I'm Blank Because. . .

I’m weird because
-I’m actually enjoying school this semester (minus one class with a psychotic professor person in charge who freaks out when the whole class doesn’t understand a concept and decides to give you a pop quiz to prove he’s superior and it’s “not his fault we are going to fail” oh and did I mention I can’t understand him at all. I mean seriously, I have a better chance at understanding the people on Swamp People and Honey Boo Boo than him and that’s saying something. Sorry, I should probably end my rant right about now.) School’s not too stressful (yet) and my classes are somewhat interesting/fun.

-I chased a fly around my apartment for a good 20 minutes because that’s how bad it was bugging me. Let’s just say I won. Finally. 

- I like to sit and people watch from my apartment. There’s a gas station next to us and what can I say? My couch is positioned perfectly for this.

-I dislike feet yet I’m pretty dang good at doing toenails and do them for friends and family quite regularly.

-I know that in exactly 37 days I will be at the first home hockey game of the season.

-I can quote every line from Home Alone.

-I’ve never lit a match

-I dislike politics yet I just bought this book and can’t wait to read it! I’m so excited I can actually vote this time around. Romney all the way!

- I answered approximately 95% of the bachelor trivia correctly on last weeks episode of Bachelor Pad. Oh goodness, reality TV. 

I’m happy because
-I’m smart enough that when I planned my school schedule this semester I gave myself 2 days off, which means the weekend starts on Wednesday night for this girl!

-Yesterday my professor walks in wearing a purple shirt and a matching purple watch. He’s basically the greatest professor I’ve ever had and probably will ever have.

-I’m in college and yet we do this in class. . . . 

Hooray for Early Childhood! And professors in purple shirts. 

-I currently have the largest vanilla diet coke ever. It’s amazing.

-While walking to get said vanilla diet coke I had to walk by the perma residents of the gas station. I was semi nervous when the lady looked at me and said, "you look good in yellow, hun!" Made my day. And yes, I look dang good in yellow! 

-Hockey starts in 37 days!

-College football started last weekend.

I’m sad because
-I don’t own this vehicle. But that’s okay I couldn’t afford the gas (cough Obama cough cough)

-Hockey starts in 37 days… I can’t wait that long. Let’s be honest, patience is not my strong suit.

-There are no good movies out that I have an interest in seeing and I want to go to a movie

-I need a hobby to keep me busy and I have zero ideas. Got any? 

-I have lost all respect for Shia LaBeouf. End of story. 

-We spent hours planning and setting up this in the backyard for my brother's reception only to have to move it inside 40 minutes before it started on account that the weather gods hate us.

I only got 1 picture but it looked even more amazing when it was totally set up. This is only partial. 
- I cannot take care of a bonsai tree to save my life. 

-I messed up my hip somehow. I haven't done anything. How does that happen? 

Happy Thursday blog friends! 

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  1. Does the teacher in the purple shirt and matching watch, teach Creativity in Childhood? (or something along those lines?) I took that class and he always matches his shirt and watch. My fav was the half way buttoned shirts he likes to wear! Have fun in that class, I enjoyed it :)