Day 11: Songs I listen to when I'm happy, sad, bored, excited and mad

Those of you who know me know that I'm a little bit obsessed with my music. I always have a song of the week, I always have music on in my car and I rarely go anywhere without my iPod. I have a million songs I could pick for each of these categories so I think it will be best if I list 2-3 songs for each category... just be aware they constantly change so these are just as of now.


- Hey Soul Sister, Train

- Rhythm of Love, Plain White T's


- Humans, The Scene Aesthetic

- Wait for a Miracle, Jason Castro

- Perfectly Lonely, John Mayer

- Vanilla Twilight, Owl City


- Tribute, Tenacious D

- Hello Seattle, Owl City

- The Distance, Cake


- Crazy Beautiful Life, Ke$ha

- Hey Baby, Pitbull

- Make It Up As You Go, Plain White T's


- Mean, Taylor Swift

- Gives You Hell, All American Rejects

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