ABC's, 123's, and Library Cards

I spent 7 hours in class today and all I have to show for it is a fake library card. 

I had my practicum today. Even though it was 4 hours long it still went by faster than my 2 hour long night class. It was also much more exciting and thoroughly entertaining. 

One of the boys came in and came over to the welcome activity that I was in charge of... he was wearing a hockey jersey so of course I started talking to him about it and BOOM we were instantly best friends. He wouldn't leave me alone the rest of the day and any chance he got he was by my side or sitting in my lap. I didn't realize how fast kids can grow on you. I already love the kids in my class so much it crazy! 

During centers I was in charge of the "library" where they could come make a library card. I only had about 2 kids come over during the forty minutes and they only stayed for about a minute hence why I made my very own library card. I know, you're all so extremely jealous! 

Today they learned about characters and during small groups they wrote their own stories. My group, 3 little boys, wrote quite the story. This is how it went and I quote. . . 

"Once upon a time there was Peter Pan, Michael Jackson, and a Bat named Thomas. One day Michael Jackson started dancing. Thomas the bat came over and asked him what he was doing. Peter Pan flew out of his house and came over to his friends. Michael Jackson could not stop dancing, he asked the bat and Peter Pan what to do to stop. They told him to stop dancing he had to start flying. Peter Pan blew magic to Michael Jackson and Thomas the bat showed him how to fly. They all flew away to China. The End." 

Basically it's days like this that make me excited to go into early childhood.  
Other days. . . well I'm not so sure. 

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  1. I was in charge of the library card center too! haha It wasn't a hit, I wish I had made my own card. :)