The Worst Way to End a Vacation

Taking off the same day as your last final to head to Disneyland with the family is my idea of a jumpstart to summer. If you know my family at all you know that Disneyland is our place. As I once overheard someone saying in a mocking tone about my family, "they have season passes." Well, yep dear, you're right and we love it! 
Anyways, our trip went a little like this. . . .

I broke my favorite pair of flip flops. I've had them since 9th grade easily and I have refused to throw them out over the years. I actually wore them on the regular. As my luck would have it they broke in a way that was impossible to fix if you wanted to walk more than 10 inches without them breaking again. Alas my flip flops were left in the River Belle Terrace restaurant trash bin. I don't know why I'm admitting this but it took me over half an hour to finally throw them out. 

It was fabulous to say the least.

Here's where the real fun comes in. 
Amanda's kids were feeling a little under the weather during the trip. Nothing too major. Hunter left early one day but nothing seemed too terrible. 

Fast forward to the drive home. Sore throat kicks in. Nausea kicks in. Vomiting the whole way home. I was sick for a good third of the drive. Being sick while traveling has got to be one of the worst thing  other than the invention of the snuggie. Those poor poor souls in that car with me. They should've strapped me to the roof. I don't have the slightest idea how they dealt with me. 

When we finally got home I crashed at my parents house. I'm not talking I'll just hang out and watch TV till I feel better then drive home... I'm talking flat on my back, slept, didn't get up, didn't do anything for over a day. I slept/laid there for 2 days straight before I could even fathom the idea of moving or getting up. I finally did get up and went to the doctor and guess where I am now? Back in bed. 

I guess not eating for 3 days will now make up for all the delicious junk I ate at Disneyland. 

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