Now That I'm A Liberal...

If you're a liberal, stop reading now. 




Okay you had your chance. 

Remember this is all just for fun and is not coming directly from me. 

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Hands down the best trend. 
Here are some of them. . . 

Now That I'm a Liberal. . . .

 - I can be free to have 15 kids by 12 different men & demand the government raise them. 
- Congratulate Obama on doing nothing for Sandy victims and still cry about Bush and Katrina.
- I think only illegal immigrants should have the right to vote.
- I don't have to worry about paying my mortgage or putting gas in my car... Obama's gonna take care of me!!
- I really feel it is my purpose to tell other people how to live their lives. 
- I'll defend animals but no unborn children.
- I can tell conservatives to get over Obama's reelection when I still haven't gotten over Bush's.
- It's all George Bush's fault. Global warming, the economy, Honey Boo Boo, the Kardashians... George Bush is to blame. 
- I believe people should have the right to abortions but not to Big Gulps.
- Everyone who is successful and intelligent is greedy and they take from the poor.
- I can scream "RACIST" at anyone who disagrees with me.
- I believe in freedom of religion... Just so long as you keep that whole "God" thing out of it. 
- I will boycott all Christian Bale movies, unless he changes his name to Actor Bale
- I can list "occupier" as my profession.
- Nobody should own a gun, it isn't fair to the burglars, they're just trying to make a living. 
- I want to legalize drugs and outlaw soda.
- I'm going to take up stamp collecting... Food stamps that is. 

Boom there ya have it! 
Hope you had a happy weekend! 

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