It's no secret that when it comes to answering my phone I am terrible at it. 
That being said, I have TONS of voicemails and usually on the daily. 
The other day I got this voicemail from my sister and cute little niece who turns 2 on Friday! 

Just for clarification...
in the beginning she says "I want to hold it" meaning the phone
when the mommy has a question part comes up she says "mommy has a question Kylie" 

Basically I've probably listened to this voicemail 20 times in less than 24 hours and I'm not exaggerating. That's how much I enjoy it. It makes me smile and laugh every time!


The Bachelor: Final 3

The final 3. Am I the only one who is glad this season is almost over? This show drives me nuts anymore but yet I can't seem to quit watching. In short it's predictable, dramatic, polygamist dating. This season might be my last. Psh...who are we kidding. As long as Chris Harrison is alive I'm sucked in. Oh man my friends, I need to get me some Bachelor rehab. 

So the first date went to Lindsay. They take a ride on a wanna be golf cart with some dude driving the scooter a mere 10 inches away. Whoa! Ro man tic! They go to an outdoor market. Lindsay made the mistake of telling producers that she would try anything but eat bugs. So obviously Sean and the producers thought they'd be hilarious and throw this her way. As we learned earlier from Selma if you don't participate you basically have your name engraved on a shiny gold plate in front of that seat in the limo. She sucked it up and ate bugs. Then they headed to the beach where they got to feed monkeys. Not going to lie this may have been one of the cooler happenings on the more recent seasons of the Bachelor. 


The next date went to AshLee. Oh, kill me now. This girl... she just... oh man.. heaven help her. They went to a private beach in which they had to swim through a cave to get to. Cue the metaphors. "It's like real life, I have to let go." "You have to trust" "You have to be vulnerable" yada yada yada. I'm pretty sure her vocabulary consists of: abandoned, trust, abandoned, vulnerable, abandoned, risk, abandoned.
 As you could all see the cave was SUPER scary. I mean with lights, flotation devices, and a guaranteed crew standing by, and other people in the cave. We're talking life threatening here people! She's obviously never been on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. Anyways they finally find their way out and Sean feels like he should through a metaphor out there since he is on a date with AshLee. "We found the light at the end of the tunnel" And you can also see the end of your relationship with AshLee. Congrats bro. The beach was legit. I don't think there's anyone that wouldn't want to go there...oh wait... except AshLee. On to dinner. They talk about how they're both single and why. AshLee says she doesn't "take getting engaged lightly" WAIT! wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Isn't this the girl who got married at the ripe ol' age of 17!?!?!? 


Last but not least was Catherine. They had an old boat to go exploring the island in and quite frankly it reminded me of the boat from The Princess Bride. Too bad we didn't have Inigo Montoya on that boat. That would have spiced stuff up! Sean sees Catherine as his best friend. Shocker. He said that about the other too as well. Later they jump off the boat and did you catch that Catherine did a flip!? That was freaken awesome! None of this holding hands while jumping crap. Then it started raining. It's always the worst weather on Catherine's dates. Maybe it's a bad omen of their future relationship. Her names for him honestly crack me up. Mega-hunk. Beefy-hunk. I find it entertaining. 

oh and you guessed it! 


Onto the rose ceremony. If you didn't know who was going home by this point you must have been REALLY Bachelor drunk. Which let's face it, if you play the bachelor drinking game you're wasted within 10 minutes. 

Lindsay had the first video message. Sean's smile was huge. Obviously she's not going home. 

Next was Catherine. He still has a smile on his face. 

AshLee. What an emotional mess. She has so much baggage. If she were flying Delta she'd have to pay 1,000 dollars extra just to get it all on the plane. Did you see Sean's face? It was obvious she's the one hitting the road. 

Low and behold it was AshLee who got sent home. She was a beast when it came to leaving. If looks could kill, this Bachelor season would've ended early. 

I personally want him to pick Catherine. Yes, I am very aware the rest of the world wants him to pick Lindsay but in my eyes she's too immature. She showed up in a flippin wedding dress for Pete's sake. I haven't liked her since day one. I feel like Catherine is a little more mature and she seems the most real to me. AshLee and Lindsay both have severe cases of "the boyfriend voice" Lindsay talks like a baby most of the time and I just can't take that coming from a grown woman. Anywho... 

Tune in next week when Chris Harrison hosts the Jerry Springer show whoops I mean The Women Tell All. 


A Friday Funny

Thought you lovelies might need a midday Friday laugh. 


I laughed. I hope you did as well. 


The Shortest and Longest Week Ever

Hey all. Unfortunately, life throws curve balls and sometimes the ol' blog gets put on the back burner. It has been quite the week of serious events. 

I'm going to try and keep this post fairly short. 

We had a terrible family emergency that has been on the top of my to do list. 
Then there was my stats test. 
Then there was this dance. 

My stats professor sucks and I had to teach myself the first half of the book in hopes of not failing the mid-term. Talk about a lot of pressure and stress. Now I have the stress of waiting to find out my grade. 

The dance. . . .
I'm on a committee and we were put in charge of decorating for a dance. 
Well really there were only 4 out of 35 people who felt inclined to help with this. 

I made silhouettes for the walls. 
My brother helped me set up this neat contraption which made my life a whole lot easier! 

I traced them and painted them red. 

Then on top of the silhouettes, I had to figure out centerpieces. Well my mom is a genius when it comes to stuff like this and totally saved my butt. The colors they picked for the dance were red, gold, and black. Bleh. Not my first choice. Somehow my mom managed to make the centerpieces look amazing though!

Then we had to set up for said dance. Yeah, all I feel like saying about this is it took 6 hours. 4 people did it all. John got the ladder stuck on the B-Ball net and even though it delayed us it was the one thing I thoroughly enjoyed throughout this whole dance decorating fiasco. 

We covered all the walls in black butcher paper and that is what took forever. I didn't even go to the dance so I don't know if it stayed up that well or if it even looked good once everything was in place but hey, I did as much as I could. 

Then of course there's hockey. Did I mention I got asked to the dance but selfishly turned him down because A) I hate dances and B) I hate dances. Also there was a hockey game which is not the reason I said no but it was a good alternative to attending a dance. 

Friday night was military night. It was amazing. They had a huge choir sing and then a huge flag that the players opened up and held. I love that the players got involved. 

On top of it being military night we played against the number one team. We're ranked number seven. We won! 

This is from the beginning of this month but every time I read it I still smile. 
My dad is a riot. 


Liebster Award

Hello! Hope you are all doing well! 

This cute lady, Ashley, over at Ash Ann Pow nominated me for the Liebster Award. 
Like most of you, I was not quite sure what this is. 
Come to find out it is for us bloggers who have less than 200 followers to encourage us and keep us blogging. I would be lying if I said I weren't excited. I totally accept and can't wait to do this.
Thanks Ashley!!! 

How it works: 
1. I will list 11 things about myself 
2. I will answer 11 questions Ashley asked me 
3. I will nominate 11 others and ask them 11 questions

here we go! 

1. I'm the youngest of 3 kids and I've lived in Small Lake City my whole life. 
Also known as Salt Lake City. 

2. I did the math and I have been coloring my hair now for over 7 years now. Yikes!!! 

3. I love clothes! I am definitely no where near as fashionable as I'd like to be on a count of somedays I just don't take that much time and effort to get ready to go sit in class. Regardless, I love fashion and I definitely have my idols. 

4. I can't stand having long nails. Like we're talking I constantly cut and file mine because I can't handle long or even medium length nails 

5. I've never been to New York but it's one of the top places I'd like to go. 

6. I tend to over use the word "fret" as in "don't fret"

7. My graduating class from high school consisted of 7 people 

8. I currently cannot find a shampoo that I like and it's driving me nuts! Any suggestions? 

9. my toe nails are ALWAYS painted but my finger nails rarely are. 

10. I eat cereal for way too many of my meals. 

11. I love going for drives and listening to music. If gas weren't so expensive I'd go a lot more. 

Ashley's Questions 

1. What is your favorite cereal? I have so many! I don't think I could pick a favorite. I love all cereal. 

2. How old were you when you had your first kiss? Can I plead the fifth on this one? haha too many of my family read this. 

3. Why did you start blogging? My sister had one and said I should start one. I did. I neglected it for quite some time and then got into it again my freshman year in college. I have just been diving deeper into it since then and I love it! 

4. What was your dream job when you were younger? I wanted to be an interior designer. I would still love to be but I don't think Small Lake City is such a good place for such a career. 

5. What's something embarrassing you wouldn't want your kids to know? I think the whole cheer thing is not the first thing I'd want them to know. 

6. If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be? This is such a hard question! I honestly have no idea. I've been racking my brain for quite a while now and I just can't even pick one person. 

7. What's your favorite guilty pleasure? So many! I guess I'd say naps and chocolate cake... the Chili's molten chocolate cake kind of chocolate cake. 

8. Would you rather run naked across a football field or have your entire google history read out loud? Oh geez. I hate this question haha. Can I do half and half? 

9. What's your favorite kitchen utensil/appliance to use? Since I cook oh so vey often... I'm going to have to go with the microwave. Gotta cook those lean cuisines some way. 

10.  What's your number one pet peeve? Chomping gum and dirty dishes 

11. What's your favorite quote? Oh, this is so hard. I have so many. From my quote board on Pinterest you would think I'm a quote hoarder. That being said. . . 

My questions: 
1. What is one TV show you never miss? 
2. What would you buy if given one thousand dollars? 
3. What is your favorite beauty tip? 
4. If you could be the best at something what would you choose? 
5. What is one superstition you have? 
6. What is the most awkward date you've been on? 
7. What is your favorite pair of shoes? 
8. What is your favorite smell?
9. What is the last movie you watched? 
10. What is your favorite clothing store? 
11. Describe yourself in 5 words. 

My nominees: 


The Bachelor Stalker Edition: Literally

Dear Society of Sean Land. . . Pack your bags. You're going to.... Montana? 

Most people were appalled that ABC would take them to such a place. We'll just tell them it's budget cuts. 
Honestly, if it were me, I'd love to go to Montana. Did you see the backdrop? Gorgeous! 

 Tierra says she's going to make the best of it. And then promptly after finishing this statement dramatically swats a bug out of her face. There probably wasn't even a bug in the first place. It's just another one of her hallucinations. 

The next quote goes uncredited because I honestly wasn't paying super close attention. 
"I just want to thank Sean for doing all of this" 
Umm... Honey, you should be thanking ABC 

Okay anyways Lindsay got the one-on-one date. 
I honestly can't tell you much other than I think she has a baby voice and every time she talks I cringe (Much like Selma) 

Yes, this is the girl who wore a wedding dress the first night. Awkward. 
I honestly thought she'd be long gone by now. 
Their date took place in Snoozeville, Montana. 
I was apparently too busy on pinterest or something to even watch this part but every time I looked at the screen I swear they were plantin' one on each other. 

Then Lindsay get's all excited because "He likes me!" 
Yeah, but he's also dating how many other girls? Apparently she left that little fact in her dress up box. 

Group date! 
 Relay race. This is going to be interesting. 
Not going to lie the canoeing part looked really fun and something about that just appeals to me. Especially in the mountains. 

Red team wins, blue team gets sent home. For a minute. 
After Chris delivers the total "shock" and bends the "rules" of letting the blue team come back,  Daniella says 
"The girls are literally going to die when we show up." 
Apparently she doesn't know how to use the word literally properly. 

Then Tierra shows up. . . 

As she hones her stalker skills she sneaks up on Sean and puts her hands over his face. 

"Sean?. . . " 
. . . .
Best part of the show right there. He sounded almost mad or frustrated. Almost.
She was so proud that she snuck out and got to talk to Sean without the other girls knowing. 

In other news Daniella sees Sean and Catherine outside and loses it because thats the guy she loves. So naturally she starts crying. Apparently it only takes tears to win Sean's heart and he gave the rose to Daniella, just like he did with Tierra. Does he not see how he's getting manipulated for these roses? It's getting embarrassing. Literally. 

Then Tierra and Jackie's two-on-one date rolls around. 
This show is like polygamist dating. Is that even allowed? 

Sean shows up and I might have squealed when I saw him. No not because I think he's good looking but because of his sweater/cardigan. I'm sorry. I loved it. I swear when I find my husband, sans bachelor style, he will be put together, know what fashion is, and love shopping. I enjoy that in a guy. I want a guy that appreciates a good outfit, on him, and me. End side rant. 

Horse back riding. I felt bad for Jackie. She was legit the third wheel. 
If you're on a two-on-one date that's not good. If you're basically invisible during this date, you have no hope. 
Jackie gets one on one time and tells Sean about Tierra. Say goodbye. Has she not learned anything from Kacie B. or any of the other seasons of The Bachelor? 
The girl who spills heads for the hills. 
Sean rewards her honesty by not giving her a rose. 
I'm sorry Jackie, if you did not receive a rose, take a moment, and say your goodbyes. 

Oh geez... the rose ceremony. That was a whole big other mess. Drama central! 
Robyn got the boot and I can't say I was disappointed. I never liked her. Her and Tierra. And together bleh. That has more drama than the Jersey Shore. 

And oh wait! We get 2 nights of Bachelor this week. They probably HAD to do that to keep their audience since last nights show was so boring. 

Sometimes I wish I drink for the sole purpose of The Bachelor. 
You know? Take a drink
Every time....
- Sean says he wants to find his wife
- someone cries 
- someone says something about Tierra 
- Sean is described as the "perfect" guy 
- Sean is shirtless 
- Chris says "this is the last rose" 
- Tierra cries
- Sarah comments on having one arm
- theres a helicopter 
- Sean kisses a girl 

Oh man the list could be endless. Maybe I'll turn it into a Diet Coke drinking game.  Uh oh gettin' some caffeine up in here. It just got real. 


Super Bowl Saga

Because ya'll probably didn't know... yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday. 
I actually watched it. I didn't really care who won. I was honestly watching because I found it interesting that the coaches were brothers. I just wanted to see how all that was going to go down. 
I must say I was disappointed in their end of game handshake. I thought it was going to be super cool and super unique, they'd be all excited no matter what, share the love, ya know? Yeah, right. They failed me. If you didn't know better and if they didn't look like duplicates you would just think they were any other coaches. Talk about a buzz kill. 


I will say I was very disappointed that they picked Beyonce for the halftime show. Really, I was. And then I watched it (well, part of it) and the dancing was incredible! I thought she brought it and didn't disappoint. Still not crazy about her but ... anyways.

The commercials . . . I honestly didn't see that many. I saw the Go Pro one, which I rather enjoyed. I thought it was funny. Other than that I don't really feel that they were that funny as a whole. I thought that was the point. Yes?

Well, on Hulu last night they had all the commercials listed so I started watching.
I started with the Ram Truck Farmer commercial.
Now I don't know what my deal is lately. Hormone central or something. Pretty sure it took less than a minute for me to start crying. Yes a commercial made me cry. Real tears here people. 

After the Farmer commercial I was like woah, get a grip girl. So I thought I'd be safe with a Budweiser  commercial, yes? No..... no. no. no. no. no. 
Maybe it was because it was late at night? Yeah, let's go with that. Well cue the water work show... again. No, I am not kidding. Unfortunately. 

Well I got my umbrella out and proceeded on with the commercials. 
The Jeep commercial was next. Just what I needed. I was already in tears from the previous five minutes of my life and then this? Yeah, it was like the hoover dam broke. A never ending river pouring out from my eyes, mascara and all. Awesome. 

So, apparently, the Super Bowl advertising committee was going in a different direction this year. 
I fell for it. 

Oh yeah, there was also that power outage. That was entertaining. 
Oh yeah, then there was the fact that Joe Flacco totally dropped the F bomb on live TV. 

What were your Super Bowl highlights? 


Sunday Social - All About 2's

Sunday Social

1. If you were stuck on an island what are the two material items you would want to have? 

- Blanket
 - Art supplies 

2. What are 2 TV shows you'd watch over and over? 

Ah! SO many to choose from! I guess as of right now I'd pick 
- How I Met Your Mother
- Boy Meets World 

3. If your house was on fire what two things aside from family, pets, etc. would you grab? 

- Laptop - tons of information, etc. I could lose. 
- Phone - gotta call for help. 

4. What are your 2 most favorite articles of clothing? 

- Nike Pro leggings
- sweatshirts 
Wow that makes me sound like a bum. Comfort first, ya know? I don't always wear these but I enjoy them when I'm lounging at home. 

5. What 2 movies that you saw in the past year would you recommend to us? 

-Wreck it Ralph 
- The Perks of Being a Wallflower 

6. What are your 2 biggest guilty pleasures? 

- Desserts


Happies & Crappies

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

The Happies & Crappies of the past week. 
Let's start with the Happies 

- There's been blue sky mostly all day today! We haven't seen blue sky around here in nearly 2 weeks. 

- I found a potential job. It scares me a little and I worry about how well I'd do but I really do want it... I think. 

- These boots! I cannot get over them. I adore them. Someone might have to pry them off my feet. 


- My mom, sister, nieces, and nephew were at Disneyland this week. I didn't get to go with them. 

-Stats. I hate stats. Hate it. 

-Haven't found girl scout cookies yet

- only away hockey games this weekend 

- I've been in a super weird funk all week. I can't get out of it. Bleh. 

Happy Weekend!