The Shortest and Longest Week Ever

Hey all. Unfortunately, life throws curve balls and sometimes the ol' blog gets put on the back burner. It has been quite the week of serious events. 

I'm going to try and keep this post fairly short. 

We had a terrible family emergency that has been on the top of my to do list. 
Then there was my stats test. 
Then there was this dance. 

My stats professor sucks and I had to teach myself the first half of the book in hopes of not failing the mid-term. Talk about a lot of pressure and stress. Now I have the stress of waiting to find out my grade. 

The dance. . . .
I'm on a committee and we were put in charge of decorating for a dance. 
Well really there were only 4 out of 35 people who felt inclined to help with this. 

I made silhouettes for the walls. 
My brother helped me set up this neat contraption which made my life a whole lot easier! 

I traced them and painted them red. 

Then on top of the silhouettes, I had to figure out centerpieces. Well my mom is a genius when it comes to stuff like this and totally saved my butt. The colors they picked for the dance were red, gold, and black. Bleh. Not my first choice. Somehow my mom managed to make the centerpieces look amazing though!

Then we had to set up for said dance. Yeah, all I feel like saying about this is it took 6 hours. 4 people did it all. John got the ladder stuck on the B-Ball net and even though it delayed us it was the one thing I thoroughly enjoyed throughout this whole dance decorating fiasco. 

We covered all the walls in black butcher paper and that is what took forever. I didn't even go to the dance so I don't know if it stayed up that well or if it even looked good once everything was in place but hey, I did as much as I could. 

Then of course there's hockey. Did I mention I got asked to the dance but selfishly turned him down because A) I hate dances and B) I hate dances. Also there was a hockey game which is not the reason I said no but it was a good alternative to attending a dance. 

Friday night was military night. It was amazing. They had a huge choir sing and then a huge flag that the players opened up and held. I love that the players got involved. 

On top of it being military night we played against the number one team. We're ranked number seven. We won! 

This is from the beginning of this month but every time I read it I still smile. 
My dad is a riot. 


  1. Hope your family is okay. And yaaaayyyy for hockey!

  2. I hope everything is okay! And I love the decorations for the dance!

  3. Hope everything gets sorted out with your family. The decorations look awesome and your dad is a hoot! I foudn your blog because I sponsor Whitney, too!