The Facts of Kylie

As someone once said, we're always learning new things. It's like going to a theme park or watching a movie and learning new things you never knew leaving you mind blown. 
This inspired a blog link up. If we were all amusement parks what "fun facts" would they have to tell people about us? 

So since it is my blog, I feel it's perfectly acceptable to be selfish and bring the subject back to me. 
The facts of Kylie. The hopefully new, hopefully unexpected, hopefully mind blowing facts of me. 

Fact: I hate sheets. Yes, weird. If it were up to me I'd have the fitted sheet and a blanket. The whole top sheet, blanket, comforter thing makes me claustrophobic. Plus, blankets are just more comfy and not to mention a thousand times softer. 

Fact: I have to fight myself on the regular to stay away from dear old Maverik. Too much Diet Coke and tempting (insert anything unhealthy you can buy at a gas station). I blame living in extreme proximity for this problem. 

Fact: I eat like a five year old. I eat one thing consistently till I'm sick of it and then don't touch it again for months. Another food Fact: I've probably eaten more PB&Js in the past month than I ever did during my childhood. 

Fact: I sometimes want a teeny tiny puppy. I like thinking that I could get away with it being my "companion dog". If you've met me you would totally understand why I could probably get away with it. I have a cat (who I love dearly) but she doesn't live with me. 

Fact: Unless I have absolutely nothing the next day, I MUST, I repeat, MUST pick out my outfit the night before. If I don't it stresses me out immensely. 

Fact: I hate taking care of my hair. Hate. It. I hate washing it, I hate blow drying it, I hate straightening it. And for what? To start all over the next day. What a waste of time. I wish my hair would magically be perfect after every shower. 

Fact: I rarely take pictures or have pictures of myself. Hence the lack of selfies on this here blog. It's very boring not to have pictures, I know, and I'm sorry. 

Fact: If Ben and Jerry were a food group, I would have no problem getting that taken care of. I love me some ice cream. 

Fact: If it were socially acceptable to wear nothing but running tights and an oversized sweatshirt I would never put a pair of pants on again. 

Fact: I am starting to HATE the show The Bachelor. This is coming from a girl who has seen EVERY season since the darn show started. We're talking 2002 here people! This show is now just a joke to me and everyone says they love it and everyone pretends to know everything about it all. Well good for them. I don't like liking the same things as other people and now The Bachelor has crossed over into that group. Could these people please tell me who Alex, Aaron, or Andrew are? Yeah, didn't think so. 

Fact: I basically wrote this post to avoid my stats homework. Crap. 


  1. fun to learn about you! i love ben and jerrys too - always delish!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  2. You are hands down the only reason I get on Blogger. You make me laugh hysterically every post. xxxx