The Holy War That Ended 3 Times

So the Holy War... It's a big deal. The BYU and Utah rivalry is ranked number 7 among college football rivalries. 
Wikipedia even has their own "Holy War (Utah vs. BYU)" page, you can find it here
This is the last game that will be played at the U until at least 2016. Next year it's in Provo and then there will be a 2 year hiatus.

My mom and dad got us some awesome tickets and we were pretty darn close to the field. 20th row to be exact which is amazing in the HUGE stadium.  

I of course sported my Ute gear. My mom and dad were also wearing red. Weird, considering they both went to BYU. I'm going to keep telling myself I converted them. I'm not really sure if my dad is a Ute fan or Cougar fan as of lately and he will NEVER answer me. Part of me thinks he only wore red so he wouldn't be heckled by the Runnin' Utes. Merilee and Garrett stayed true to the Y and wore their navy blue. Needless to say we're a house divided. 

The game was pretty exciting. I'm pretty sure every call was against the Utes. Dumb refs. The Y had this game made! (more on that later) The first half was pretty uneventful and ended in a 7-7 tie. Things changed a little when the second half got going. At one point the Utes were up 24-7. The Cougars then decided "hey, maybe we should show up to our football game that's currently in progress" they then gave us a run for our money and ended up getting 2 more touchdowns. 24-21.

Things truly got interesting when there were 8 seconds left in the game. BYU had a chance to tie it up and go into overtime or even a chance to win it with a touchdown.

51 yards to go. They threw the ball and it was incomplete. With no time left on the clock the Utes stormed the field. Victory #1.
The ref then decided that oh no, there was one second on the clock when the ball hit the ground. Clear the field, everybody off.

Storm the field take #1

BYU then decides to try making a 51 yard field goal. The kick was blocked but then a BYU player picked it up and advanced it. But still no score so the Utes stormed the field again. Victory #2.
The ref throws a flag. The play was "still live" when the fans stormed the field. Unsportsmanlike conduct. Clear the field, everybody off.

Storm the field take #2

With a 15 yard penalty. The Cougars get a third try. This time only 36 yards to goal. They attempt another field goal in hopes of tying it up. I swear the ball was in the air for a good 30 seconds as we waited to see if it was going to make it. It appears to be good but then... oh wait.... CLINK! It hits the upper left side and bounces back. Victory #3.

Storm the field for REAL. Please note the guy jumping for joy! 

By far the craziest ending in College football history. At least of what I've seen. BYU had that game handed to them on a silver platter and they still couldn't pull it off.

Coach Whitt said, "We should be 4-1, we won that game 3 times."

Couldn't agree more.

Needless to say


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  1. You had awesome seats!! Esp for such a good game!