Hot or Not?

Dinner conversations are always an interesting thing. Tonight it started out with dead flies, turned into wild hogs, and ended up with dating and rating. More specifically the terminology we use when determining how attractive a certain individual is and the scale on which those terms fall. It all started when my mom brought up a topic and I said that an individual wasn't totally unfortunate looking. It was pretty entertaining and turned into quite the serious chit chat especially when Dad was seriously asking questions about this whole rating scale. Me and Amanda proceeded to define this said scale. In our world it is as follows:

very nice to look at - extremely attractive (emphasis on extremely)

cute/hot - attractive

not totally unfortunate looking - self explanatory (personality is a key deciding factor at this level)

No - enough said

So there you have it... the four levels of rating in dating. Keep in mind this is not the only thing that matters in the dating world, there are many factors that all add in.

Well that concludes the summary of the Maxfield dinner conversation. If you're ever in the neighborhood around dinner time, drop in for some insightful conversation. It might just change your life.

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