Some Friday Confessions

I'm telling you… Juan Pablo is commandeering this here blog. So let's mix it up and throw some confessions out there!

I confess….

- my life consists of 2 things lately and 2 things only. Hockey and homework.

- my hair is the longest it's ever been. I stopped blow drying it and it's amazing the difference it's made!

- I already have the Olympic hockey schedule written down and planned out. I'll have to get up at 5:30 AM if I intend to watch them live.

- I'm torn if I want to root for Canada or the US. I should probably root for the US and be a good citizen.

- I have been binge watching 7th Heaven. I would be binge watching Friends but I don't have the complete series of that… yet.

- I so wanted to see The Wolf of Wall Street. I was ready to go.. then I found out that there was about 500 f-bombs dropped and that sealed the deal. Didn't see it. I think I'll head to Frozen again.

- I hate Valentine's day but someone challenged me to totally embrace it this year, so I'm trying. There will be a separate blog post about this one.

- The guy that stands on the corner begging came into 7-11 while I was in there. He bought a pack of cigarettes with, I kid you not, pennies, nickels, and dimes. It's sad that when people give money to those standing on the corners it only goes to fueling their addictions.

- I'm on the fence about every single guy that likes me. I don't not like them, but I don't like like them either. Can I please just find a guy that likes me that I'm head over heels for? Please.

- I'm totally planning on watching the Super Bowl this Sunday even though I haven't watched a single NFL game this whole season. But I mean… funny commercials, good food, and Bruno Mars. That's enough for me.

- I have the most epic spring break trip planned! I'm so excited about it. I'll have to tell you guys about it when it gets closer.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


The Bachelor: Poor Unfortunate Seouls

Let's start with some quick words about Sean and Catherine's wedding. You bet your bottom dollar I watched it and to be honest I watched it expecting to cry. They are the one and only couple that I can truly say I absolutely love everything about. They are so goofy together and I abso-freaking-lutely adore it. I want a love like that.

They are the first "Bachelor" couple to ever be married. The other two came from "The Bachelorette" and then there's Jason and Molly. You can say they're a Bachelor success but I will fight you till the cows come home that these two are not an "official" Bachelor/Bachelorette couple. He freaking picked Melissa. Not Molly. Melissa.  Jason just lucked out with the fact that after Melissa realized she was too good for that sort of thing, Molly was okay with being sloppy seconds.

Sean and Catherine…. The whole thing was a little bit boring but I watched it and I thought it was fun to see the prep. I thought the actual ceremony turned out GORGEOUS but then again how could it not when you have the top people working on it and you don't have to drop a dime. I was bummed we didn't get to see the wedding cake though. But I'm very happy they're married and I loved Catherine's vows. I didn't cry through the whole thing…. and then at the end when they are walking out and Sean is crying… yup, I lost it.

I also can't figure out how in the world ABC let them pick that day and time knowing that it would air opposite of the Grammy's. But hey…. we have DVR so all is well in the world.


They didn't announce that they were going to start traveling at the rose ceremony like they normally do. It was probably because Chris Harrison needed to show America he still has his job. So he shows up at the beginning and tells them they're going to Korea. Now, if any of you know me and if I were on the show, the second I heard that we were going to Korea I would've packed up my bags and walked out the door. No way in hell you will find me in Korea. Ever. They have one hour to pack and of course all the girls are screaming… because they had no idea they would be traveling. And then they're all "my future husband is waiting for me around the world!" Riiiiiiight.

They get to Korea and the first group date card reads "Pop" I'm pretty sure nobody knows what K-pop is and I'm pretty sure the fact that they are all talking about it like they've always known just goes to show how staged and forced this "reality" show is.

Nikki made it very clear from the very beginning of this date that she was just so happy to be on the date and that she just could not wait to spend time with Juan Pabs and deepen her friendship with all of the girls. This is a reoccurring theme for Nikki throughout the whole day.

The girls and Juan Pabs are just so stoked because they're going to be dancing with 21!!!!!!!! OH. MY. GOSH. I can't believe it!!!!! 21!!!!!!! As in like Forever 21??? Because heck yeah, I could dance through that store all day. But wait, they mean 21. You know? 21. Yeah, me either. But don't you fret because Elise, Nikki, Cassandra, Danielle, Chelsie, and Kat just happen to be huge fans! They are SO lucky that worked out.

They start practicing and take turns showing off their dance moves. Juan Pablo… I don't even know what to say. He. Can't. Dance. He looked like an uncoordinated teenage boy trying out for America's Next Top Model. Just shield our eyes. Please! Kat can actually dance. Like she's really good. Then Nikki… that was just hilarious. Those dancing skills just landed her the job of the Chick-fil-a cow on the corner! I'm pretty sure if she would've just shut up about not liking to dance and played along, no one would've even realized how bad she was. I can't recall Cassandra, or Chelsie, or Elise's dance moves. Can you?

Something tells me Nikki's true colors are coming out.
"My outside face looks like this…. my inside face looks like this"
"This is my worst nightmare"
"I hope we're performing for the South Korean school of the blind"
She's starting to remind me a lot of Courtney from Ben's season….. Winning!

The after party was basically more drama revolving around, yup, you guessed it, Nikki. She doesn't like the fact that she has to share his attention. We've never heard that uttered in the past 26 seasons of this show. Kat is talking to Juan Pablo and the whole "what's your biggest fear" topic comes up yet again… this is the THIRD time this has happened and I'm sure this has happened before on other seasons but was there really nothing else that ABC could show us? They had to show this exact conversation three weeks in a row? I think the crew is losing brain cells just by being around Juan Pablo. Show us something else. Kat comes back and did anyone else see Nikki blatantly look at her watch as she walked in? I can't even blame bad editing on this Nikki drama because every single girl on that date said something about how bratty Nikki was being.

Nikki goes and has her Juan on Juan time. It's all about how this is so hard for her and how she's just in a really tough spot and boo hoo hoo. Somebody call the waaaaaaambulance. Juan Pablo then asks her how she feels about Cameeeeeeela…. Her response? "I'm a great diaper changer." Umm honey, Cameeeeela is 4! I pray to the diaper genie gods that she is potty trained by now!

Back at the house Sharleen gets the one on one date card, which only means one thing. My digerno pizza that was cookin' in the oven was gonna have to wait. Unless of course I wanted to taste it twice while watching Sharleen and Juan Pablo make out. Vomit.

Nikki "I really want the rose. Not because I was the best dancer, but because I was me."
The girls' response to Nikki getting the rose, "It wasn't fun" "It sucked" "Yuck."
(That's 2 group date roses in a row for Nikki, in case you were wondering)

Sharleen's date. I don't have a whole lot to say. I really think she will end up eliminating herself at some point because you can clearly see she just isn't into this whole Bachelor thing and she isn't into Juan Pablo. Apparently ABC has yet to brain wash her into fully thinking this. I kind of enjoy watching her because you can just tell she thinks this whole thing is ridiculous. The girls talk about her back at the house and say how Sharleen thinks her conversations with Juan Pablo are dull and boring. See, she's obviously not digging him.

During dinner they have some riveting conversation. Let's just say Master's Degree vs degree in …. uh soccer? Whaaaaaaatttta match! I do like that she calls him on his crap and that she just flat out calls him a smart ass and a brat. She's so kind and caring though and proceeds to define what bland is to Juan Pablo. Later the kids conversation comes up and she claims that she's never thought about it but really that's just code for "I don't want kids and I'm only here to watch Nikki and Clare duke it out." Juan Pablo says that they have lots in common and gives her the rose. A) I'm shocked he gave her the rose after the kids conversation and B) I'm shocked she Ah-septed it. I'm quite curious as to how long this little shenanigan is going to go on for.

The second group date card comes "Let's get Krazy in Korea!"

They're off but Clare can't read Korean so she has no idea what they're doing.
Na na na na na na…. There. I just summed up the group date for you.
Karaoke. Because hey, if karaoke isn't bad enough in english, it's bound to improve in Korean.

After karaoke they head to some swan boats. So I have to ask you guys… what's better? Swan boats? or the tug boat from Des' season? Yeah, I would've chosen to drown too.

They went and got fish pedicures and if we're being honest this looks SO weird but I would never turn down the option to try it. Too bad it's illegal in the U.S. But it still won't get me to go to Korea. No way, no how.

One of the girls says that "Clare is a little territorial" Well hello!!!! Were you not at the last rose ceremony? or were you too smashed to remember her little hide and go seek in the bathroom act? Regardless, she is always by his side and the fact that she got up and went to sit by him during the pedicures and said "It's warmer over here" Yeah, not obvious at all.

Clare and Nikki really bugged me this episode. Can we just get rid of them both? If they are the final 2, I swear I will slit my wrists. But let's see… Vienna won…. Courtney won…. is this a sign?

Juan Pablo says this date was fun and a little cray sea. The after party was just all sorts of sorority house ridiculous. I could go into detail but basically here's what happened… everyone wanted to kiss him but he wasn't going to kiss anybody because he has a daughter. But that didn't stop him from sucking face before so why now?

Andi did call him out on being a bad dancer though! His response? "ex hues me?" Best. Ever.

Then Clare has her one on one time. Earlier in the day she decided she needed even more attention and made a big deal about eating some octopus. She tells Juan Pablo that she threw up in her mouth but then swallowed it back down. She was trying to hide it. So naturally, the best way to hide it would be to tell everyone. Then whataya know. He starts mackin down with Clare. The secrets out. If you want Juan Pablo to kiss you, tell him you threw up earlier. Seals. The. Deal.

After all that, Clare didn't even get the rose and I'm pretty sure you could see the steam coming out of her ears when he gave that rose to Andi.

When all was said and done this episode it was Elise and Lauren that got sent home. Elise was okay with it though because her mom "didn't want her around ugly people" anyways. Those tears were tears of excitement to be going home. Really.

The promos for next week look kind of interesting. The way ABC played it off makes it look like Clare spends the night with Juan Pabs. Hmm maybe we'll end up with a Bachelor Baby this season! That would be a first.

Too bad we know that it will be nothing and that it's all just editing and hype. At least I'm hoping we all can realize that by now.

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the ending credits. It was actually really funny to watch him and I'll be honest, that was the first time I have even thought he was remotely attractive. That's probably because he was goofing off in an attractive way and I haven't really been paying attention to his looks much… just the drama. I looked all over for the video but came up empty handed. If I ever find it I'll post it.


The Bachelor is Taking Over!!

I've been insanely busy with school this semester and the only blogging I've been getting done revolves around a freaking red rose. That's just not okay. Not. Okay. It's my new goal to not let this stupid ABC franchise take over this said blog. So with that said I thought a link up would be a fun way to jump back in. 

This weeks questions are all about beauty products and let's face it… I'm a girly girl and have way too many so this will be easy! 

1. How old were you when you started wearing makeup? 
I honestly don't have an exact age. I know that I started wearing foundation in Jr. High because I've always had problems with acne and if Jr. High isn't rough enough without acne… add that into the equation and your self esteem ends up in the mop bucket in the janitor's closet. 
However, I don't think I knew what mascara was until high school. 

2. What are your top 3 beauty products? 

3. What is one product you don't leave home without? 
Mascara… it's amazing the difference it makes! 

4. What is your daily beauty routine? 
- wash my face 
- primer/concealer
- foundation
- bronzer
- eye shadow
- mascara 

5. Favorite beauty product you've discovered in the last year? 
Okay, I don't know if ya'll count deodorant as a "beauty product" but the 

smells ahhhh-mazing!!! 
Like, I could eat it it smells so good! 
It is the best smelling deodorant I have ever had!

Okay… now I'm going to go watch Sean & Catherine get married. And probably cry my eyes out because I love them to pieces. 


Bach-Aye-Lore Week 3: She's a Leeeetle Nervous

This is week 3? I can't even keep track. It feels like week 13 to me. Has anyone else noticed that Chris Harrison hasn't been around as much. Can't say I miss it that much. I mean after 26 seasons we know the drill… date cards, pack your bags, roses, some won't get dates, final rose tonight, take a moment say your goodbyes.

Cassandra, one of the single moms, gets the first Juan on Juan date. Juan told her he wouldn't keep her around if he wasn't feeling it so are we really surprised after her little break down last week that she got the one on one?  She's just so excited because her last first date was 3 years ago.

Juan Pablo picks her up in a Jeep and they head out on their adventure. They head to the beach and drive straight into the water. Juan obviously spent a good 7 days learning how to drive this thing before their actual date. I personally think they should've just explained it and let him go. It would've made for more exciting television. As they head towards a yacht another boat comes over. "How fast does it go?" Since Juan is very manly and knows all about cars, motors, sports dancing, cooking, and roses his response is "really fast!" Thank you Juan for clearing that up. He then follows up by telling his fellow Gilligan Islanders that "It's a water car." I guess he's never heard the saying if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it's probably a duck. Cassandra is just having so much fun because her last first date was 3 years ago. Before this date she wasn't really sure, but since spending these five additional minutes with Juan Pablo, she's definitely in love now. As they're on the boat we hear Cassandra's voice over, "I think I'm going to just trust him and jump in with him" Cue them jumping off the yacht. Oh ABC, you're so clever. Trusting him was a really big step for her because it's been 3 years since she's met a man like this and been on a date, just in case you didn't catch that the first 3 times she said that.

After that they head back to Juan Pablo's place. Cassandra is really excited because she's never had a guy cook her dinner before and she hasn't been on a date since she was 18. Which brings me to this next little fact. Cassandra is 21…. twenty. one. Juan Pablo is 31. That's ten years. Obviously. She might be the youngest girl that's been on The Bachelor. I'm not against age gaps but ten years seems like a lot when you're only 21. Back to them cooking dinner. Juan Pablo can tell that she is ah leeetle nervous so he figures that awkwardly dancing in the kitchen with no music will be just the remedy.

She really liked that because she hasn't been on a date in 3 years. She starts to show Juan Pablo pictures of her son but he counters with showing her Cameeeela. He doesn't really care about her son. Juan Pablo says "Cassandra… I look at her and I'm like daaaaaaaaiiuuum Cassandra is beautiful." But you know she's a single mom and he doesn't really dig that because who can't make a relationship work with their baby daddy? Yada yada yada… Cassandra, will you ah-sept this rose? Sure I will because the last time I went on a date was 3 years ago, so why not?

The group date card said "Let's kick it" Hmm that's a tough one. Wonder what they'll be doing. They show Juan Pablo walking out of the tunnel like he's David freaking Beckham. Umm, no. " I have Cameeeela, but this is my other half." If that was the case and you were so pro, why aren't you playing anymore?

The girls pull up to the stadium. "As soon as I saw the stadium, I knew we were playing soccer." Really? What gave that away? Could it have been the fact that ABC is milking this "pro soccer player" for more than it will ever be worth, or was it the card that said "Let's kick it," or was it the fact that the producers told you to wear sports bras and tennis shoes? Alli says that she's played soccer for her whole life so isn't this just the prime opportunity for her to make herself look like a fool? The girls come out from the tunnel… so dramatic. I'm pretty sure ABC told them, "come out looking as tough and pissed off as you possibly can." So basically, just be normal.

The game was labeled "intense" many times. Because you know 10 girls running around like a herd of pigeons fighting over that bread crumb can get pretty intense. It was basically a life or death kind of game. "The blue team es loosing badly so I'ma gonna hilp them." I believe even with the help of the "pro" the blue team still lost.

Nikki gets the first Juan on Juan time and it appears to go fairly well. Don't really have much to say about it. Andi on the other hand… takes Juan Pablo and immediately dodges for the snack shack. Because nothing says romantic like making out in a gross concession stand that smells like left over hot dogs and sweaty workers. Next time we'll have to call in Mr. Fletcher to take away her snack shack time. Jimmy Fallon anybody? Camp Winnipesaukee?

Sharleen gets the next one on one time. They head down to the middle of the field. Sharleen is unlike any other girl they've had on this show before for oh so many reasons. I don't even remember how their conversation went because it was basically covered up by the sound of all of America vomiting over her kissing skills. Horrendous doesn't even begin to describe it. Kissing her looked like the equivalent of a pre-teen practicing their kissing skills on the mirror. And she wouldn't stop!!!! He stops and tries to make conversation and she just… oh my gosh. I can't even go on. My puke bucket is full. And she doesn't even like him!!!

Nikki got the rose… which I kind of find ironic since he didn't kiss her but did kiss Andi and Sharleen.

Chelsie, our "Science Educator" got the second one on one date.

Juan Pablo goes to pick up Chelsie for their date. In case you hadn't caught it by now, Elise isn't jealous at all. "When Juan Pablo walked in he didn't even look at Chelsie, he looked at me."

Juan Pablo says that the date is going to be something seeemeeeee scary. They get in the car to drive and Juan Pablo says, "I can tell she's nervous so I'm going to make her a leeeeetle more comfortable." Cue awkward dancing…. just like he did with Cassandra… deja vu! Watch out girls… If you're feeling a leeetle nervous you should be reeeeally nervous because the dancing will start.

Back at the mansion Elise can't let it go. "She's a baby, she's 24." Umm do they not realize that Cassandra is 21? "I don't look at her as a woman… she's a little girl. So I'm not worried or concerned." Which is exactly why you've spent the past day and a half freaking out over it. Got it. You're not worried.

Chelsie and Juan Pablo stop in at a restaurant. Chelsie is all excited, "He's telling me what to try and how to eat it…" Umm like put it in your mouth. How hard of a concept is that? After that they head to the bridge. Because bungee jumping right after stuffing your face is def a good idea. Let's summarize real quick. Chelsie freaks out and we get to spend a good 15 minutes watching her decide. But a relationship is all about trust so if she won't jump the relationship is basically over. Juan Pablo then says the usual… "she's a leeetle nervous so I'm going to try to make her feel comfortable." Okay Juan are you going to start dancing on the edge of that platform? And in case you missed the umpteen promos they showed… They ended up jumping. And they kissed… just like Jake and Vienna and if that's any sign, that relationship is already doomed. Chelsie is now convinced that if they can do that together there isn't anything they can't do. There were also about a hundred more comparisons of trust and love and jumping and falling. Bleh.

During dinner they discuss their biggest fears. Juan Pablo says his is not being a good example to his daughter. Well you left her mom and decided that coming on a "reality" TV show to find her new mommy would be a good idea. Good example Bub.

Chelsie notices there's a rose on the table. Because that's never happened before. She says if the tables were turned she would definitely pick him blah blah blah. Well honey, if the tables were turned that rose would be on the ground, which is pretty much where they all belong this season. They hear music and go running. I was crossing my fingers the whole time it would actually be someone we've heard of before and thank heavens it's Billy Currington! But watching Juan Pablo dance to country music was even more painful than watching Sean on Dancing with the Stars. Chelsie gets a rose.

The next day Juan Pablo shows up at the mansion to make breakfast. Kelly comes down to take the dog out and basically makes herself look like an idiot by hiding her face and barely even acknowledging him. Renee handled it very well and quite honestly I really like her. She seems genuine and normal… why is she on this show? Then Elise comes in and immediately asks him if he had a good times yesterday. Goodness girl. Give it up!

Instead of a cocktail party they decide to do a pool party so that the girls didn't have to get all ready and it can just be a laid back day. Yeah, right. We know the girls "got ready."

 Juan thinks it's a great day to be the bach-aye-lore. Basically the big drama was that Sharleen stole Juan Pablo away for a little bit. Because we didn't see enough of her awkward kissing. Clare gets super upset because she's in love with him and it's not fair he's seeing other girls even though that's exactly what she signed up for. So she leaves and goes and locks herself in the bathroom. Someone should remind her about Victoria and how well that ended for her.

At the rose ceremony it was Lucy and Christy that get sent home.

Oh yeah, and it was Lucy's birthday that day. Happy Birthday! Now, go home! Ouch.

Dang these recaps are getting long. Anyone want to take over next week? haha


Vintage Decor

 Before I even moved into my perfect little house I had my eye on one of these shelves. 

I still haven't gotten one because I just can't bite the bullet and do it, even though I found one for $30 dollars on Amazon, and to be honest I don't need anything. I have everything a girl could only dream of, which I owe all to my parents. 

Okay back to the point. I love the idea of one of these ladder shelves decorated with all things vintage. 

I'm all about random decor. My sister got me absolutely hooked. She decorates her mantle with random little objects she finds as she's out and about. I stalked her blog to try and find a picture of it but came up with nothing. 

But I thought these were some fun ideas of "vintagey" things that might work well as shelf decor. 




I just think they're super fun and happy. 

What would you guys put on the shelf? 


Bachelor Recap: Week 2

Here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again… at least that's what OK GO would say. (It's actually a really good music video if you want to watch it. It's super creative.)

Alright, let's bust this out!

Clare got the first date. She is just super excited if you couldn't tell. She hasn't felt this alive ever, and she just doesn't date back home, yada yada, this is so life changing, I'm in love (even though she's spent probably a grand totally of 10 minutes with him prior to this date). He picks her up and blind folds her before they get in the car. This obviously makes the viewers that much more excited because it's not like they showed us what the date was going to be on the previous Sunday night special. Clare's super anxiety has kicked in and we hear her say, "where in the world are we?!?" well Clare, you're blind folded, I don't think you're supposed to know that. But then again maybe the function of a blind fold has changed since I last checked.

They arrive at their "winter wonderland" and wow, it was just… SO romantic! They play around and eventually end up in a hot tub, cause you know… that's what you do on The Bach-aye-lore. She tells him about her dad and how after his death she turned into an "ice queen". haha. She's so punny. Do you think Juan Pablo even got that pathetic little metaphor? And let's be honest. Would ABC let Clare go on a date and not talk about her dad and how hard her life is? No.

Then all of the sudden, a noise, off in the distance. What could it possibly be? It's not like there has EVER been a musical performance on a date before so it's probably LA's high school marching band practicing at 2 a.m. They run over to see Josh Krajcik. Anybody know who that is? Cue the crickets. But of course they're both excited because they definitely know who he is. They dance and it starts snowing which just baffles Clare. "it's snowing! Where in the world is it coming from?" umm honey, it's called a snow machine. Do you really think it would be snowing in the middle of So. Cal? Whatevs. She gets a rose.

Then we have Kat on the second one on one date. They took a private plane to the good ol' 801 (holler!) because Salt Lake City is just where you would choose to fly to for a date if you had a private plane and endless funds from ABC.

They ended up getting to "lead" an electric fun run. If I were Kat and knew about Clare's date and how much one on one time they got and I had to spend mine with a 1,000 other people, I'd be pissed. Their date was basically one big rave and got much less air time. At the end of the run they end up on stage pretending they can dance. There's a rose on a lit up podium. At this point it was pretty obvious she was going to get the rose because again, do you think ABC would put them in this situation and not allow Juan Pablo to give her the rose. He knows he really likes her because of all that deep romantic conversation while running amongst thousands of stoners with glow sticks. Overall I will admit it looked like a fun event and it was totally different from any other date they've done on this show but for a one on one date I just don't think it was… I don't know, but it would've been a better group date.

Then the group date card arrives and everyone is on it except Sharleen, Danielle, and Amy. (More on them later) The date card reads "say cheese!" Kelly uses her detective skills to figure out that this probably means it's a photo shoot… or eating cheese. Some quality girls we've got here. Quality I tell ya.

The group date rolls around and they're doing a photo shoot for some dog/animal charity. It was awkward to watch. It was just weird and the costumes and things they were wearing were just, interesting. Elise and Andi were supposed to be donning a piece of cardboard approximately 3x8 inches. Umm it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that that definitely won't cover uhhhh excuse my french..boobs and their hoo-hah. Elise decides to ask our professional free spirit, Lucy, if she would trade her for the fire hydrant suite. Lucy agrees. It didn't take much convincing at all because as we could see from earlier this episode, Ms. Au Natural has no problem with never wearing clothes. Ever. We then see her parading around the set and then… out on the street?! Walking a dog naked. Andi also didn't want to pose as a caveman with minor coverage and she is really worried about it. I honestly thought that she wasn't going to do it and I was respecting her so much. Then Juan Pablo shows up and persuades her to do it with him and of course she can't say no because she's so in love, and he's so dreamy, and also because ABC told her to.

After party time… Victoria. Need I say more? So let's get this straight, we've got a professional free spirit, single moms, a hyped up news reporter, former NBA dancer, science educator, dog lover, and an alcoholic. Some awesome professions here people. Basically the highlight of the party was Victoria getting sloshed. She saw Juan Pablo talking to Nikki and freaked out because… well we don't know why exactly. So that left Renee to crawl under the bathroom stall to figure out what her issue was. She should've gotten the rose for being the one to crawl on the gross bathroom floor all in the name of the drunkard. Isn't one of the girls a psychiatric nurse? Where was she? My favorite line from this part, and I don't remember who said it, but they said "this isn't an us issue, or a Juan Pablo issue, this is a Victoria  issue." Basically she ends up going even crazier saying she wants to go home. And then we see one of the producers, Elan, I think his name is on screen. When we see a producer on screen you know the drama is good. I did think that Juan Pablo handled it pretty well and I thought that the way Lucy interrupted him and another girl's one on one time was done very politely and in a classy way. I myself was shocked to see Lucy act like this. Props to her on that one.

Juan Pablo visits Victoria at the hotel the next morning because we obviously couldn't send her back to the mansion. He decides that an alcoholic might not be the best step-mom and lets her go.

The cocktail party seemed pretty short to me this episode but then again that's just me.

Amy got her one-on-one time that she was so desperate for and decides to spend it in her super annoying, overly confident, awkward and weird reporter persona. Good thing she had her fake microphone nearby. Breaking News!!!! You're not getting a rose. She actually doesn't get a rose but I think we could all tell from her reporting stint that she wouldn't.

In the end it was Amy, Chantel, and Victoria that got the boot.

Who thinks that we should just call it a season and declare Molly the dog the winner and next Bachelorette?

I personally hope there's lots of drama next week, we shall see.


Spicin' Up a Monday

There was a Bachelor "special" on last night. 
I honestly didn't know there was going to be one… maybe I'm just oblivious to the world around me but anyways I only found out about it once I saw it on my DVR 

Did you guys watch it? 

It started out with the "crash their Bachelor viewing party" stint. 
Could these girls at these parties get anymore pathetic? Nevermind the fact that the cameras showed Juan Pablo coming in the door, so they obviously already knew he was coming. Yet they screamed like little ten year old me would scream at an N'sync concert back in the day. I'm also pretty sure that if you don't live within 10 miles of the filming location for The Bachelor your Bachelor "viewing party" will never get crashed. At least by them. 

Their interviews were seriously laugh-out-loud funny. 
I'm pretty sure one girl was basically in tears. 
The 13 year old they interviewed was completely convinced that it's not just TV, it's the real thing and it's amazing that they get to come on the show and find true love. Someone needs to smack her upside the head with her pillow pet. 
Then the first guy ever seen at one of these parties made his debut. Man card revoked. 

The rest of the "behind the scenes" hour was pretty boring and nothing much to write home about. 
They showed that the first date with Clare will be something involving the fake wonderland they made. 

They caught up with the not so lucky girls who were sent home sans rose. They were all devastated at the hotel as they headed out with their 2 ton luggage and their mascara smeared faces. 
Most of them weren't wearing makeup in these interviews and I gotta say… boost for not desperate enough to go on a reality show to find the love of my life women. Their faces were not that appealing. I know they wear a quarter inch of make-up but it still made me feel good to see that their skin really isn't as fabulous as they make it look. Man makeup is a scary thing! 

Then there was a little segment on our barefooted bachelorette, Lucy. Basically they showed her running around naked. In the mansion, in the yard, on a city street. You know, NBD. I'm pretty sure she was naked in her interviews as well. Thank heavens she has long hair. 


Sean and Catherine showed up and talked to Juan Pablo a little bit. I pretty much tuned out at this point.

They show Clare get the first date card and of course the waterworks start. I'm predicting this show is going to need a bigger splash zone than Sea World this season. She's just so excited because back at home she doesn't do anything. Nothing. She doesn't go out, she doesn't date, she doesn't online date. Could this be code for I sit at home and have 11 cats? But don't fret because she can really see herself falling in love here. 

Anyways. Can't wait for tonight's episode. Except really, I could. 

I mean look at this promo pic. Yikes. 


And just because….
this will make your Monday a little better …
and also, who wouldn't want a husband like this?!?! 


And Another Season of The Bachelor Begins

I've had some people ask me if I'm going to be blogging about The Bachelor this time around. Well, no I will not because it is no longer The Bachelor. This season it is the BACH-AYE-LORE. Last season I fell off the band wagon and stopped midway through the season. I wasn't consistent to begin with because, let's face it, Des was a freaking BORE!!!! And call me crazy but I don't see how you can be that heart broken over one guy and then the next day get ENGAGED to someone else! Anyways… Juan Pablo. Did you know he's a dad!?!? I had no idea! Why ABC is keeping this such a big secret is unclear to me.

I wasn't stoked he was picked. But rumor has it that this season premiere had more viewers than the past few seasons so apparently the rest of the world disagrees with me.

So Monday's episode…

Sean shows up because, you know, Juan Pablo and him are the best of friends. Sean gives some "advice" on how to find true love. His advice was pretty solid. He said that Catherine, his now fiancé, "wasn't even on his radar the first few weeks" I'm sure that just made Catherine go weak in the knees.
If we're being honest Arie's advice will always trump all. His kissing tips? Freaking hilarious.

Let's get talkin' about this seasons desperate contestants ladies. First I must say that I was pretty shocked with the limo exits this season… (wow I almost wrote semester. Thank you college). They were the tamest we have seen in quite some time. It made the girls look… normal? I'm not going to talk about them all because… I don't want to.

- Cassandra- after saying hello there was the most awkward silence I've possibly ever heard on that show. She may as well have turned around and crawled back into that limo.

- Nikki - She gets out and has a stethoscope. She wants him to "listen" to how nervous she is. But basically she's saying "Hey, I know we just met a nano second ago but here's my boob, go ahead… let's get to second base."

- Kat - umm her name is Kat Hurd. I'll leave it at that and now please start this video at 2:57 and thank me later.

Oh do you know what Juan Pablo said as Cat Terd Kat Hurd walked away? "Ooo, she smells good." Oh the irony.

- Lucy- since when did "Free Spirit" qualify for an occupation. She obviously just escaped a mental institution hence the lack of foot wear.

- Chelsie - She is a "Science Educator" because saying teacher was just too easy.

- Ashley - is a teacher. I mean Adolescent Educator. And gave Juan Pablo a gold star for coming on a reality show to choose his next ex wife. Was that gold star worthy?

- Clare - Her name should have an I in it, but whatevs. She comes out with what we all knew was a fake baby bump. Let's be honest. They would NEVER cast someone on that show who was knocked up. If a girl was pregnant and applied she wouldn't meet their weight requirements anyways.

- Kylie - not me Kylie. Red headed, heinous pink dress Kylie.

- Sharleen - Juan Pablo liked her right away. He commented on her dress multiple times throughout the night and I was pretty impressed seeing as she was the only one not poppin' out the front. But then I saw the major side boob…

Fast forward to the cocktail party … cue the interviews with the girls proclaiming how they're so in love with him, and they wouldn't be here if it was anyone else, and how their last relationship was a total train wreck, and how they're so ready for love, and how getting that rose is so crucial, and how sexy his accent is, and how he's such a great father, and and and do you really want me to continue? It's like a broken record. The same crap every season.

They thought bringing in a photo booth would be a fun way to spice up the season. Really all it did was make us viewers suffer by watching 27 girls make duck faces all night while pretending to be besties.

Nikki gets the first one on one time. Everyone says that she reminds them of Ali Fedotowsky. I don't see it. Juan Pablo doesn't remember her name and she has to tell him, "Nikki the Nurse." Then she suggests that they should just leave right then and there. Yes. Please. Spare us the next however many episodes.

Then there's Amy J. Oh Amy J. What. The. Crap. That has to be the most awkward thing I've watched for quite some time. Her "massage" made her look like a registered sex offender. And did anyone else notice how right after she put oil on her hands she started rubbing his shoulders… with his suit on. He can kiss that suit goodbye and while he's at it kiss Amy J. goodbye as well.

A little bit later Chris Harrison walks in with the first impression rose and all the girls start freaking out. Because if you don't get that EXACT rose. You can basically just pack your bags, hop back on your piano bike, and head off into LA rush hour.

I feel like the main focus of the cocktail party was Lauren H. and her mammoth sized insecurities. I'm no where near as gorgeous as she is, not even on the same scale, and I'm not THAT insecure. Maybe she was just smashed and it was all alcohol tears.

Then Juan Pablo goes and talks to Sharleen. Who is probably the first honest girl to ever be on The Bachelor The Bach-aye-lore and she says that she's just not feeling it with him. I personally thought their time together was awkward and weird but obviously Juan Pablo didn't feel the same and gave her the first impression rose. Her response? "Seriously?" Then she just sits and stares at it for a good ten minutes before she finally stutters out a "sure." And why the freak did she keep calling him "sir"? "Thank you Sir"… weird.

The rose ceremony wasn't anything super exciting. The most exciting thing that happened was that when he called up Cat Terd Kat Hurd, Kylie thought he said Kylie and not Kat. I went back and watched it and can totally see why she thought he said Kylie. I mean… have you heard the guy talk… have you read his tweets? I think they might have to not only provide subtitles for the viewers, but the girls as well. I don't think it would have been as big of a deal if Kylie actually got a rose but she didn't and so in the end it just made her look like a bigger fool. She then said that ABC set her up which I don't actually doubt. Even though this show is classified as reality, it's anything but.

The previews for the rest of the season seem pretty typical. Crying, bungee jumping, crying, fireworks, crying, make out sessions, crying, voice overs of how they've fallen in love, crying, etc, etc, etc.

I must say that I do not have any favorite girls this season. I've kind of given up on picking someone I want to "win". It's hard to pick someone once you realize how fake the show actually is.

What did ya'll think of the first episode?


By The Numbers

7… Minutes to campus from my new house. 

4…  Number of scarves I tried on this morning. I ended up not even wearing one. 

6… Number of things that clumsy me knocked or dropped on the floor this morning... Ice cubes, can of soda, radio, phone, brush, lotion. 

19…  Minutes it took to walk to my first class. Why is campus so big!?!?!

17… Degrees it was outside while walking to class. 

110… Minutes in-between classes.

23… texts sent during my first class while my teacher droned on about homeopathy. 

14… Number of months this sign has been there. It's obviously been added to.

39... Total minutes spent walking on campus to get to where I need to be.

3… people asleep in the union.

1… Jar shattered. Glass everywhere.

120… milligrams of caffeine I had during class. If there were a legal limit I'm sure this would surpass it. Thank you Crystal Light.  Coke only has 34mg.

2…people trying to scam me from KSL classifieds. No dude, I will not ship my couch to New Jersey in return for your fraud check!

3… hair appliances I've gone through today.

234… class room number for Global Conflict.

12… inches my drive way is wider than my car. That's like 6 inches left on each side. I'm getting better at it though.

6:15… the time I have to get out of bed tomorrow.

2… episodes of 7th Heaven watched.

9:00… time I want to be in bed.

4… hockey games in 5 nights. I intend to be at all of them.

What were your numbers today?