An Update of Randoms

This summer has been the busiest yet most fun summer of my life! 

I've neglected my blog and I have no excuses other than I was busy having fun. 

So here's my random semi simplified update. Bullet point style. 

- I've spent a lot of time up at Bear Lake. I still wish I could go boating more. Apparently I got guts sometime in the not too distant past and I've started to work on jumping while wake-boarding. I'm no where near good and I wipe out rather frequently, but I must say I've impressed myself and I'm happy with where I stand. 

- My niece got her ears pierced. She didn't quite understand the concept and just thought they were simply going to put earrings in her ears. Not as simple as she anticipated. Best quote from that experience? "What does piered mean?" Yes. Piered. 

- Dating... I hate it. I love it. End of story. 

- Painting. I've spent quite a bit of time with it and I must say I love it. It's my escape. These are my 2 favorites thus far. I'm very proud of both. Cue the song "you're so vain" 

- I finished the entire series of Friends. The best... I don't even want to know how many hours... of my existence. 

- Endless amounts of singing with my niece... This ranged from the Backstreet Boys, to Sophia the First, to N'sync, to Moves Like Jagger (I'm very proud she knows this one), to Dora, to The Sound of Music, to last but not least Hey Jude. . . Her newest cousin on the other side of her family was named Jude. We decided that because of this it was necessary to teach her this song in hopes that she would randomly start singing, as she does, around her aunt and uncle and make them rethink naming their child Jude. Man, what is it with Utah and weird baby names? 

It sounds like she's saying "hey dude" haha 

- The best conversation I had all summer? 
Me: I want to go camping... in a tent. 
Dad: Why would you want to do that

I guess he's grown accustom to his motorhome. I never thought I'd see the day where I wanted to sleep in a tent and my dad didn't. 

- Camping. We were able to go up in the mountains to a huge private property with my aunt and uncle. And we camped in a tent! It was the funnest 5 days! It was so secluded and there was nobody else for miles. So relaxing! At night we made our own little outdoor theater and watched movies... my favorite was The Dark Knight, that movie never gets old. Oh and did I mention the s'mores? Oh, the s'mores. I could live off them. I also saw my very first porcupine and I'm rather excited about it. 

- My hockey withdrawals are in full force. This past week I've been watching every hockey documentary I can get my hands on. 
Only 22 days till I can watch hockey and 56 days till I can go to a hockey game. It's a good thing college football is starting next week... that will be a tiny bit of a distraction. 

Hope your summer has been a blast! 


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  2. Crazy busy summer but amazingly wonderful! Thanks for making it the absolute best. You make everything more fun for everyone around!!