Some Friday Confessions

I'm telling you… Juan Pablo is commandeering this here blog. So let's mix it up and throw some confessions out there!

I confess….

- my life consists of 2 things lately and 2 things only. Hockey and homework.

- my hair is the longest it's ever been. I stopped blow drying it and it's amazing the difference it's made!

- I already have the Olympic hockey schedule written down and planned out. I'll have to get up at 5:30 AM if I intend to watch them live.

- I'm torn if I want to root for Canada or the US. I should probably root for the US and be a good citizen.

- I have been binge watching 7th Heaven. I would be binge watching Friends but I don't have the complete series of that… yet.

- I so wanted to see The Wolf of Wall Street. I was ready to go.. then I found out that there was about 500 f-bombs dropped and that sealed the deal. Didn't see it. I think I'll head to Frozen again.

- I hate Valentine's day but someone challenged me to totally embrace it this year, so I'm trying. There will be a separate blog post about this one.

- The guy that stands on the corner begging came into 7-11 while I was in there. He bought a pack of cigarettes with, I kid you not, pennies, nickels, and dimes. It's sad that when people give money to those standing on the corners it only goes to fueling their addictions.

- I'm on the fence about every single guy that likes me. I don't not like them, but I don't like like them either. Can I please just find a guy that likes me that I'm head over heels for? Please.

- I'm totally planning on watching the Super Bowl this Sunday even though I haven't watched a single NFL game this whole season. But I mean… funny commercials, good food, and Bruno Mars. That's enough for me.

- I have the most epic spring break trip planned! I'm so excited about it. I'll have to tell you guys about it when it gets closer.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. We are excited for you to come watch with us!