Red, Blue, or Orange?

Oh the adventures we partake in when we step onto the shuttle. You never know what you will experience that day as you are quickly whisked away on the bumpy road. Grumpy drivers, disgusting smells and praying you don't die are regular occurrences. You must be aggressive if you wish to obtain a seat and also beware of the awkward eye contact that so often you are confronted with. We have obtained many stories from these interesting shuttle rides. My favorites are as follows:

We're not in London anymore.....

One day as we were proceeding back up to the dorms we were passing by the stadium. If you've ever been up to the U, you would that the road is very narrow and is sufficiently filled with 2 lanes and a trax track in the middle [keep in mind there are cement barriers on either side of said track] Jenna, Jess, and I were enjoying our normal friendly banter when I look over and catch a glimpse of a car driving next to us.... wait, a car driving next to us? On this road? wait, they're going the wrong way. THEY'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!!!!! In hopes of showing Jessica and Jenna this I blurted out that the car was going the wrong way. I'm positive that everyone on the shuttle heard me and possibly the car behind us. It was then that everyone began enjoying this abnormal show. It was soon after this that we noticed a car going down the road [the correct way] unknowingly heading into a potential head on collision. Goobenpucky driving the other car finally realizes he is not in London anymore and throws his car into reverse and starts backing down the road hoping not to get hit. I am not sure exactly how the ending of this story pans out because we continued on our voyage back to the HC.

Trax vs Shuttle....

On another wonderful day coming back from Human Development, the usual crowd was on the shuttle. The thing about the shuttles is that since there are so many people crammed on [it's like a human game of Tetris] you can't see a thing except for the behind of the person currently located centimeters away from your face. This results in no view of what lies ahead. This particular day we were traveling towards upper campus. In order to reach this destination you must brave the round-about. When we approached the round-about the rail road crossing signals started to flash. As usual when the signs start flashing, the arms come down. Well the bus driver we had that day was very bright and decided to stop in the middle of entering the round-about. Next thing we hear? The rail road arm slamming down on the top of the shuttle not just once it kept hitting it and bouncing up and hitting it again. Finally our driver decided to continue in the round-about rather than puncture the roof of the shuttle, and off we went.

An unidentified speed bump....

The latest and greatest occurrence on the shuttle happened today. After prancing down president's circle we were lucky to catch the blue shuttle. We boarded and so kindly the driver decided to proceed on his route before we were seated. This results in us appearing extremely uncoordinated - good thing there were only about 4 other people on the shuttle. As we headed back towards the dorms we acquired many more passengers as expected. As we were approaching the stop before the institute, the entire right side of the bus goes up what seemed to be 3 feet and everyone is shuffled around the shuttle. It was very unexpected and scared Jess immensely - enough that she grabbed my arm in order to not fly off the bench. Note to driver: Pedestrians don't make the greatest speed bumps.

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