Things I've Learned the First Week of the Semester

- I have extremely short legs. I get passed by everyone... when I'm walking my fastest.

- Campus gets steeper and steeper every semester. The mountain is seriously growing.

- When your professor says they're going to end class early, they will never end class early.

- If you don't get almost hit by at least 2 cars and 3 bikes a day, you're doing something wrong.

- No matter where you need to go there will inevitably be construction and you will have to walk 3 times farther to reach your destination.

- One of my professors reminds me of Robin Williams.

- Another one reminds me of Jim Carrey.

- Grad students hate the world and are out to make everyones life a living hell.

- All of my classes are in the same auditorium. It gets me really confused and I can't remember what class is which, let alone what assignments I have for said classes.

- Those big yellow yield signs on the side of the road are meant for pedestrians, not cars.

- You have a smaller risk of getting run over by a bike if you walk on the bike route and not the normal side walk.

- My Jim Carrey professor makes oatmeal chocolate chip cookies 2 times a week. He told us this to prove a point that we're all weird. He's awesome.

- It takes me approximately 8 minutes to get from the building where all my classes are to where I park my car.

- I walk across campus 12 times a week. And it's a big freaking campus!

- My professors that are technically "Assistant Professors" will flat out admit that they are "Assistant Professors". They also insist that you call them by their first names. My grad student teachers will "only answer to Professor _____ " To them, I say this....

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