Some days are dull, uneventful, and average. Well, let's be honest, most days seem like this in college. However, there are always those unsuspecting, random times that make you laugh anywhere from a semi giggle to the throw your head back full on laughter. 

I'm not really sure where tonight fell on that scale but it was definitely some form of entertainment for myself. 

I went out to dinner with my parents. I was super stoked because I was going to get a diet coke.

 (in my head I felt like I hadn't had soda in what seemed like ages. 10 seconds later after an awesome reevaluation I realized that with Maverick being a good 20 second walk from my house, the fact that they have add in vanilla, and the 99 cent factor, I realized this statement was definitely bogus)

So our awesome waiter, Ace, took our drink orders and off he went. He was a newb and was doing the very best he could. He brought me my "diet" coke. I took a sip and knew immediately that it was a fraud. He gave me pure old calorific coke

I know it was an honest mistake but I just really despise drinking my calories. It's such a waste. 
I drank it anyways. I was thirsty and he was off ... somewhere. My mom asked him for another one when I was done and I specified diet and this is where Ace basically broke down. He was like "oh. no. I gave you coke. I'm so sorry." After telling him it was fine and I understood he goes... 
"I feel bad. I'm so sorry. I totally ruined your diet." 

Hahaha totally made me laugh. PSHHH! Diet? oh please Ace, what's a diet? 

Later as we were finishing our dinner he comes over and asks if we want any pie. We all say we're fine (we were all just going to share my dad's) 
Ace looks straight at me and says, "We have a sugar free apple pie that's actually really good." 
Oh. Geez. 

Did I mention he didn't charge us for my Diet Coke? 

Oh, also... have you seen T-Swift's new music video? It's super cute. 

I swear, if we ever met, me and her would be best friends. As I'm sure every other T-Swift fan says. 
But really. 

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  1. How funny! Especially that he thinks if someone orders a diet coke, they must be on a diet!