By The Numbers

7… Minutes to campus from my new house. 

4…  Number of scarves I tried on this morning. I ended up not even wearing one. 

6… Number of things that clumsy me knocked or dropped on the floor this morning... Ice cubes, can of soda, radio, phone, brush, lotion. 

19…  Minutes it took to walk to my first class. Why is campus so big!?!?!

17… Degrees it was outside while walking to class. 

110… Minutes in-between classes.

23… texts sent during my first class while my teacher droned on about homeopathy. 

14… Number of months this sign has been there. It's obviously been added to.

39... Total minutes spent walking on campus to get to where I need to be.

3… people asleep in the union.

1… Jar shattered. Glass everywhere.

120… milligrams of caffeine I had during class. If there were a legal limit I'm sure this would surpass it. Thank you Crystal Light.  Coke only has 34mg.

2…people trying to scam me from KSL classifieds. No dude, I will not ship my couch to New Jersey in return for your fraud check!

3… hair appliances I've gone through today.

234… class room number for Global Conflict.

12… inches my drive way is wider than my car. That's like 6 inches left on each side. I'm getting better at it though.

6:15… the time I have to get out of bed tomorrow.

2… episodes of 7th Heaven watched.

9:00… time I want to be in bed.

4… hockey games in 5 nights. I intend to be at all of them.

What were your numbers today? 

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