Sometimes a little laugh can make things better. I could use some good laughter.

What really happened.

Hope you giggled.


Hair today, gone tomorrow

Garrett's been talking about doing something with his hair for quite some time now. With me getting my hair done tomorrow and all the talk about what I want to do it resulted in a funny occurrence in the wee hours of the night.

Kylie: Your hair is so rough!
Garrett: I condition it everyday.

I then told him he should do his hair like Bruno Mars and this resulted in us googling (I love how google turned into a verb) hair styles. We didn't really find anything. Garrett started messing with his hair and wow.

Garrett: I wonder if they have hair laboratories. Google it, see if them have them.
Kylie: Yeah, they have them.
Garrett: You think they would pay me to study my hair?

Garrett: We can call this the porcupine

Garrett: I call this The Fondue. Actually this is more of The Duck Attack.

He then tells me "I just want to go to Hollywood have them be like, do your hair like this, and then have all the girls flock to me like Bruno Mars and that Taylor guy.
(he meant Taylor Lautner)

haha so wish us luck on this crazy hair adventure we are going to attempt.


How to Throw a Proper Pity Party

After last night and being majorly bummed out I didn't feel like doing much of anything today. I didn't want to role out of bed, didn't want to get dressed or anything. I even turned down a date just so I could have myself a pity party. Here's my idea of a pity party. . .

1- Food: left over cheesecake from last night to be more specific.
2- Movies and TV: I spent the majority of the day watching old episodes of Boy Meets World and this evening I made a run to Red Box and picked up Just Go With It.
3-Tissues: for when you occasionally want to burst into tears for no reason.
4-Pjs: Sweats and t-shirt. Been in them all day.
5- comfy station: a place with plenty of pillows and super soft blankets.

And that my friends is how you throw yourself a proper pity party!

Plan for tomorrow. . . wake up, be happy, try to get over life, and get my hair done! Hope it will be a good day. Scratch that, it will be a good day.

I have a bunch of pictures that will be coming I just don't feel like uploading them right now.

All good things must come to an end

Pretty sure I've been balling my eyes out for the past hour now.
Want to know how to have your birthday ruined? by reading this e-mail...

Dear hosts,
To start, we can't thank you enough for committing to let The Scene Aesthetic come into your home and play music for you and your friends. We have the best fans and supporters in the world and this was just another in the long list of things that made us grateful to be able to play music and interact with people like you for a living. The Living Room Tour was an idea that we felt extremely passionate about. We wanted to do something intimate and also be able to hang out with everyone in a setting like this. We felt it would be a great experience for all who attended.

Sadly, at this time, due to a number of circumstances out of our control, we are not going to be able to go on this adventure. So many little things stacked up against us over the past few weeks, we had to make the decision we felt was fair to you and our fans, and cancel this. However, we use the word cancel in its most gentle sense, as this idea and tour is something we want to do, and now feel more confident in doing it right on the next time around.
We are going to be touring again very soon and just finished an EP we couldn't be more excited to share with you in September. We'll run into you soon and thank you again for trying to make this work with us. It means a lot.
Take care,
The Scene Aesthetic / Working Group Management

I thought July was panning out to be the best month of my life so far. Wrong. I don't know if I should say I am or I was so in love with these guys. It was seriously going to be a dream come true to have them play at my house. Talk about shattered dreams. My brother even did this AMAZING art piece of them for me for my birthday... it's not completely done but here's a sneak peak. . .

When I saw this gift I seriously screamed. I was so excited, I still am. Garrett did an incredible job and I can't believe how talented he is! The plan was I was going to have Eric and Andrew sign it. Yeah too bad that's not going to be happening.

I can't even begin to add up how many people they have disappointed. I don't really even know what to think of them at the moment. I still love them and probably always will. But seriously my heart is broken.

I don't even know the last time I cried this hard. I'm so done. I always feel like I get the short end of the stick. Get my hopes built up only to have them ripped out from underneath me. Life really isn't fair and I'm so done with seeing things pan out terribly for so many people who really deserve better. Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer but really, I'm crushed.

Well I'm going to go curl up in a blanket and soak in my sorrows.
May your day be much better than mine.


Coincidence or Fate?

So here’s something cool…. I’m blogging from the car – road trip! I’m coming Amanda!!!

Moving on . . .

Ever think things happen for a reason? I do. But when do things become too coincidental?

Lately this has been on my mind a lot. Maybe I just notice these things more when my mind is on specific things or people but it seriously makes me wonder.

You’re thinking about someone, go to the temple, are handed a stack of name cards that are eerily close to the person’s name you were just thinking about. Not just one but 4 of the 5 cards.

You’re thinking about another someone and go to the kitchen to get a glass of milk only to look down at the milk carton and see his or her name by the expiration date.

You’re driving and you are silently thinking of someone only to look up less than two seconds later and see that the exit you are passing is one letter off from said person’s last name.

You’ve been crazily in love with this boy who has no idea you exist yet on your first day of college, out of all people, you run into him. He asks for your number.

I’m not saying these things mean anything but to me they seem way too coincidental. Yes, more than half the time they lead to nothing but it still makes me question life. I guess that’s one of the mysteries of life I have yet to learn to deal with. Trusting that everything happens for a reason and in the end it will work out how intended to.

Coincidence or fate?