Going Once, Going Twice, WATSON!

Another post about hockey... bet you didn't see that one coming! 
Last Saturday night was a pretty big game. 
Their first home game against Idaho since this happened. 

It was their annual "Guns and Hoses" event, earlier that day the police officers played the firefighters in a hockey game fundraiser. They also had a family that lost their dad in the recent Ogden shooting there that night to do the puck drop. 

The game was pretty great and to make a long story short we won in overtime. 
The team wore specialty jerseys that were to be auctioned off after the game and the proceeds went to the family of the Ogden officer and also to Shriner's Hospital for Children. 

We had been to one auction before and they were pretty fun to watch so we decided to go. 
They started the auction and we just kind of sat and watched. I asked my mom if we should go about half way in and she said no, we should just stay and watch. Okay, that was fine. We just hung out and enjoyed the view of the helmetless hockey players before us. 

My mom had taken her nice camera to the game and so she was able to get pictures of each of the guys.
It was interesting to see how much each of the jerseys went for. One of the newer guys sold his for $1175, it was crazy and a lot more than the captains went for, we're not quite sure why.  

This is Ryan Watson. 
Number 8.
First year in the ECHL. 
Current Grizzly, former Idaho Steelhead. 

He was 3rd to last at the auction and by this time me and Jess were going crazy, laughing about anything and everything. I'm not sure I even realized Ryan was up even though he is one of my team favorites.  My mom was taking pictures and I was kind of watching her. Well, after she shot a couple pictures of him, she puts her camera down a little and leans over to me and says yeah, he is attractive! While she was saying this I hear the auctioneer saying, going once, going twice.....  
I was kind of watching my mom and could tell she was debating whether to bid or not. 
Well what do you know, her arm shot up! I was like holy cow put your hand down, don't move, they'll think you're bidding. We had been joking about this all night. Well the next words we hear out of the auctioneers mouth are going once, going twice, sold! 
 This all seriously happened in less than 10 seconds. I was freaking out. 
Mom, did you really just do that? 
Are you aware you just bought a jersey? 
Mom, Dad's going to kill us!!! 

Well after the initial shock set in, we got up and headed down to the ice to meet the one and only Ryan Watson. 

He was such a sweet sweet guy and didn't have the cocky attitude that some of the other players *cough Andrew, CJ, Shane cough* come across with. He introduced himself right away, shook our hands, and even apologized for his stinkage even though he was the one that just played his heart out for the last three hours. 

He was super fun to talk to even though I am positive I made a complete and utter fool of myself. 
He asked how old we were and if we were in college, just basic conversation stuff like that. I asked him how long he'd been playing, told him he had a good game, stuff like that. 

He asked where I wanted the jersey signed, and I told him to put it where he wanted and to make it his own. We got a few more pictures and trust me even though he was uber sweaty, it was worth every second. Dream. Come. True. 

Here are some close ups of the jersey. We had to wash it at least twice to get the stink off but I absolutely love it!!!!! 

I was in complete freak out mode the next couple of days thinking my dad was going to kill us. I kept telling my mom I couldn't believe she did that but yet she kept reassuring me that it was okay and the money was going to a good cause. 
 I think to this day still I'm in complete shock that we now have a hockey jersey and that it's one of the players that I absolutely adore. 

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  1. I absolutely loved this post! I could just see your smile while I read it.xo