump. . . 

Basically, I just miss when life was simple and easy. 

"Wasn't it easier in your lunchbox days?
Always a bigger bed to crawl into
Wasn't it beautiful when you believed in everything
And everybody believed in you?"
 What do you miss? 


Picture Update

They say a picture's worth a thousand words so I figured I'd make up for my lack of bloggage (yes, I just made that a word) with pictures from my most recent adventures. Basically from 2 weeks ago up until last night. 

pie shakes.

driving to vegas

almost there


Tiffany & Co. 

Got a charm. 

rings @ Tiffany's 

I was surprised with a little necklace 

Famous Tiffany blue box & bow


Dad corner working 

Best. Flagger. Ever. 
Corner 6


What I found when I got home. Yes she calls me Skillet frequently. 

Thanksgiving dinner. 

Teddy Bear Toss


Reason #1 why I like hockey

Reason #2 why I love hockey