Spicin' Up a Monday

There was a Bachelor "special" on last night. 
I honestly didn't know there was going to be one… maybe I'm just oblivious to the world around me but anyways I only found out about it once I saw it on my DVR 

Did you guys watch it? 

It started out with the "crash their Bachelor viewing party" stint. 
Could these girls at these parties get anymore pathetic? Nevermind the fact that the cameras showed Juan Pablo coming in the door, so they obviously already knew he was coming. Yet they screamed like little ten year old me would scream at an N'sync concert back in the day. I'm also pretty sure that if you don't live within 10 miles of the filming location for The Bachelor your Bachelor "viewing party" will never get crashed. At least by them. 

Their interviews were seriously laugh-out-loud funny. 
I'm pretty sure one girl was basically in tears. 
The 13 year old they interviewed was completely convinced that it's not just TV, it's the real thing and it's amazing that they get to come on the show and find true love. Someone needs to smack her upside the head with her pillow pet. 
Then the first guy ever seen at one of these parties made his debut. Man card revoked. 

The rest of the "behind the scenes" hour was pretty boring and nothing much to write home about. 
They showed that the first date with Clare will be something involving the fake wonderland they made. 

They caught up with the not so lucky girls who were sent home sans rose. They were all devastated at the hotel as they headed out with their 2 ton luggage and their mascara smeared faces. 
Most of them weren't wearing makeup in these interviews and I gotta say… boost for not desperate enough to go on a reality show to find the love of my life women. Their faces were not that appealing. I know they wear a quarter inch of make-up but it still made me feel good to see that their skin really isn't as fabulous as they make it look. Man makeup is a scary thing! 

Then there was a little segment on our barefooted bachelorette, Lucy. Basically they showed her running around naked. In the mansion, in the yard, on a city street. You know, NBD. I'm pretty sure she was naked in her interviews as well. Thank heavens she has long hair. 


Sean and Catherine showed up and talked to Juan Pablo a little bit. I pretty much tuned out at this point.

They show Clare get the first date card and of course the waterworks start. I'm predicting this show is going to need a bigger splash zone than Sea World this season. She's just so excited because back at home she doesn't do anything. Nothing. She doesn't go out, she doesn't date, she doesn't online date. Could this be code for I sit at home and have 11 cats? But don't fret because she can really see herself falling in love here. 

Anyways. Can't wait for tonight's episode. Except really, I could. 

I mean look at this promo pic. Yikes. 


And just because….
this will make your Monday a little better …
and also, who wouldn't want a husband like this?!?! 

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  1. There was a Bachelor special on and I missed it?! They didn't advertise for it very well