Half Cherokee and Choctaw

So about a week ago I was at school when I got a surprising text from my dad...

D: Want to go to the Grand Canyon tomorrow?
K: For reals?
D: Yeah. 

I'd never seen the Grand Canyon and it was definitely on my bucket list. 
We were set to go when we found out his plane was torn apart on account of inspection. 

We ended up going this weekend instead. 

We flew down through southern Utah and followed the Green River and also got to see where the Green River and Colorado River meet up. We also saw where it dumps into the good ol' Lake Powell. 

We flew into Flagstaff, Arizona and from there we were off to the Grand Canyon. 
Here's my millions of pictures. 

Side story: At one look out point towards the end of our day there were tons of elk out and right close to the sidewalk and by tons I mean like 20. They were all mainly female and there was one male with a HUGE rack. The ranger there was very clear about not getting too close as they will charge you. Lo and behold an asian tourist decides it's a good idea to walk up to one of the elk and try to pet it. The ranger was basically screaming at her but don't worry, that didn't deter her. You have to be a complete and utter idiot to think that approaching and trying to touch a wild animal with the male 20 feet away during mating season is a good life decision. 

We didn't get a picture by the sign when we were coming into the park so on our way out we made my dad flip the car around and shine the headlights on the sign. Eh, it kinda worked out. Welcome to the RAND CANYON ATIONAL PARI

In the morning we woke up and flew from Flagstaff down to .... well we went to ... uh... an Indian Reservation! I have no idea where it was. It's where the Skywalk is. 
The Flagstaff airport had a cat, super friendly, unlike my antisocial and lacking people skills cats. 

The bus driver made a big deal about an eagle as he was driving us to the Skywalk. I looked forever for an eagle. Couldn't find one. In the bush? Nope. That tree? Nope. The sky? Nope. 
OH!!!! It's in the rock! It's not a real eagle. Welcome to the world Ky. Welcome to the world. 

The Skywalk was super cool. It was scary and the floor had cracks/spaces in-between each pane of glass. I didn't like that. It was super weird to walk on it and see thousands of feet right below you. We weren't allowed to take cameras or anything, hence the lack of pictures, but don't fret, you could buy 1 picture by their "professional" photographers for only 3 payments of $19.99. 

After that we went and ate lunch... on a cliff right next to the canyon... SO cool. 

When we were done with lunch we were heading back to the bus stop when I heard this incessant loud singing. INDIANS!!!!

"Mom, Dad, we need to go over there. right. now."

We watched them dance. And by dance, I mean "dance". 
But it was totally cool because after that I finally got my picture taken with an Indian. This was basically my goal for the day. Success! Indians are the coolest! 
One day, I will be an Indian. 

 After our powwow we headed back to the airport. Next stop... Vegas. 
We got there and basically the last person to use this rental car was a weed dealer. It stunk SO bad! Cigarette cartons everywhere, tissues, fast food wrappers, ashes, everything entirely grotesque.  
So if you see me soon and I still stink, no I did not take up smoking. 
We did however see the Romney bus in Vegas! That was exciting. 

It was so nice to be outside and away from everything. The more I think about it the more attractive that Parks and Recreation degree becomes.

It was an awesome trip and gave me some much needed away time from the home front. 
Funny how timing in life is so off yet so on. 

and just because. . . 

"Sometimes you need to forget how you feel 
and remember what you deserve." 


  1. And you didn't get a video of that stupid tourist approaching the Elk?!?!?!?! That would have been awesome! I'm glad you had fun, but next time, come here!!

  2. Definately an amazing site to see! It was a great weekend!! Thanks for keeping our family history, without you it would never be remembered!