Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

I told myself I was going to blog SO much over Christmas break. I'd have so much time and be sitting around doing nothing, right? Wrong.
Lo and behold, I blinked and it's basically over.
If we're being honest, the only reason I am finally updating is because I'm knocked out with the flu and to spare myself and everyone else from other special visual effects, it's best if I stay put in bed.

Christmas was amazing and all sorts of fun. I got to spend a lot of time with my sister and her family and loved every minute of it.

Let's see if we can sum it up real quick. . .

Christmas cards


Home Alone


getting Christmas presents ready 

I made these jewelry hangers for my sister and my brother's wife. 


Madelynn is such a good little shopper! 


family time


Hunter wrote a note and Mckinley left a carrot for the reindeer


Jungle Jims


I'm in the process of finishing a guitar for my uncle 

more Home Alone

This is Madelynn's "goal" dance

We took my sister and her family to one of the games. They loved it. The kids had fun and didn't want to leave and my sister totally got into it, which basically made my life. 

Bear Lake

New Years 
We went to dinner and everyone had all you can eat sea food...except for me. Bleh.
Garrett liked it a little too much. There was so much crab on the table I can't even tell you! 


And yes, there is more hockey and I intend to enjoy every minute of it! 

And sadly all this fun has to end on Monday. Back to school. I'd be lying if I said I weren't excited at all. It should be a good semester and I'm definitely going to live it up as much as I can.
Maybe I should schedule in some blogging along with my studying. Ha! We'll see.

I'll be back soon!

Here's to new beginnings, clean slates, and leaving the past where it belongs!

Happy New Year Ya'll!

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