Cliche Resolution Post

New years resolutions, I hate them. I have never really liked the new year because in my head if you want to make a change you can do it at any point, new year or not. 
This year was surprisingly different. I don't think it's any secret that 2012 and I were not the best of friends. When new years rolled around this year I felt differently. It was the first time I really felt like it was a fresh start. I truly felt that I was leaving 2012 where it belonged and I was ten times lighter and I was blessed with a new beginning. My way of thinking changed and I was determined to make this year different. Of course it's only January 7th so we'll see how it goes. 

So with all that said bada bing, bada boom, here's what I'm going to try to work on. . . 

* loving myself more: a lot of the time I'm too hard on myself, I underestimate myself, and don't give myself enough credit. My goal is to learn to love who I am. 

* Limit Caffeine: Okay we all know of my strong love for diet coke which yes, has caffeine in it. (Gasp) Over christmas break I stopped drinking caffeine and my anxiety has been incredibly better, I never really thought that something like that would make such a difference but lo and behold it did. I figure if I limit my caffeine I'll continue feeling great. But that's not to say that I won't splurge on a diet coke now and then. 

* Work extremely hard in school: I want good grades, end of story. 

* Be a better blogger: I'm terrible at consistency and I need to work on it. 

* Positive thinking: Life is better when you learn to laugh at things and not worry. Positive thinking is huge. It's amazing how many things in this world is all mind games. So I'm going to try to be super positive. Laugh it off. 

* Don't compare: Ever since I deleted my Facebook account this has become easier. I still do it but not as much. I need to stop looking at where other people are in their lives and focus on where I am in my life, how I am doing, and the good things I have. 

* Stop analyzing movies: my roomie and I decided that we over analyze movies. Saying, no that could never happen, or noticing plot holes and such. We jokingly said we should stop so it's on the list as something I will try to do. Don't know how seriously I'll take this one but we'll try. 

So there you have it. My new years "resolutions" or more like the things I would like to work on. 

Hope you had a happy new year and 2013 is looking up for you too. 

2013 is MY year! 

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