Vintage Decor

 Before I even moved into my perfect little house I had my eye on one of these shelves. 

I still haven't gotten one because I just can't bite the bullet and do it, even though I found one for $30 dollars on Amazon, and to be honest I don't need anything. I have everything a girl could only dream of, which I owe all to my parents. 

Okay back to the point. I love the idea of one of these ladder shelves decorated with all things vintage. 

I'm all about random decor. My sister got me absolutely hooked. She decorates her mantle with random little objects she finds as she's out and about. I stalked her blog to try and find a picture of it but came up with nothing. 

But I thought these were some fun ideas of "vintagey" things that might work well as shelf decor. 




I just think they're super fun and happy. 

What would you guys put on the shelf? 


  1. So cute! It would look great in your place too!!!!

  2. I think a walk thru an antique store would be fun!!!