Hair today, gone tomorrow

Garrett's been talking about doing something with his hair for quite some time now. With me getting my hair done tomorrow and all the talk about what I want to do it resulted in a funny occurrence in the wee hours of the night.

Kylie: Your hair is so rough!
Garrett: I condition it everyday.

I then told him he should do his hair like Bruno Mars and this resulted in us googling (I love how google turned into a verb) hair styles. We didn't really find anything. Garrett started messing with his hair and wow.

Garrett: I wonder if they have hair laboratories. Google it, see if them have them.
Kylie: Yeah, they have them.
Garrett: You think they would pay me to study my hair?

Garrett: We can call this the porcupine

Garrett: I call this The Fondue. Actually this is more of The Duck Attack.

He then tells me "I just want to go to Hollywood have them be like, do your hair like this, and then have all the girls flock to me like Bruno Mars and that Taylor guy.
(he meant Taylor Lautner)

haha so wish us luck on this crazy hair adventure we are going to attempt.

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