Pumpkins and Carrots

It was just one of those days today. 
I didn't want to get out of bed, nothing too exciting was on the agenda, and there was more wedding stuff to be done. (Brothers reception is tomorrow!)

Hence this awesome picture of yours truly.
 How else could I convey to you my excitement for the day?

We did make it to Costco and managed to get a mass amount of carrot cake and that was probably the highlight of my day. 

Heaven. In. Your. Mouth. 
So. Good. 

Then I spent a good part of the afternoon on the floor writing on chalk boards. 

Each one was a label for a cake... we're doing like a "cake buffet"

They turned out fairly awesome, if I may say so myself. 
Each one is even in a different font. 

I also wrote on the larger chalkboards for extra guidance for the oblivious guests that might get lost in the front yard. 

I also caved and bought these....

In August. 
Talk about a SIN! 
I couldn't resist though and lets face it... how fresh are they really going to be when October finally rolls around? 

Here's to hoping I make it through tomorrow. Wish me luck. 



Some days are dull, uneventful, and average. Well, let's be honest, most days seem like this in college. However, there are always those unsuspecting, random times that make you laugh anywhere from a semi giggle to the throw your head back full on laughter. 

I'm not really sure where tonight fell on that scale but it was definitely some form of entertainment for myself. 

I went out to dinner with my parents. I was super stoked because I was going to get a diet coke.

 (in my head I felt like I hadn't had soda in what seemed like ages. 10 seconds later after an awesome reevaluation I realized that with Maverick being a good 20 second walk from my house, the fact that they have add in vanilla, and the 99 cent factor, I realized this statement was definitely bogus)

So our awesome waiter, Ace, took our drink orders and off he went. He was a newb and was doing the very best he could. He brought me my "diet" coke. I took a sip and knew immediately that it was a fraud. He gave me pure old calorific coke

I know it was an honest mistake but I just really despise drinking my calories. It's such a waste. 
I drank it anyways. I was thirsty and he was off ... somewhere. My mom asked him for another one when I was done and I specified diet and this is where Ace basically broke down. He was like "oh. no. I gave you coke. I'm so sorry." After telling him it was fine and I understood he goes... 
"I feel bad. I'm so sorry. I totally ruined your diet." 

Hahaha totally made me laugh. PSHHH! Diet? oh please Ace, what's a diet? 

Later as we were finishing our dinner he comes over and asks if we want any pie. We all say we're fine (we were all just going to share my dad's) 
Ace looks straight at me and says, "We have a sugar free apple pie that's actually really good." 
Oh. Geez. 

Did I mention he didn't charge us for my Diet Coke? 

Oh, also... have you seen T-Swift's new music video? It's super cute. 

I swear, if we ever met, me and her would be best friends. As I'm sure every other T-Swift fan says. 
But really. 


Lisa Frank

Remember her? 

Well, this is Lisa Frank. 

According to Wiki, Lisa Frank is, "known for producing the colorful images that appeared on school supplies and other products that were primarily marketed to young girls in the 1980's and 1990's." 

I liked loved and obsessed over Lisa Frank stuff in my oh so very dear elementary days. Note books, folders, pencils, erasers, stickers... everything

Anyways, last night around 11 I decided I should definitely go to Wal-Mart to get some paper. You see, I wanted to make some bookmarks. My way of trying to convince myself that reading text books can be fun. Psh. Yeeeeaaaah right.

 We walked in and I basically sprinted over to the school supplies when I caught a glimpse of what I believed to be a Lisa Frank folder. 
No way was this happening. This stuff disappeared after 4th grade, I swear! 

If you recall this post you'll know how much I have seriously missed this stuff. Yes, I am currently a junior in college. 
Needless to say I spent 5 dollars and bought myself 2 folders and a notebook for my pure enjoyment. Judge me. 

Don't mind my hair... It was 11:30 at night. Remember? 

Can we all just take a moment and imagine me pulling this stuff out in a college class?


Here Comes The.... Groom

My brother got married I guess about a week ago now. Thanks to my mad blogging skills I'm super delayed at giving the dirty details. It was basically the longest day ever. My day started at 5:50 AM. No one on planet earth should ever be awake at that time. I did my sisters hair, my hair, my niece's hair, everyones hair! 

My cat decided to sleep in the tub and keep me company while I did my make-up. 

We went to the luncheon around 11 am to get everything settled and set up. They had it at Rodizio Grill which was AMAZING. Best food ever. The grilled pineapple is to die for. 

me, brother, sister
I watched my nieces and nephew while they were all inside getting' hitched. 
Mckinley decided to try on my 4 1/2 inch heels. I tried to get a picture but she kept coming too close so this is the picture I got. She's stinkin' hilarious. I did manage to get a picture after she fell down but she was in a dress and I didn't think her mom would appreciate me very much if I showed ya'll her cinderella panties. 

first picture of our "new" family

Side rant: This was my stunning bouquet. My mom got each of the bridesmaids one plus Merilee's. Oh, did I mention she had NINE bridesmaids? Talk about pricey. It REALLY eerked me to see the other bridesmaids just throwing theres around during pictures. Like really made me mad. I didn't like them much. It honestly felt like high school all over again. They were all too cool for school.  End side rant. 

Amanda got them a hotel room for their wedding gift and I went downtown to help her decorate. We had fun. . . Here's the results. . . 

Complete with a rose petal heart. Way to go sister. You set that mood. 

Okay so I didn't really give you all the dirty details. My blog would have been longer than the colorado river if I did. But let's just say there was plenty of those dirty details all day long. 
Getting home and putting sweats on that night never felt so good. 

And on a more random note. . . can we just take a moment and appreciate the fact that Teen Mom was posted in the "Dark TV Shows" on my NetFlix? 


MacBook Not So Pro

Please forgive my AWOLness. My computer has now been in for repair 3 different times. Thank goodness for Apple Care. And my dad.

They basically replaced all the innards of my computer. Why they didn't just fork over a new one is beyond me. It probably would have been cheaper on their part. The bill was 700 dollars and that wasn't including the new screen. Again, thank goodness for Apple Care. I basically have a new computer minus the outer shell and keyboard. 

Anyways, I'm back. I have been going through blogging withdrawals. Not being able to update mine as well as keep up with everyone else's has been disappointing. Not to mention school started this week and has kept me super busy.

I promise I will try and get back into my blogging groove ASAP. Like tonight.

Stay tuned!


I Am The Reason We Can't Have Nice Things

Well, it's been quite the eventful past 24 hours. 

Let's start with last night.... I was painting some burlap signs for my mom for my brothers wedding. I was getting ready to head back to my apartment and set my laptop on some burlap on the counter. I turned my back for 2 seconds heard my sister scream and knew exactly what was happening. 

Basically I ended up with this 

Yeah, I SHATTERED my MacBook. 

Way to go Kylie! 

Then of course... I had a slightish break down. 

Luckily it was covered under Apple Care and my dad (who believes in nothing but online shopping and Costco) braved the mall TWICE in order to save my laptop. I was very impressed, it took Apple less than 5 hours to fix it. 

I ended up spending the night at my parents after everything went down and then my roomie came down in the morning and spent the day with us. 

The day was pretty much a normal day... Shopping, pretzel bites, shopping. 

fast forward to tonight. 

Got home and went to the gym. Of course there were stupid people there who insisted on messing around on the weights making it impossible for anybody else to actually do something productive. I ended up just running and then went back to my apartment and did my other stuff. 

Then naturally, we (being my roomie and myself) decided that since we worked out we definitely needed some BK shakes so off we went. 

We got back and couldn't find a parking spot. Lovely. This meant we were left parking out in front on the busy street. Most of the street was already filled with the lovely foreigners that call this place home... so I pull up and start parking. Well, there were some of those construction cones in my way so I made Jess get out and go move them. I forgot how heavy they actually are until I watched her try to move not one but two of them. Then one broke. So she threw it in a bush. Shhh, don't tell. 

Finally we ran across the street and I realized I forgot my card that lets me in the building. 
You should have seen my roomie's face. 
We walk, I guess it was more like run, over to the gym windows to see if there was anybody in there. Jess then did this little jumpy wave thing to get their attention. She kind of looked like this...

Minus being shirtless and the armpit hair. 

She didn't realize that they couldn't see her. 
I don't know why, but I found it hilarious and this resulted in chocolate shake about coming out my nose. It burned. We then had to bang on the window and it took the lady about five minutes before deciding to let us in. 

We then had to jaunt across the gym with our chocolate shakes in hand. 

On another note I still have no idea how I'm going to do my hair for my brother's wedding. 

I'm thinking this for Saturday. . . 

This for the reception in Washington. . .

and this for the reception here. . .

What do you think? 

Happy Humpday! 


Hold On To Your Teeth!

Okay are you ready for this? 
I'm talking some serious news here people! (Or at least in my little world it's headlining)


because. . . . 


We're talking September 13 is the first home game of the season. And you can bet your blood stained jersey I'm gonna be there! As you can see I'm only slightly excited. 

How do you know when a leper is playing hockey? 

When there's a "face-off" in the corner. 

Okay. Not funny. 

But why do we love hockey? 

Exhibit A: 

HOT MEN!!!! 

and lastly. . . 

But really, if any of you bloggers out there know any hockey players and want to set me up.... I can guarantee I won't object. 

What sports are you guys obsessed with? 
Or am I the only crazed obsessed fan out there? 

Love you all! 


Curved Yellow Fruit

Are you bored? 

Go here and read the customer reviews for this banana slicer. 

Hysterical! Okay, maybe it's just because it's late and I have nothing better to do.
But seriously. Read it. 


She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

You know those certain things that you have a love hate relationship with? 

Here are mine. 

Reality TV: Let's get real. The majority of TV that I watch is reality. I love it. It's fun to watch and full of drama. And if we're being honest, it always makes me feel a little better about my own life. But half the time while I'm watching it, I constantly find myself wondering how can so much stupid be in one place!? (Teen Mom, Keeping Up with the Kartrashians, 16 and pregnant, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad... just to name a few.) There are some winners out there, let me tell ya. And how they all end up on TV is beyond me.  

Exhibits A, B, and C

Working out: I love it. I hate it. I mean, I love the way I feel after (thank you endorphins) and I know how good it is in the long term... but to expect me to drag my sorry butt out of bed before I have had a good 10 hours of sleep? HA! 

Weddings: Love that two people have found each other. Hate the drama that goes on behind the scenes. Basically, when I find my Mr. Perfect ... we're eloping. End of story. 

The Olympics: Don't get me wrong, I love watching the olympics and I am totally team USA. We have some amazing athletes out there, but when I see these 14 and 15 year olds up there winning gold medals it makes me feel like I've accomplished nothing. More power to em' but man I wish I were that awesome! 

School: As far back as I can remember when a was just a wee lil' girl, school and I have always had a love hate relationship. Love it cause it keeps me busy and gives me something to do but I hate it cause it gets old real fast. Hopefully fall semester will be kind to me. Fingers crossed. 

Hoarders: More specifically the show Hoarders. I absolutely hate watching it as it makes me gag and lose my appetite for a good five minutes. (kidding about the 5 minutes) But on the love side... It disgusts me enough that I clean like a mad woman after. No exaggeration, it makes me want to go through EVERYTHING and throw anything out I don't have a use for. It is my worst fear of living in a place like that. Bleck! 

What do you have a love hate relationship with? 


These Happy Days

You know how when you're going through a rough patch you get all discouraged? 

And then something (big or little) happens and snaps you back to the reality that you're really just fine? 

I forgot what that's like until a few days ago. I've been so busy lately that it's been somewhat like I'm coasting on autopilot. Well I'm happy to say that I had a wake up call and life is good. Really good. It's amazing what a change in perspective can do. 

What is this? 


It's a basketball. 

"When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us." 
-Alexander Graham Bell

"From a different point of view, you'll often discover that things aren't quite as confusing as they seem." 
- Soul Surfer