Catch Up With Ya Lata!

Well, I'm off!!! 

Cruisin' to Jamaica! 

and the Grand Cayman Islands 

Which means I won't be around this here blog for a little bit but I'll be back soon enough. 
I realize this means I'll miss my Bachelorette recap post next week but I promise I'll be back the week after with more of my thoughts on the man boy drama. 

So let's make like Tom and Cruise!!! 


DESperate: Bachelorette Edition

Well it’s that time of year again… the bachelorette..... and hockey playoffs. So what do you do when they're on at the same time? Watch them both of course! 

Umm is it just me or did The Bachelor end like yesterday? Usually it seems like there’s a few months in-between seasons but not this time. I don’t know. I feel like it’s always on. But I haven’t missed a season yet, so why start now?

I’ll admit, I wasn’t excited that Desiree was chosen for The Bachelorette. I was never really a fan of hers. I would have rather seen Lesley. Or what the heck, Tierra might have been a freaken riot to watch! Can you imagine how many more tierrable jokes we’d have? Des just seems… boring. Maybe she’ll grow on me, who knows.

The show intro/promo was fun. Did you hear the sound clip of a guy saying, “the air get’s sucked out of the room” every time Des walks in? That just seems like more of an insult than a compliment. Then they head on over to the “someone’s got a girlfriend” bit. This has already been played up way too much and the show started what? 2 minutes ago?  Then the whole montage of why she’s ready for love, how lucky she is to be here, it’s a fairytale, yada yada yada crap begins. I must say I am very happy her bangs are gone. They drove me nuts last season (wow, I almost wrote last semester. Thank you, college). She looks much better without them. Anyways let’s move onto the guys.

The video intros… these are always interesting.

Will… just walkin around high fiving people on the street. Umm, no. Just no. Oh and he already yelled that he loves this woman. Who he hasn’t even met yet. Yep, he’s in love. We may as well shut this thing down right now and call it a season.

Nick. He’s a tailor/magician. Apparently a lot of people found his profession “the best in bachelor/bachelorette history” umm I personally just think it’s weird. How many girls out there can honestly say that that tailor/magician label describes their ultimate dream guy? Not I. He won’t be around long, I’m calling it now.

I’m Zak W. and I’m from the middle of nowhere. I thought that was a pretty awesome way to describe it. Then we see him standing on his deck. Buck naked… watching a deer. Coincidence? I vote no. Those producers are so punny. Well now that we know he likes to be naked it’s a good thing he lives in the middle of nowhere. I for one am hoping he’s not contemplating some big move to New York anytime soon.

Then we have Robert AKA the infamous sign twirler. Scratch that… sign twirler inventor. That sign just has winner written all over it!

Then there’s Brandon, the wakeboarder. I immediately liked him. He seems like a nice genuine guy. I’d snatch up a guy that was as good looking as he is and loves boating just as much as I in a heartbeat. It also helps that on his bio he says he likes hockey. Automatic win in my eyes. *swoon* (at least for now)

Onto the limo entrances. Boy, these were just bad this season. Bad.

Brooks was the first out. . . another Salt Laker? Puh leeze can we just move away from the 801 arena? I’m pretty sure we’ve had our fair share of representin’ in the recent past seasons cough, Bentley, Michelle Money, Jef Holm, cough cough.

Of the first 4 guys out of the limo I’m pretty sure 3 of them forgot to tell her their name. We’re on a roll. Whoop… five guys out and already two have brought up the wish factor. How original.

Ooh Kasey with a K! I was hoping he’s as certifiably nuts as Kasey Kahl was. We’ve got to keep up the name reputation. Then he opened his mouth and started spittin’ hashtags. Yup, the Kasey name holds up. He then gave her his hashtags for her #perfectbachelorette #marriagematerial #letthejourneybegin in my opinion? #shutupnow #noroseforyou #gohome #sosickof#

Cue Jonathan. Enter stage right, keep walking, do not stop, exit stage left. He’s basically a creeper that wouldn’t take no for an answer and ended up leaving in a white van. Hashtag irony.

Zak shows up… shirtless. That confirms my suspicions, he’s definitely a closet nudist. You know those signs “No shoes, no shirt, no service” Desiree should implement that here. 

Creeper Larry… his little dance? Yeah, didn’t go so well. It went about as well as that girls back walkover on the last season of The Bachelor. *headshake* when will they ever learn? I think we all know he’s a goner.

Then there’s Mr. I’m going to wear a full freaken suit of armor to get my point across. Well, that was just weird. At least it made it look like he and Des planned matching outfits. I’m pretty sure the only good part about this was when one of the guys said “Don’t go near the water, you’re probably not gonna float” Peace out Diogo, you’re outta here.

Robert…. Or as rumor has it “Bobby” he can’t stand wearing clothes so he rips his tie off. I’m just having major déjà vu from last season… 50 shades of gray girl come to anyone elses mind? 

Anyways… moving on….

Juan Pablo… I don’t have much to say about him other than I could’ve really used some subtitles. eesh.

Then there’s Brian
Then there’s Ben
Then there’s Brody (Ben’s son who did all his dirty work)
But don’t forget there’s also
Brooks and

Anyone else feel like we’re reading a page straight out of a baby name book?

Finally the clown car limo was empty and it was onto the cocktail party. I don’t really have much to say about it. I found it boring and nothing stood out to me much. I felt it was typical and we’d seen it all before.

In the end Des sent six guys packing. The magician made himself disappear. The suit of armor didn’t protect Diogo one bit. And the ER doctor couldn’t save his own life. 

As my brother (who is lactose intolerant, who also only watches the show because he's "extremely bored", even though we all know he really loves it) said, "this season is so cheesy, I'm lactarding!"

Yes, yes it is. But I'm sure in the end it will be the "most dramatic/exciting/romantic/unforgettable season of The Bachelorette ever" 


That Time Our Boat Blew Up

I wish I could say I’m surprised when bad things happen to me, but I’m not. I’m used to it. After a while you just come to expect everything to go wrong. It just seems like that whole when bad things happen to good people saying. I’m not saying this is a bad thing because if bad things are going to happen to anybody, hey, bring it on! I’m one of the few that can handle quite a bit before it completely breaks me. I’ve been through enough that I consider myself a strong individual and don’t let a lot get to me. I make the best of what I’ve got and go from there. 

So as I’m sure you can tell this past weekend didn’t exactly go as planned. Well, most of it did except one minor detail. Our boat. We have a nice boat… fairly new, clean, amazing sound system, ideal for wakeboarding, surfing, tanning … you get the gist.
We were up at Bear Lake for Memorial Day weekend. Our condo community has an annual clean up day and that was the main reason for going up there but we thought we’d bring the boat. We knew the water would be freezing still (we’re talking 50 degrees) so we left the wakeboards and surfboards at home. Saturday after the clean up we decided we’d go put the boat in and just go hang out on the lake.

We got to the marina and picked up our annual pass, had the boat inspected, showed them our form saying we’re not contaminated with muscles, and were ready to put the boat in. This all took quite a while… we lost the slip from the inspection within a matter of seconds and they told us we didn’t need to fill out a muscle form and then later requested we did… which was clear back at the front gate. We finally got to the launch ramp and backed the boat down. The boat wouldn’t go off the trailer. Well, in the midst of everything else, we had forgotten to unhook the back straps so up the ramp we went. Then the boat was already too far back so we had to go back into the water to get it up to the front of the trailer again. After that, back up the ramp to unstrap the back and finally the boat was in the lake. (That was a lot of back and forths, did you keep up? Did it even make sense?)

Looking back now, we should’ve realized this was a sign… DO NOT GO BOATING. Talk about an omen.

Once outside the marina we cruised around getting the boat warmed up and all seemed fine (it was the first time we've had it out this year). After doing that for about 5 minutes we headed to the south end of the lake. We had the music up loud, cruisin’ down the lake when we heard this loud explosion. It had to have been really loud because it was extremely audible with the music and boat on and I can only imagine what it was without the extra noise. We stopped immediately because we didn’t know what it was. The smell was a good indicator that things weren’t all right. I was convinced the whole boat was going to turn into a bomb and blow any second. My dad opened the engine cover and sure enough there was smoke. Now I’m not talking a cute little trail of smoke coming from a campfire with a burnt s’more in it kind of smoke. I’m talking a big huge heaping gray cloud of your boat just blew up kind of smoke. And that was the end of our weekend of boating. My dad got the oars out… I just kinda looked at him. The only good those were going to do for us was provide us an opportunity to better our jousting skills. 

Rewind to getting our boat inspected. The ranger that was inspecting the boat was talking to the girl he was training. He asked about oars but told the girl that it really wasn’t applicable because if the boat was over 21 feet long an oar wasn’t going to do you any good, “You could paddle all day and it wouldn’t get you anywhere.” Cue Kylie’s head thinking, “yeah, good thing that will never happen to us.”  And then reality slapped me in the face.

After playing a good game of phone tag and scrounging up phone numbers we finally had our amazing neighbors call and tell us they were on their way to the marina to come and tow us in. After a long slow drive pull back to the marina we managed to get the boat back on the trailer and that was that. Our boat blew up. 

Then my dad came down this morning while I was cleaning the bathroom before we left and says, "Hey Ky, the lakes really smooth, do you want to try the boat again? (insert long pause as Kylie was processing this) we can just use the oars and paddle around." 

**Bachelorette starts tonight... check back for my weekly posts**


That Time I Got Stuck in an Elevator....Twice

About 2 weeks ago I was in the process of packing up and moving. My brother had moved about a week earlier and had mass amounts of boxes so my mom got them from him and brought them down to my apartment one morning. I went out to meet her and we each grabbed a stack of boxes and headed into my apartment. Now, we weren't about to haul heavy awkward boxes up four flights of stairs so we summoned the elevator. It came from the sixth floor no problem. 

We hit the button and thought we started going. All of the sudden we feel this huge jolt and indeed the elevator had stopped. I was convinced we were still on the parking level but my mom said she guessed we were between parking and level one. We waited and pushed every single floor button... they turned red...that's gotta be a good sign. We finally hit the "call" button that connected us to what I am assuming was the elevator company. They could hear us but we couldn't hear ANYTHING they were saying and it got us no where. We called the apartment building's main office and those people are naturally helpful (extreme sarcasm) and said they'd do something. At this point all I could do was laugh. 

The only thing that I could possibly think of was... "Establish a pee corner!!!" (The Office... anybody? anybody?) 

We threw down all the cardboard boxes and took a seat on the elevator floor. Thank heavens we had something to sit on. Who knows the last time they cleaned the elevator was. 
This began our hour of waiting time. 
I had enough time to stare at my shoes and realize that they didn't match. Apparently as I was in a hurry to go meet my mom I grabbed 2 different flip flops out of my already packed shoe box. One was Old Navy's old flip flop style and one was the new one. One was also a size 8 and one a size 9. Awesome. 

An hour later we still hadn't heard anything. We called the main office again. They didn't care to do much of anything and said they'd "call us back" 
After that phone call we hit the call button again and they picked up but we still couldn't hear them. All of the sudden we hear quite a racket outside and see a small sliver of light come in under the door. I thought I might be dying. Finally we hear the maintenance man who, I'm not sure where he's from but, has the thickest accent of all time. He pries the door open and we are indeed a good 4.5 feet up from the parking level. We jumped down and were finally out. I didn't realize how hot it was in there until after the fact. 
 The elevator company was still on the speaker in the elevator and the maintenance man started yelling at them. It was pretty hilarious. I couldn't make out a word he was saying except the last sentence, "YOU GUY'S SUCK!" and with that he let the elevator doors slam shut. And with that we picked up our awkward heavy boxes and hauled them up four flights of stairs. Thank heavens there was no one else in there with us. 

This is the maintenance man and his crazy hair just makes his thick accent and personality even better. 

Fast forward about 3 days later. It was the day I was set to move out of my apartment and into my house. We decided the most effective way to move out of a huge apartment building would be to get the elevator keys so we could control it and not have to wait as it goes to all 6 floors. We got the keys and went to stop the elevator. It was really busy at the time and every time it stopped there were people in it. We finally decided we'd just jump in and wait till it emptied out to use the key to turn it to maintenance mode. We were headed up to my floor and we turned the key before the doors had opened. Bad idea. The elevator was stuck and the doors wouldn't open. We turned the key back to operate and nothing happens. At this point I am busting up with uncontrollable laughter because was this seriously happening again? All the guys were on the other side of the door and I can only imagine how much they were laughing. 
So we started pushing all the buttons. Levels 1-6, covered. Parking, covered. Door open and close, covered. They didn't turn red this time but instead turned blue like we were going to each of the floors. 
Basically it was a little like this. . . .

Finally the elevator started moving and sure enough we were headed to all the floors. We went down to the lobby first and there was a gaggle of people when the doors opened and who else would be there but the maintenance man himself. He looks and sees all the levels pushed and goes, "Oh, boy." They all just proceeded to stare at us and thankfully no one got in with us. Next we were off to the other 5 levels. We finally got to my floor, jumped out of the elevator and basically threw the keys to everyone else who was helping. 

Getting stuck in an elevator is not something I would highly recommend but lucky for you, if you do, there's this from ehow.com 


Just remember, you can "deal with the loneliness by writing, reading, singing, playing cell phone games, and anything else you can do to keep calm until help arrives."

Thanks ehow 


Let's Get Real

I've been debating if I wanted to put all this out here. But I've decided it's time to get real. If you don't like getting real, this post is not for you. 

 I've had weeks to comprehend the latest in my life. Weeks to see that "friends" aren't always friends. I've known this since high-school or earlier and you'd think I'd learn. I guess I like to assume the best in everyone, that people are different, that they're not all the same. 

I've come to the conclusion that if people want to be in your life, they'll make an effort. Friendship is a two way street, it takes more than one person's effort. With that said, it becomes extremely obvious when people are just using you to their disposal and truly don't care about your friendship. It becomes obvious when they just want a relationship with you only for their benefit. It's so hurtful when you realize that this is the case... that they'll do anything for any of their other friends...buy them lunch, pay them back, a present for any little thing, a verbal thank you... and then when it comes to you, they just expect things from you and other than that, you may as well have gone out with yesterday's trash. The fact that some people are afraid of offending a past acquaintance but will do anything to their "best friend" because they're upset and mad they got caught doing something not so nice boggles me. People often hide from their actions thinking that if they don't acknowledge them, all will go away. It's the childhood mentality of covering your eyes and assuming "if I can't see you, you can't see me."
Part of growing up in life is being able to say you were wrong, to verbally apologize and acknowledge that you made a mistake. I know that this comes with maturity and that all people may not be there whether they are 10 or 35. There comes a point in life when you do need to grow up and take responsibility for your actions good and bad. When we choose not to grow up we're in for a world of wake up calls. 

With that being said, I am an extremely true believer in the statement that everything happens for a reason. When I think about this it makes my life ten times more incredible and makes me realize that I have everything I could ever need and while finding out some people are not meant to be in your life may not be ideal, everything we go through is a learning experience. 

So with that I'm saying goodbye to 309. My time here is done. It's been a learning experience and something I will always value. It holds many memories and was my first opportunity to live on my own, away from the dorms. While things here might have ended how I never imagined them, I'll say it again, I believe everything happens for a reason. That when things happen it's truly where God wants me to be. It seems that when events in life happen it's an opportunity for a fresh start, which is just what I personally needed. 

I'm all moved into my new place and I couldn't be more thrilled. It's everything and more than I imagined it could be. 

It's quiet, small, relaxing, clean, a sanctuary, and best of all it's mine. 

It's refreshing to come home to a house rather than an apartment building. It's nice to come home to a place that will be just as I left it and I won't be walking into any surprises. It's nice to know that dirty dishes won't be on the stove or in the sink for weeks at a time. It's nice to know that when orange nail polish gets on my furniture it will be my own fault and not have somehow magically appeared while I was away. 

If you've made it through this whole post, bless your heart. I know it was long and in my opinion it was me getting real. That's what blogging is supposed to be all about anyways, right? Wrapping up this post I'll just say that I completely trust that I am where I am supposed to be in my life. I'm happy with who I am and the values that I have chosen to incorporate into my life. I'm grateful for the people that are real and the people who value friendship. I'm grateful for the amazing circumstances that I am so blessed to have and the amazing people I have already met at my new place. 

If there is one thing I can beg you all to do it is to be nice. Be careful how you treat those you really care about and be careful with the words you choose and who you say them to. You never know who will be in the next room over hearing those things. 

Here's to the good times, here's to the new times! 


A Sweet Sixteen

My cousin recently turned 16.  I thought it would be fun to make a little gift basket because this is a big mile stone birthday for her. I think it turned out pretty fun. 
Here's what I put in it. 




Nothing Else To Do

Here's the short of it...

- 1 box of tissues a day
- endless amounts of ibuprofen & decongestant 
- 2 trips to the insta-care 
- eye drops every 3 hours
- 1 ear infection
- 24/7 laying on the couch 
- Dr. Phil & Harry Potter 

That about sums up the last week of my life. And the rest of my family's. 

So what else is there to do but sit with my computer and watch TV. . . 

With that I bring you my latest wish list. 
After moving this week (oh yeah, in the midst of all this sickness one day was spent moving. More on that later.) I realized that I should never be able to buy anything ever again. Really. 
But still the shopper in me can't help but browse online especially when there's nothing else for me to do. 

I'm loving these hats. I think I prefer the yellow one. 

Jeans like this

Yes, I'll be the first to admit they are different. I'll also say that I've seen them in person and they don't look too much like this and I believe they look better in person. 

Wedges somewhat like this 

I think they'd be fun for summer. They also don't look extremely high, which means I could use them for an average day to dress up a casual outfit. 

last is this citrus and this tan purse. I love them both. 

Happy Monday!