Hot or Not?

Dinner conversations are always an interesting thing. Tonight it started out with dead flies, turned into wild hogs, and ended up with dating and rating. More specifically the terminology we use when determining how attractive a certain individual is and the scale on which those terms fall. It all started when my mom brought up a topic and I said that an individual wasn't totally unfortunate looking. It was pretty entertaining and turned into quite the serious chit chat especially when Dad was seriously asking questions about this whole rating scale. Me and Amanda proceeded to define this said scale. In our world it is as follows:

very nice to look at - extremely attractive (emphasis on extremely)

cute/hot - attractive

not totally unfortunate looking - self explanatory (personality is a key deciding factor at this level)

No - enough said

So there you have it... the four levels of rating in dating. Keep in mind this is not the only thing that matters in the dating world, there are many factors that all add in.

Well that concludes the summary of the Maxfield dinner conversation. If you're ever in the neighborhood around dinner time, drop in for some insightful conversation. It might just change your life.


Day 12: Celebrity Crush

Well to put it simply there is not just one celebrity I find attractive... there are many. So here are the celebrities I find nice to look at - in no particular order.

Channing Tatum

Shane West

Zac Efron

Shia LaBeouf

Jesse McCartney

Matthew Morrison


Day 11: Songs I listen to when I'm happy, sad, bored, excited and mad

Those of you who know me know that I'm a little bit obsessed with my music. I always have a song of the week, I always have music on in my car and I rarely go anywhere without my iPod. I have a million songs I could pick for each of these categories so I think it will be best if I list 2-3 songs for each category... just be aware they constantly change so these are just as of now.


- Hey Soul Sister, Train

- Rhythm of Love, Plain White T's


- Humans, The Scene Aesthetic

- Wait for a Miracle, Jason Castro

- Perfectly Lonely, John Mayer

- Vanilla Twilight, Owl City


- Tribute, Tenacious D

- Hello Seattle, Owl City

- The Distance, Cake


- Crazy Beautiful Life, Ke$ha

- Hey Baby, Pitbull

- Make It Up As You Go, Plain White T's


- Mean, Taylor Swift

- Gives You Hell, All American Rejects


Day 10: a picture of someone who has gotten me through the most

My mom is definitely the one who has gotten me through the most. She has always been there for me and always stays by my side no matter what. She always encourages me to do the things I want and go after the things I dream about. She got me through the most trying time of my life and it is because of her that I am who I am today. She's the most incredible lady ever!


Day 9: a picture that makes me laugh

This picture is definitely one that makes me laugh! It was at Sea World during our family trip before Garrett left on the mish. This ride is journey to atlantis and it's this insane boat/roller coaster ride... I don't know how much I liked it. It was freezing already that day and we decided getting wet wouldn't really make a difference. We did get soaked but it was a fun memory and thanks to Amanda we have this awesome picture. I love this picture so much. It totally makes me laugh because if you look at all of us we're all having such a good time... we're smiling laughing and it's just the greatest. I love it!


The Jess & Kylie Dictionary

If you're going to be around me and Jess at all... you must study up on these terms to be able to interpret what we are saying.

A to the men to the heck yeah!: (phrase)

1. Extreme agreeance

Boots and boys: (phrase)

1. Foot and arm wear

2. Items used to keep warm during wintertime.

For the Love: (phrase)

1. For heaven’s sake!

2. For Pete’s sake!

Goobenpucky: (noun)

1. A person who is not currently doing as you wish

2. A person to whom you are referring at that time

Indeed: (adverb)

1. Yes

2. No

Just Stranglin: (phrase)

1. Just sayin’

2. It’s the 011 son!

Nice to look at: (Phrase)

1. Attractive

Ex: Josh Duhamel is nice to look at.

O’dark thirty: (adjective)

1. The time of day past sundown

Ex: I woke up at O’dark thirty and couldn’t get back to sleep

Oh Dear! (Phrase)

1. An ambiguous comeback to most any statement

Ex: “My 3rd roommates here”

“Oh dear!”

Shoot son!: (phrase)

1. What you yell when you are taken by surprise

2. Bang daughter!

Sir: (Noun)

1. Anyone driving in a way we don’t approve of

2. People in general

ex: Excuse me Sir, use your blinker.

Day 8: A picture of someone/something that has had the biggest impact on me

I know this picture is rather old but it's the first one that came to mind. My brother and Sister have had a huge impact on my life. They are my best friends! They have been with me through everything and always have my back. I know that if I ever need anything these guys are my number 1. I have so much fun with them and I wish I could spend more time than I already do with them. Amanda and Garrett, thanks for keeping me going and being the amazing people you are! You've helped me more than you will ever know.

Red, Blue, or Orange?

Oh the adventures we partake in when we step onto the shuttle. You never know what you will experience that day as you are quickly whisked away on the bumpy road. Grumpy drivers, disgusting smells and praying you don't die are regular occurrences. You must be aggressive if you wish to obtain a seat and also beware of the awkward eye contact that so often you are confronted with. We have obtained many stories from these interesting shuttle rides. My favorites are as follows:

We're not in London anymore.....

One day as we were proceeding back up to the dorms we were passing by the stadium. If you've ever been up to the U, you would that the road is very narrow and is sufficiently filled with 2 lanes and a trax track in the middle [keep in mind there are cement barriers on either side of said track] Jenna, Jess, and I were enjoying our normal friendly banter when I look over and catch a glimpse of a car driving next to us.... wait, a car driving next to us? On this road? wait, they're going the wrong way. THEY'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!!!!! In hopes of showing Jessica and Jenna this I blurted out that the car was going the wrong way. I'm positive that everyone on the shuttle heard me and possibly the car behind us. It was then that everyone began enjoying this abnormal show. It was soon after this that we noticed a car going down the road [the correct way] unknowingly heading into a potential head on collision. Goobenpucky driving the other car finally realizes he is not in London anymore and throws his car into reverse and starts backing down the road hoping not to get hit. I am not sure exactly how the ending of this story pans out because we continued on our voyage back to the HC.

Trax vs Shuttle....

On another wonderful day coming back from Human Development, the usual crowd was on the shuttle. The thing about the shuttles is that since there are so many people crammed on [it's like a human game of Tetris] you can't see a thing except for the behind of the person currently located centimeters away from your face. This results in no view of what lies ahead. This particular day we were traveling towards upper campus. In order to reach this destination you must brave the round-about. When we approached the round-about the rail road crossing signals started to flash. As usual when the signs start flashing, the arms come down. Well the bus driver we had that day was very bright and decided to stop in the middle of entering the round-about. Next thing we hear? The rail road arm slamming down on the top of the shuttle not just once it kept hitting it and bouncing up and hitting it again. Finally our driver decided to continue in the round-about rather than puncture the roof of the shuttle, and off we went.

An unidentified speed bump....

The latest and greatest occurrence on the shuttle happened today. After prancing down president's circle we were lucky to catch the blue shuttle. We boarded and so kindly the driver decided to proceed on his route before we were seated. This results in us appearing extremely uncoordinated - good thing there were only about 4 other people on the shuttle. As we headed back towards the dorms we acquired many more passengers as expected. As we were approaching the stop before the institute, the entire right side of the bus goes up what seemed to be 3 feet and everyone is shuffled around the shuttle. It was very unexpected and scared Jess immensely - enough that she grabbed my arm in order to not fly off the bench. Note to driver: Pedestrians don't make the greatest speed bumps.


Day 7: a picture that shows the true you

A picture that shows the true me? Well that was kind of a difficult one but here's the one I fancied. I guess this shows the true me because I'm always doing random things. Hauling Erik around Disney Land is just one example of this. This picture always makes me laugh mainly because of the memories behind it.... MASECA!!!!!! I guess it shows the true me in a sense that I love to mess around and have fun. I love smiling and being with family and I always enjoy a good laugh. Nothing beats uncontrollable, ab workout laughter.


Day 6: Favorite superhero and why

So I guess by the stereotypical definition of superhero I'd have to choose BatMan as my favorite. Why? Probably because it is honestly one of the only superhero movies I've seen and actually loved. The Dark Knight is possibly one of the greatest movies made to date. I was shocked when I went and wanted to go again. To this day I still love watching the movie and it never gets old to me. BatMan is simply amazing.


Day 5: a picture of somewhere I've been to

Somewhere I've been? Paris. I was lucky enough to go last year so Garrett could show us around. It was pretty fun and made for quite the adventure.

Me and Garrett on top of the Eiffel Tower

The Louver

Crepes... the best meal ever!

After climbing to the top of the Arc ... we were tired

Going down to the catacombs

In the catacombs... it was honestly pretty disturbing and depressing for that matter.

Les Miserables. It was flat out amazing!


Day 4: A habit I wish I didn't have

I love Diet Coke! Really I shouldn't - soda is terrible. I don't even know if this could be considered a habit it's more of an addiction. It is my favorite drink and I hate to say this but my fridge is always stocked with it. I don't really wish I didn't have this habit but I just wish I liked water as much. Don't get me wrong I drink my fair share of water but oh man Diet Coke.
Another habit I can honestly say I wish I didn't have is the fact that I bite my nails. I guess not really my nails, but cuticles. It's not something I do all the time but when I'm nervous or anxious even subconsciously I bite. It's horrible! I wish I didn't have this bad habit and that my nails could look decent for 5 minutes. I have tried everything to stop but all efforts have failed.

While we're discussing habits I'll throw one more out there that I have... I don't necessarily think this is a bad one. I LOVE blankets. Seriously blankets are such a comfort to me. When I'm having my worst day if I can cuddle up with a blanket and just lay there my day will automatically be 10 x better. It's weird I know, but it's me.


Day 3: a picture of me and my craziest friend

Well, when it comes to crazy, me and Jess are off the charts. We're pretty amazing and unique by ourselves, but when you throw the two of us together.... watch out world! There's no stopping us. We definitely have some of the most memorable times EVER together. Ever since we became friends we were always out for an adventure whether it was four-wheeling, midnight Wal-Mart runs, or just blasting Kesha in the car. With our irrepressible laughter every time we're together, we are without a doubt, crazy! If you're ever having a bad day you can count on Jess to make you feel better in an instant. She'll have you laughing in no time. She is really my truest craziest bestest friend! I can't even imagine life without her now. She has been there for me countless times. She is always willing to do anything for me and goes out of her way to make sure I'm doing okay. She is always up for my crazy ideas and comes up with plenty herself. She really is the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for!!! Our next adventure in the making.... a road trip to Cedar!!!! BRING. IT. ON.