Pumpkins and Carrots

It was just one of those days today. 
I didn't want to get out of bed, nothing too exciting was on the agenda, and there was more wedding stuff to be done. (Brothers reception is tomorrow!)

Hence this awesome picture of yours truly.
 How else could I convey to you my excitement for the day?

We did make it to Costco and managed to get a mass amount of carrot cake and that was probably the highlight of my day. 

Heaven. In. Your. Mouth. 
So. Good. 

Then I spent a good part of the afternoon on the floor writing on chalk boards. 

Each one was a label for a cake... we're doing like a "cake buffet"

They turned out fairly awesome, if I may say so myself. 
Each one is even in a different font. 

I also wrote on the larger chalkboards for extra guidance for the oblivious guests that might get lost in the front yard. 

I also caved and bought these....

In August. 
Talk about a SIN! 
I couldn't resist though and lets face it... how fresh are they really going to be when October finally rolls around? 

Here's to hoping I make it through tomorrow. Wish me luck. 


  1. Those little pumpkin candies look yummy!



  2. The chalkboards look so good! What a great idea to have a dessert table! Seriously, I want some of those pumpkin candies NOW!