I basically have the greatest mom EVER! I've been feeling down about life lately and since she's my mom she gets to hear the brunt of my complainage. Monday night she brought some books up to my apartment that I needed but she showed up with lots more in hand. . . Like this huge box from Corner Bakery. 

It had my favorite.... LEMON BARS!!!!!
and tons of them! 

She also brought a lemon pound cake. 
She said, "See, you can make good things out of lemons."
I loved it! 

Our house is now overflowing with sweets: lemon bars, lemon pound cake, cake we made earlier that day, and cookies. Please come help us eat all of it! We do not need that many calorific items sitting in one apartment. 

quote of the day

"Kylie, we're not in pre-school today, we're in college." 

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