Lisa Frank

Remember her? 

Well, this is Lisa Frank. 

According to Wiki, Lisa Frank is, "known for producing the colorful images that appeared on school supplies and other products that were primarily marketed to young girls in the 1980's and 1990's." 

I liked loved and obsessed over Lisa Frank stuff in my oh so very dear elementary days. Note books, folders, pencils, erasers, stickers... everything

Anyways, last night around 11 I decided I should definitely go to Wal-Mart to get some paper. You see, I wanted to make some bookmarks. My way of trying to convince myself that reading text books can be fun. Psh. Yeeeeaaaah right.

 We walked in and I basically sprinted over to the school supplies when I caught a glimpse of what I believed to be a Lisa Frank folder. 
No way was this happening. This stuff disappeared after 4th grade, I swear! 

If you recall this post you'll know how much I have seriously missed this stuff. Yes, I am currently a junior in college. 
Needless to say I spent 5 dollars and bought myself 2 folders and a notebook for my pure enjoyment. Judge me. 

Don't mind my hair... It was 11:30 at night. Remember? 

Can we all just take a moment and imagine me pulling this stuff out in a college class?


  1. ahahh that's great! I also loved Lisa Frank.

  2. oh how i loved Lisa Frank, those are awesome i would totally rock them at uni!

  3. our faces are priceless. =) Just one day we should go to one another's classes and pull them out together. EVERYONE would be enormously jealous.