Super Bowl Saga

Because ya'll probably didn't know... yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday. 
I actually watched it. I didn't really care who won. I was honestly watching because I found it interesting that the coaches were brothers. I just wanted to see how all that was going to go down. 
I must say I was disappointed in their end of game handshake. I thought it was going to be super cool and super unique, they'd be all excited no matter what, share the love, ya know? Yeah, right. They failed me. If you didn't know better and if they didn't look like duplicates you would just think they were any other coaches. Talk about a buzz kill. 


I will say I was very disappointed that they picked Beyonce for the halftime show. Really, I was. And then I watched it (well, part of it) and the dancing was incredible! I thought she brought it and didn't disappoint. Still not crazy about her but ... anyways.

The commercials . . . I honestly didn't see that many. I saw the Go Pro one, which I rather enjoyed. I thought it was funny. Other than that I don't really feel that they were that funny as a whole. I thought that was the point. Yes?

Well, on Hulu last night they had all the commercials listed so I started watching.
I started with the Ram Truck Farmer commercial.
Now I don't know what my deal is lately. Hormone central or something. Pretty sure it took less than a minute for me to start crying. Yes a commercial made me cry. Real tears here people. 

After the Farmer commercial I was like woah, get a grip girl. So I thought I'd be safe with a Budweiser  commercial, yes? No..... no. no. no. no. no. 
Maybe it was because it was late at night? Yeah, let's go with that. Well cue the water work show... again. No, I am not kidding. Unfortunately. 

Well I got my umbrella out and proceeded on with the commercials. 
The Jeep commercial was next. Just what I needed. I was already in tears from the previous five minutes of my life and then this? Yeah, it was like the hoover dam broke. A never ending river pouring out from my eyes, mascara and all. Awesome. 

So, apparently, the Super Bowl advertising committee was going in a different direction this year. 
I fell for it. 

Oh yeah, there was also that power outage. That was entertaining. 
Oh yeah, then there was the fact that Joe Flacco totally dropped the F bomb on live TV. 

What were your Super Bowl highlights? 

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