Here Comes The.... Groom

My brother got married I guess about a week ago now. Thanks to my mad blogging skills I'm super delayed at giving the dirty details. It was basically the longest day ever. My day started at 5:50 AM. No one on planet earth should ever be awake at that time. I did my sisters hair, my hair, my niece's hair, everyones hair! 

My cat decided to sleep in the tub and keep me company while I did my make-up. 

We went to the luncheon around 11 am to get everything settled and set up. They had it at Rodizio Grill which was AMAZING. Best food ever. The grilled pineapple is to die for. 

me, brother, sister
I watched my nieces and nephew while they were all inside getting' hitched. 
Mckinley decided to try on my 4 1/2 inch heels. I tried to get a picture but she kept coming too close so this is the picture I got. She's stinkin' hilarious. I did manage to get a picture after she fell down but she was in a dress and I didn't think her mom would appreciate me very much if I showed ya'll her cinderella panties. 

first picture of our "new" family

Side rant: This was my stunning bouquet. My mom got each of the bridesmaids one plus Merilee's. Oh, did I mention she had NINE bridesmaids? Talk about pricey. It REALLY eerked me to see the other bridesmaids just throwing theres around during pictures. Like really made me mad. I didn't like them much. It honestly felt like high school all over again. They were all too cool for school.  End side rant. 

Amanda got them a hotel room for their wedding gift and I went downtown to help her decorate. We had fun. . . Here's the results. . . 

Complete with a rose petal heart. Way to go sister. You set that mood. 

Okay so I didn't really give you all the dirty details. My blog would have been longer than the colorado river if I did. But let's just say there was plenty of those dirty details all day long. 
Getting home and putting sweats on that night never felt so good. 

And on a more random note. . . can we just take a moment and appreciate the fact that Teen Mom was posted in the "Dark TV Shows" on my NetFlix? 

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  1. Gorgeous bouquet you had! Those can get super pricey. I would have been frustrated too if the girls weren't treating them properly.