Bachelor Week 4: Just Tierrable

Another week. Another drama fest called The Bachelor. 

Hope you enjoyed that promo for what's about to happen because that's the most drama you're going to see all episode guaranteed. ABC has a way of hyping things up that don't need the hyping. 

Cue the awkward scene of Sean getting ready. This time we are faced with a very unappealing, basically inappropriate low camera angle of Sean in his boxer briefs. I don't care how attractive you are. I don't want to see that. 

Oop! 30 seconds in and somebody's already crying. This, my friends, has got to be a new Bachelor record. 
"I just really want a date." 
Welcome to the world girl. Get in line, because there's a whole lot of girls out there who "just really want a date."

(today I'm going to add Arie's tweets from throughout the show. I'll put * around them. I thought I'd do you all a favor because basically this dude is hilarious)

Selma gets a date card. . . "let's turn up the heat" 

Well, she sure "dressed" for the occasion. 
On their way there: "Are you sure you can handle this? All 110 lbs of this?"
Wow Selma! What a subtle way of announcing your weight to all of America! Too bad your ego weighs more than you. 

They get to the desert. "I do not do well in heat. At. All."
Hey girl, did you read your date card? (womp, womp) fail. 

*Arie: Did he really take an Iraqi to the desert?*

Rock climbing, yada yada, I'm so scared, yada yada, Sean will get me through it, yada yada, and my favorite, "It's do or die. Right now." You got that right girl! You climb that rock or you will definitely die, because you're not strapped in or anything. Yup. Do or die. 

End of the date. "I can't kiss you" but I'm going to sit here and whisper and talk in my annoying, squeakier than a mouse, boyfriend voice and taunt you. Please, spare us. Flash back to all the other seasons of The Bachelor- all the girls that say "I'm not going to kiss you" or "I can't kiss you" A) always seem to be bratty and dramatic B) Almost always end up kissing the dude anyways and C) Always get sent home. I'm calling it now. Selma's not the one. Anyone want to bet? 

Roller Derby time. 

Umm. This date. I don't have much to say about this date. 
Amanda was totally believable when she said she'd done this before. It was awesome. Unfortunately for her she caught that one in the butt. 

*Arie: I think those teeth were so big they broke her chin.* 

second part of the date: "Here's to a good day and hopefully an even better night." I'm beginning to think this is the only toast Sean can come up with. I bet the writers will fix that one soon. 

*Arie: If you've noticed how out of control Tierra eyebrow is then I suggest following @TierrasEyebrow.*

*Arie: I have no filter tonight please excuse me. #bachelor* 

Well we all know how much Robyn loves Tierra and she just eggs her on. Then Tierra goes ahead and takes it and runs with it making it an even bigger deal. 
Did you like that super awkward make-out session Sean was having while Tierra was running around playing duck duck goose looking for him? 

*Arie: @SeanLowe09 kissin' skills improving my friend. * 


Sean to Tierra's rescue. "I don't want a sympathy rose" but honey, that's exactly what you got. 

*Arie: Woooooooooooooooooooow what the? Squeaky wheel get's the rose.* 

Leslie's Date

Hey, guess what girl! You got that date you really just wanted. 

Okay this date was the stereotypical bachelor date. We'll skip most, well basically all of it. 

To dinner!
 He doesn't like her. Obviously. One word answers? There's your sign. 
Then he picks up the rose and you can hear her excitement. I cringed. 

*Arie: Don't pick up the rose if you're not going to give it to her*

He walks her out and the best part of that whole awkward situation? When she talks about giving the necklace back. That was super awkward. 

I really actually liked Leslie. I thought she was super down to earth and super real. A rarity in the world of Bachelor. 

Then we see Sean, looking alllllll depressed and defeated. Then they so cunningly placed him leaning over the balcony in a Jake Pavelkaesk way and BOOM. He. Dropped. The. Rose. 
Did you notice how when it happened there were suddenly an unrealistic amount of petals "falling off" the rose? Wow. So dramatic! 

Rose Ceremony

*Arie: I brown out when Tierra talks... she is Tierra-able. #makeitstop* 

*Arie: Tierra-able just freaking Tierra-able* 

*Arie then retweets this... @TierrasEyebrow: It can only go up from here* 

I laughed at that one. 

And then Robyn's whole "chocolate" thing. Seriously? I just, I just, there are no words. 
Tacky? Maybe. Psycho? Yes. 
The fact that he kissed her? Really? 
I just don't like her. 

And here is where we encounter the second most dramatic part of the whole episode...

The promo for next week! 
(duh duh duh) 

Hold on to your jaw! There's another "emergency" 

Maybe one of the EMTs will get a rose this season.


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

We've all been there... the bad hair cut. You know the one I'm talking about? The one where you leave the salon in near tears, the one where you drive home crying, the one where every time you look in the mirror you think "what the heck am I going to do about this?" Yeah. That one. 

Well, hair has been a topic of choice lately. I'm getting my hair done today at 3 (because yes, you all needed to know what time. Just in case you want to crash my hair appointment.) And I have no idea what I'm going to do. Hair style wise, not much. Color wise? I'm bored. I need a change but I don't know what change. If I go darker I'll want to be lighter, if I go lighter I'll want to be darker. Talk about some true first world problems here. 

Well, while I was doing my daily blog stalking yesterday I came upon the funniest post. One of my absolute favorite bloggers, Raven, had a hair crisis on her hands. I can't even give this post a proper introduction. So here is the link. Go read if you'd like (I promise you'll enjoy it) and then come back. 

Okay I feel totally guilty admitting this but I seriously laughed out loud when I read this. Just because I know how dearly she loves her little boys hair. 

After I read this I was confronted with one of my own bad hair cut memories. . . 

Rewind approximately 14 years in my own life. Mom out of town. Dad home. Kylie wants a hair cut.
Bada-bing, bada-boom. . . hair cut for Kylie. 
 By the one, the only, ever so famous hair stylist named Daddy. I actually remember asking. I actually remember sitting in the basement getting my hair cut. The only other thing I remember? Standing by the front office in my elementary with my brother and sister while the 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Broadhead, laughed. I remember her laughing while I was right there. I probably wanted to cry. Who knows? I probably did. 
I don't remember much else. I know for a fact my mom flipped out and my dad wasn't allowed to touch my hair after that. I don't have a picture nor do I know if such even exists. Oh how I wish I could see the damage now that I'm a grown adult who thinks she has some idea of what a decent hair cut looks like. 

Anyways.... Raven and I can testify that dads should just not cut hair. Ever. Under any circumstances. Ever. 
(Sorry, Dad. Still love ya though) 


The Facts of Kylie

As someone once said, we're always learning new things. It's like going to a theme park or watching a movie and learning new things you never knew leaving you mind blown. 
This inspired a blog link up. If we were all amusement parks what "fun facts" would they have to tell people about us? 

So since it is my blog, I feel it's perfectly acceptable to be selfish and bring the subject back to me. 
The facts of Kylie. The hopefully new, hopefully unexpected, hopefully mind blowing facts of me. 

Fact: I hate sheets. Yes, weird. If it were up to me I'd have the fitted sheet and a blanket. The whole top sheet, blanket, comforter thing makes me claustrophobic. Plus, blankets are just more comfy and not to mention a thousand times softer. 

Fact: I have to fight myself on the regular to stay away from dear old Maverik. Too much Diet Coke and tempting (insert anything unhealthy you can buy at a gas station). I blame living in extreme proximity for this problem. 

Fact: I eat like a five year old. I eat one thing consistently till I'm sick of it and then don't touch it again for months. Another food Fact: I've probably eaten more PB&Js in the past month than I ever did during my childhood. 

Fact: I sometimes want a teeny tiny puppy. I like thinking that I could get away with it being my "companion dog". If you've met me you would totally understand why I could probably get away with it. I have a cat (who I love dearly) but she doesn't live with me. 

Fact: Unless I have absolutely nothing the next day, I MUST, I repeat, MUST pick out my outfit the night before. If I don't it stresses me out immensely. 

Fact: I hate taking care of my hair. Hate. It. I hate washing it, I hate blow drying it, I hate straightening it. And for what? To start all over the next day. What a waste of time. I wish my hair would magically be perfect after every shower. 

Fact: I rarely take pictures or have pictures of myself. Hence the lack of selfies on this here blog. It's very boring not to have pictures, I know, and I'm sorry. 

Fact: If Ben and Jerry were a food group, I would have no problem getting that taken care of. I love me some ice cream. 

Fact: If it were socially acceptable to wear nothing but running tights and an oversized sweatshirt I would never put a pair of pants on again. 

Fact: I am starting to HATE the show The Bachelor. This is coming from a girl who has seen EVERY season since the darn show started. We're talking 2002 here people! This show is now just a joke to me and everyone says they love it and everyone pretends to know everything about it all. Well good for them. I don't like liking the same things as other people and now The Bachelor has crossed over into that group. Could these people please tell me who Alex, Aaron, or Andrew are? Yeah, didn't think so. 

Fact: I basically wrote this post to avoid my stats homework. Crap. 


Sunday Social

It's no secret that when it comes to bloggers block I'm first in line. The only thing I'm consistent at is changing my blog layout 24/7. (I finally settled on one that I am pleased with and I promise I'm going to try to embrace it). So I thought what better way to get going again than a link up.  

Sunday Social

This weeks questions: 

1. Top 3 favorite kinds of foods
My favorites are pizza, baked goods, fresh fruit. Pretty sure the pizza and cake is doing my health no favors. 

2. First 3 things I do in the morning
Turn my alarm off, make my bed, brush teeth

3. Last 3 things you do at night
pick out what to wear tomorrow, wash face, set alarm 

4. 3 TV shows you NEVER miss 
The Bachelor, Parenthood, Shark Tank 

5. 3 people you can always count on
myself, my mom, my sister 

I honestly quite enjoy this Sunday Social link up, so let's do it again next week? 


Bachelor: Sean Edition

Yep, it's that time of year. Season 394 of The Bachelor.  Featuring Sean Lowe. 
I wasn't going to write this post because it seems like everyone does a "bachelor" post now-a-days but oh well, I do what I want lately and don't give a bleepity bleep what anyone thinks. 

We first see Sean cruisin' in a jeep (good car choice, BTW) less than thirty seconds into the show, hold your breath, his shirt is already off (Gasp).
He fell in love with Emily, yada yada yada. (Hey Emily, are you kicking yourself yet? It's okay, just go buy another cat.) 
Sean is on the beach gazing out into the ocean. Woah, mixin it up here. Not. 
"I want to be that rock" as he so coincidentally climbs a rock while shirtless. SO literal ABC. so. literal. 

Cut to Sean in the kitchen. Cuttin' up those strawberries. Boy can cook!
Maybe he should bump on over to Fox for an episode of Hell's Kitchen. 
 Then (shocker) Arie shows up.
 It went a little like this, "I haven't seen you since Emily dumped us, but yeah, we're best buds" 
I would be lying if I said that the part with Arie and Sean wasn't hilarious. 
will you accept this rose?   
WILL you accept this rose? 
will YOU accept this rose? 
will you accept THIS rose? 
will YOU accept THIS rose?
Anyways, you get it. 

Then the "break up techniques" 
Arie: "Well you're moving's not gonna work"
Sean: "yeah, and I can't just stop texting them." 
 Hey, I hear leaving them on a glacier (enter Ali Fedotowsky and Kasey Kahl) works rather well. 

Kissing lessons
Sean: "What about tongue?"
Arie: "Just a tease, not a lot. none of (Shakes his head back and forth looking like a bloodhound)" 
Apparently Arie is famous for kissing. Does it weird anybody else out that a guy would compliment another guy on his kissing?

Okay, the girls...

-I liked Tierra right from the start. Not so much her name but her personality.
Evidently from the preview this is likely to change. 

- Shocker, another Salt Laker. I would just like to point out that there has been a Salt Laker on the past 4 consecutive seasons. They saw how psycho Bentley and Michelle were that they kept coming back for more.  Oh, also during her closer look I'm pretty sure I know right where she lives. Exactly. Weird? Yes. Field trip anyone? 

- Ashley P.  I think she's now better known as the 50 shades girl. During her closer look she says I don't know why I'm single. Gee I think all of  'Merica could tell you now. 

-Selma... do you generally keep tissue in your dress? Bleh, don't wipe that on my face. Anybody ever heard of boob sweat? Did anybody else notice that he still had lipstick smeared on his face for the rest of the night? or maybe that was his left over strawberries. Who knows. 

-Kelly "cruise ship entertainer" screams winner to me. 

-Katie the yoga instructor... Yo, you forgot your shoes

- Robyn tried to do a back walkover, in heels, on cobble stone and surprisingly biffed it. I wouldn't recommend trying out for cirque du solei anytime soon. Sorry hun. Maybe Kelly could hook you up with a cruise ship gig. 

-Paige "jumbotron operator" 'nuff said.

Kerianne "I drove 2775 miles to meet you" uhh why didn't you fly? Too much emotional baggage? 

Lindsay "substitute teacher" wearing a wedding dress, kisses him on the lips, seriously? 
Lindsay: "I'm a prankster...I got balls" 
Sean: "I hope not" 
I don't even need to elaborate on this one. Well maybe just the fact that Sean is pretty freaken witty!

Curve ball! 

Kacie B.... Kacie B!?!?! I love Kacie B!
 Too bad I think she's already stuck in the land of forever friends and nothing more. 

Cocktail Party 

I think the roses along the way was just bait for more drama.

Catherine just drives me nuts. She seemed pretty annoying and ditzy in her interviews. My opinion but I just don't see it. She didn't impress me one bit. 

Lindsay (wedding dress girl) "Gimme a kiss, I swear I'm not contagious" She was shocked later by Sean's reaction. "I don't think he got it" "I wish I could go back and wear a normal dress"
Yeah, you should've. You basically tainted your name for life. You will forever be known as the girl who wore a wedding dress the first night. You should probably pack your bags and head somewhere where they know nothing about The Bachelor. I hear rural India doesn't have TVs. 

Ashley P. (50 shades) "Do we need to start dancing?"
 No, girl. That's the last thing we need to do. 
Then she goes to talk to Sean. . . 
Girl from Salt Lake, "I am so scared for him right now" 
Sean: "I also brought a rape whistle" 
Sean: "Ashley P., that girl's a tripp!"
Sean: "So can I talk now?"
Sean: "I think 50 shades of Grey turned into 50 shades of drunk" 
He then led her back inside where she promptly face planted into the floor.
She made her exit by saying it was a bit of a "bum-sky" and proceeded to let us all know what Sean was "missing"
Poor girl.

Anyways, should be an interesting season.
Can't wait to see who gets pushed down the stairs. 


Cliche Resolution Post

New years resolutions, I hate them. I have never really liked the new year because in my head if you want to make a change you can do it at any point, new year or not. 
This year was surprisingly different. I don't think it's any secret that 2012 and I were not the best of friends. When new years rolled around this year I felt differently. It was the first time I really felt like it was a fresh start. I truly felt that I was leaving 2012 where it belonged and I was ten times lighter and I was blessed with a new beginning. My way of thinking changed and I was determined to make this year different. Of course it's only January 7th so we'll see how it goes. 

So with all that said bada bing, bada boom, here's what I'm going to try to work on. . . 

* loving myself more: a lot of the time I'm too hard on myself, I underestimate myself, and don't give myself enough credit. My goal is to learn to love who I am. 

* Limit Caffeine: Okay we all know of my strong love for diet coke which yes, has caffeine in it. (Gasp) Over christmas break I stopped drinking caffeine and my anxiety has been incredibly better, I never really thought that something like that would make such a difference but lo and behold it did. I figure if I limit my caffeine I'll continue feeling great. But that's not to say that I won't splurge on a diet coke now and then. 

* Work extremely hard in school: I want good grades, end of story. 

* Be a better blogger: I'm terrible at consistency and I need to work on it. 

* Positive thinking: Life is better when you learn to laugh at things and not worry. Positive thinking is huge. It's amazing how many things in this world is all mind games. So I'm going to try to be super positive. Laugh it off. 

* Don't compare: Ever since I deleted my Facebook account this has become easier. I still do it but not as much. I need to stop looking at where other people are in their lives and focus on where I am in my life, how I am doing, and the good things I have. 

* Stop analyzing movies: my roomie and I decided that we over analyze movies. Saying, no that could never happen, or noticing plot holes and such. We jokingly said we should stop so it's on the list as something I will try to do. Don't know how seriously I'll take this one but we'll try. 

So there you have it. My new years "resolutions" or more like the things I would like to work on. 

Hope you had a happy new year and 2013 is looking up for you too. 

2013 is MY year! 


Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

I told myself I was going to blog SO much over Christmas break. I'd have so much time and be sitting around doing nothing, right? Wrong.
Lo and behold, I blinked and it's basically over.
If we're being honest, the only reason I am finally updating is because I'm knocked out with the flu and to spare myself and everyone else from other special visual effects, it's best if I stay put in bed.

Christmas was amazing and all sorts of fun. I got to spend a lot of time with my sister and her family and loved every minute of it.

Let's see if we can sum it up real quick. . .

Christmas cards


Home Alone


getting Christmas presents ready 

I made these jewelry hangers for my sister and my brother's wife. 


Madelynn is such a good little shopper! 


family time


Hunter wrote a note and Mckinley left a carrot for the reindeer


Jungle Jims


I'm in the process of finishing a guitar for my uncle 

more Home Alone

This is Madelynn's "goal" dance

We took my sister and her family to one of the games. They loved it. The kids had fun and didn't want to leave and my sister totally got into it, which basically made my life. 

Bear Lake

New Years 
We went to dinner and everyone had all you can eat sea food...except for me. Bleh.
Garrett liked it a little too much. There was so much crab on the table I can't even tell you! 


And yes, there is more hockey and I intend to enjoy every minute of it! 

And sadly all this fun has to end on Monday. Back to school. I'd be lying if I said I weren't excited at all. It should be a good semester and I'm definitely going to live it up as much as I can.
Maybe I should schedule in some blogging along with my studying. Ha! We'll see.

I'll be back soon!

Here's to new beginnings, clean slates, and leaving the past where it belongs!

Happy New Year Ya'll!