What Does That Even Mean!?!

Okay don't get me wrong... I'm an Apple girl through and through but .....
this commercial is probably my favorite commercial of all time. I can't remember the last time a commercial made me laugh out loud. Every time! 

Every. Time. 

The head phone jack is going to be on the bottom. . . 


 Well, looks like all that's on my agenda this weekend is studying. 
Which basically means I'll be lookin like this!

Happy weekend y'all!  


Half Cherokee and Choctaw

So about a week ago I was at school when I got a surprising text from my dad...

D: Want to go to the Grand Canyon tomorrow?
K: For reals?
D: Yeah. 

I'd never seen the Grand Canyon and it was definitely on my bucket list. 
We were set to go when we found out his plane was torn apart on account of inspection. 

We ended up going this weekend instead. 

We flew down through southern Utah and followed the Green River and also got to see where the Green River and Colorado River meet up. We also saw where it dumps into the good ol' Lake Powell. 

We flew into Flagstaff, Arizona and from there we were off to the Grand Canyon. 
Here's my millions of pictures. 

Side story: At one look out point towards the end of our day there were tons of elk out and right close to the sidewalk and by tons I mean like 20. They were all mainly female and there was one male with a HUGE rack. The ranger there was very clear about not getting too close as they will charge you. Lo and behold an asian tourist decides it's a good idea to walk up to one of the elk and try to pet it. The ranger was basically screaming at her but don't worry, that didn't deter her. You have to be a complete and utter idiot to think that approaching and trying to touch a wild animal with the male 20 feet away during mating season is a good life decision. 

We didn't get a picture by the sign when we were coming into the park so on our way out we made my dad flip the car around and shine the headlights on the sign. Eh, it kinda worked out. Welcome to the RAND CANYON ATIONAL PARI

In the morning we woke up and flew from Flagstaff down to .... well we went to ... uh... an Indian Reservation! I have no idea where it was. It's where the Skywalk is. 
The Flagstaff airport had a cat, super friendly, unlike my antisocial and lacking people skills cats. 

The bus driver made a big deal about an eagle as he was driving us to the Skywalk. I looked forever for an eagle. Couldn't find one. In the bush? Nope. That tree? Nope. The sky? Nope. 
OH!!!! It's in the rock! It's not a real eagle. Welcome to the world Ky. Welcome to the world. 

The Skywalk was super cool. It was scary and the floor had cracks/spaces in-between each pane of glass. I didn't like that. It was super weird to walk on it and see thousands of feet right below you. We weren't allowed to take cameras or anything, hence the lack of pictures, but don't fret, you could buy 1 picture by their "professional" photographers for only 3 payments of $19.99. 

After that we went and ate lunch... on a cliff right next to the canyon... SO cool. 

When we were done with lunch we were heading back to the bus stop when I heard this incessant loud singing. INDIANS!!!!

"Mom, Dad, we need to go over there. right. now."

We watched them dance. And by dance, I mean "dance". 
But it was totally cool because after that I finally got my picture taken with an Indian. This was basically my goal for the day. Success! Indians are the coolest! 
One day, I will be an Indian. 

 After our powwow we headed back to the airport. Next stop... Vegas. 
We got there and basically the last person to use this rental car was a weed dealer. It stunk SO bad! Cigarette cartons everywhere, tissues, fast food wrappers, ashes, everything entirely grotesque.  
So if you see me soon and I still stink, no I did not take up smoking. 
We did however see the Romney bus in Vegas! That was exciting. 

It was so nice to be outside and away from everything. The more I think about it the more attractive that Parks and Recreation degree becomes.

It was an awesome trip and gave me some much needed away time from the home front. 
Funny how timing in life is so off yet so on. 

and just because. . . 

"Sometimes you need to forget how you feel 
and remember what you deserve." 


The Holy War That Ended 3 Times

So the Holy War... It's a big deal. The BYU and Utah rivalry is ranked number 7 among college football rivalries. 
Wikipedia even has their own "Holy War (Utah vs. BYU)" page, you can find it here
This is the last game that will be played at the U until at least 2016. Next year it's in Provo and then there will be a 2 year hiatus.

My mom and dad got us some awesome tickets and we were pretty darn close to the field. 20th row to be exact which is amazing in the HUGE stadium.  

I of course sported my Ute gear. My mom and dad were also wearing red. Weird, considering they both went to BYU. I'm going to keep telling myself I converted them. I'm not really sure if my dad is a Ute fan or Cougar fan as of lately and he will NEVER answer me. Part of me thinks he only wore red so he wouldn't be heckled by the Runnin' Utes. Merilee and Garrett stayed true to the Y and wore their navy blue. Needless to say we're a house divided. 

The game was pretty exciting. I'm pretty sure every call was against the Utes. Dumb refs. The Y had this game made! (more on that later) The first half was pretty uneventful and ended in a 7-7 tie. Things changed a little when the second half got going. At one point the Utes were up 24-7. The Cougars then decided "hey, maybe we should show up to our football game that's currently in progress" they then gave us a run for our money and ended up getting 2 more touchdowns. 24-21.

Things truly got interesting when there were 8 seconds left in the game. BYU had a chance to tie it up and go into overtime or even a chance to win it with a touchdown.

51 yards to go. They threw the ball and it was incomplete. With no time left on the clock the Utes stormed the field. Victory #1.
The ref then decided that oh no, there was one second on the clock when the ball hit the ground. Clear the field, everybody off.

Storm the field take #1

BYU then decides to try making a 51 yard field goal. The kick was blocked but then a BYU player picked it up and advanced it. But still no score so the Utes stormed the field again. Victory #2.
The ref throws a flag. The play was "still live" when the fans stormed the field. Unsportsmanlike conduct. Clear the field, everybody off.

Storm the field take #2

With a 15 yard penalty. The Cougars get a third try. This time only 36 yards to goal. They attempt another field goal in hopes of tying it up. I swear the ball was in the air for a good 30 seconds as we waited to see if it was going to make it. It appears to be good but then... oh wait.... CLINK! It hits the upper left side and bounces back. Victory #3.

Storm the field for REAL. Please note the guy jumping for joy! 

By far the craziest ending in College football history. At least of what I've seen. BYU had that game handed to them on a silver platter and they still couldn't pull it off.

Coach Whitt said, "We should be 4-1, we won that game 3 times."

Couldn't agree more.

Needless to say



It's Just A F.A.D.

***First off let me start by saying this post is not to criticize others or to blame anyone. It is strictly my opinion on a matter that seems to be a large part of today's society. ***

So about two months ago I decided to jump off the Facebook band wagon. There were many reasons for this but overall I figured it would be the best thing for me at that time. I found it over rated and overall does it really help our self esteem? I know it didn't for me. All those "friends" that you never talk to and honestly never even see. Can we truly consider these people "friends"? In my opinion they're nothing close to that. At most they're acquaintances.

I don't remember any positive experiences I've personally had with Facebook but I do remember plenty of negative and unnecessary things that occurred because of this social network. One still bothers me immensely to this day. A while back my ex and I were at one of his family things. We were sitting kind of off away from the larger part of the group. His mother was off talking to her sisters and I couldn't believe what I was over hearing. People were asking who I was and I heard her explain that I was his friend and we were "sort of dating" she then proceeds to say "I don't know, I don't think it's Facebook official." this is a woman in her late forties possibly early fifties. Seriously???? Did she seriously just say that?!? What has the world come to that for a relationship to be real it must be declared on Facebook? Absolutely ridiculous! It made me even more mad because at this point in time we had been dating for a good 2 months. It wasn't any secret that we were together. And for a family that was so against texting with others around, too much computer time, and dare I say too much of any technology, I was absolutely shocked

 My personal preference is to not list any relationship on Facebook unless you are seriously engaged or married, which leads me to an interesting fact. 1/3 of the divorce filings in 2011 included the word "Facebook". Does it really benefit any relationship? 1/3. That's a pretty large chunk.

I know a lot of people who have Facebook and the thought about deleting it isn't even an option.

- It's how I stay connected with long distance and old friends.
- I like seeing what other people are doing.
- it gives me something to do when I'm bored.
- It lets me talk to friends and family.

To me this boils down to one thing.... Addiction. I know that for me this was probably the case especially back in the days of high school and early college. I remember being in Europe and going to an Internet cafe or even the local McDonald's to get wifi just to see what was going on back at home. How pathetic. I'm in Europe, shouldn't I be out trying to soak in everything and make the most of my trip? Except no, I wasted time on Facebook.

My next question is how addicting is Facebook really? I know that when I had it I would log in honestly around 5 times a day. Granted I didn't stay on longer than a few minutes but still.... That's a lot!

So are you buying into this F.A.D.? Facebook Addiction Disorder. Yes, it is a real thing. 
"Facebook Addiction Disorder, is a condition that is defined by hours spent on Facebook, so much time in fact that the healthy balance of the individual’s life is affected. It has been said that approximately 350 million people are suffering from the disorder."
Crazy that it's come to this. 

Now this is not me saying anybody who has Facebook is terrible, it is just my opinion on the matter. Facebook can be beneficial in some ways and I'm not arguing against that.  Since I got rid of mine and started paying attention it is amazing at how many conversations involve or start with Facebook. I know that since I've gotten rid of mine it's helped me immensely. There are times however that I am tempted to reactivate it and just see what's going on but every time I manage to talk myself out of it. Now I'm not saying I'm never going to get back on Facebook and truth be told I most likely will at some point, but for the time being I'm better off without it. 

What are your thoughts? 


I'm Blank Because. . .

I’m weird because
-I’m actually enjoying school this semester (minus one class with a psychotic professor person in charge who freaks out when the whole class doesn’t understand a concept and decides to give you a pop quiz to prove he’s superior and it’s “not his fault we are going to fail” oh and did I mention I can’t understand him at all. I mean seriously, I have a better chance at understanding the people on Swamp People and Honey Boo Boo than him and that’s saying something. Sorry, I should probably end my rant right about now.) School’s not too stressful (yet) and my classes are somewhat interesting/fun.

-I chased a fly around my apartment for a good 20 minutes because that’s how bad it was bugging me. Let’s just say I won. Finally. 

- I like to sit and people watch from my apartment. There’s a gas station next to us and what can I say? My couch is positioned perfectly for this.

-I dislike feet yet I’m pretty dang good at doing toenails and do them for friends and family quite regularly.

-I know that in exactly 37 days I will be at the first home hockey game of the season.

-I can quote every line from Home Alone.

-I’ve never lit a match

-I dislike politics yet I just bought this book and can’t wait to read it! I’m so excited I can actually vote this time around. Romney all the way!

- I answered approximately 95% of the bachelor trivia correctly on last weeks episode of Bachelor Pad. Oh goodness, reality TV. 

I’m happy because
-I’m smart enough that when I planned my school schedule this semester I gave myself 2 days off, which means the weekend starts on Wednesday night for this girl!

-Yesterday my professor walks in wearing a purple shirt and a matching purple watch. He’s basically the greatest professor I’ve ever had and probably will ever have.

-I’m in college and yet we do this in class. . . . 

Hooray for Early Childhood! And professors in purple shirts. 

-I currently have the largest vanilla diet coke ever. It’s amazing.

-While walking to get said vanilla diet coke I had to walk by the perma residents of the gas station. I was semi nervous when the lady looked at me and said, "you look good in yellow, hun!" Made my day. And yes, I look dang good in yellow! 

-Hockey starts in 37 days!

-College football started last weekend.

I’m sad because
-I don’t own this vehicle. But that’s okay I couldn’t afford the gas (cough Obama cough cough)

-Hockey starts in 37 days… I can’t wait that long. Let’s be honest, patience is not my strong suit.

-There are no good movies out that I have an interest in seeing and I want to go to a movie

-I need a hobby to keep me busy and I have zero ideas. Got any? 

-I have lost all respect for Shia LaBeouf. End of story. 

-We spent hours planning and setting up this in the backyard for my brother's reception only to have to move it inside 40 minutes before it started on account that the weather gods hate us.

I only got 1 picture but it looked even more amazing when it was totally set up. This is only partial. 
- I cannot take care of a bonsai tree to save my life. 

-I messed up my hip somehow. I haven't done anything. How does that happen? 

Happy Thursday blog friends!