The Jess & Kylie Dictionary

If you're going to be around me and Jess at all... you must study up on these terms to be able to interpret what we are saying.

A to the men to the heck yeah!: (phrase)

1. Extreme agreeance

Boots and boys: (phrase)

1. Foot and arm wear

2. Items used to keep warm during wintertime.

For the Love: (phrase)

1. For heaven’s sake!

2. For Pete’s sake!

Goobenpucky: (noun)

1. A person who is not currently doing as you wish

2. A person to whom you are referring at that time

Indeed: (adverb)

1. Yes

2. No

Just Stranglin: (phrase)

1. Just sayin’

2. It’s the 011 son!

Nice to look at: (Phrase)

1. Attractive

Ex: Josh Duhamel is nice to look at.

O’dark thirty: (adjective)

1. The time of day past sundown

Ex: I woke up at O’dark thirty and couldn’t get back to sleep

Oh Dear! (Phrase)

1. An ambiguous comeback to most any statement

Ex: “My 3rd roommates here”

“Oh dear!”

Shoot son!: (phrase)

1. What you yell when you are taken by surprise

2. Bang daughter!

Sir: (Noun)

1. Anyone driving in a way we don’t approve of

2. People in general

ex: Excuse me Sir, use your blinker.

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