Christmas 2011

Hello my fellow bloggies. I've been so busy lately (hence my lack of posting) but it feels like I really haven't done much. It's break, so it's expected.
 My sister and her cute family were in town for about a week too so that's always a fun distraction. They got here on the 23rd and the next day we decided to go out and see the "Up" house....So. Cute. 

Hunter and I 

The people don't move in till January and you could still go through it, but since we went on Christmas Eve it was closed. We did sneak around and look in the windows that were open though. 

 The rest of Christmas Eve day was spent with my dad's side of the family. If you're not sure what they're like, this will give you a glimpse. We did go over to my other grandparents house after the Maxfield's. We read the Christmas story and talked about our sub-for-santa that we did instead of a Christmas Eve present. After that I hung out with a special friend for a while. All in all it was a fun but very busy day. 

Christmas morning rolled around and we went to church and then came home and opened presents. . . 

I mainly got clothes and it was great I got a couple coats (one is The North Face and I absolutely adore it), jeans, sweaters, and shirts. I also was spoiled with all the seasons of Boy Meets World and Clarissa explains it all. I also got cold weather running gear which will be very nice to have especially once it decides to snow. 

Garrett and his Christmas spoils

Erik, Amanda, and Garrett at my grandma's 

Hunter is the reason this picture is up. Too funny. 

Mckinley and her wooden dog. Please note her plastic high heel dress up shoes. She loved them.

Mom and I . . . Don't ask. It had been a long day. 
 Since Paige now completely towers over me I jumped on her back for a piggy back. We then thought it would be a wise choice to load her up with multiple people. She held up pretty well though. 

Hunter loved his dinosaur Garrett made him and his Mario that I painted for him. 

The aftermath of Christmas day. Can you say spoiled? 

She refused to open her eyes for any picture. I love her. 

The day after Christmas we decided to go back out to the UP house so we could go inside and really see what it was like.  The floor plan was super small but totally livable. It's my dream starter home. Not because it's the UP house but I really loved the floor plan. 

The inside was amazing. The amount of detail that went into each room to make it exactly like the movie was quite incredible. It didn't disappoint at all. 

Hunter had been asking to go to Jungle Jim's for quite sometime. On the way home we surprised him and Mckinley and took them to Jungle Jim's. They had a blast. I'm pretty sure that was the first time I'd been there in at least 12 years. Mckinley loved the carousel as usual. 

Since Christmas, the week has been filled with sleeping/lounging, games, hanging out with friends, shopping, and enjoying every minute that I don't have to stress about school. 

Hope you all had a lovely holiday! 

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