Hockey Heaven

For Christmas this year my dad surprised my mom with a trip. He gave her this little poem that told her they were going to California to see 3 different NHL games. I was so mad when she was reading it, I wish I had a video of how upset I was... talk about a freak out. I'm the one who loves hockey, I should get to go right? I was so livid and finally the last page of the poem said that instead of going alone she would be taking Ken, Garrett, and KYLIE (that's me!). I freaked out for nothing.  

We went this past weekend and talk about a fun and exciting weekend trip. We left Thursday afternoon and that night we went to our first NHL game. Kings Vs Coyotes. It was at the Staples Center which was way cool to see. Probably the coolest arena there is at the moment. 

We got to go to the front to watch the teams warm up. It was way cool to see actual NHL players up close.  

Here's a picture of Garrett with his bottomless beverage (which I don't recommend unless you want to miss watching the game because you have a bladder the size of a pin head, which I do). 

This was the most attractive hockey player I spotted during warm ups. It helped that he had his helmet off so we could actually see him. Too bad he's 30!!!! I was thinking 27 max. 

For this game we got to sit right behind the penalty box. It was pretty cool... until the skanky loud girl showed up behind us. Pretty soon after she sat down, one of the guys in the penalty box threw her some mardi gras beads. No big deal, I thought he probably knew her. Well a few seconds later he tossed her a puck. Wait, no fair, I want one. The game started and things just got better from there. She. Would. Not. Shut. Up. She was so loud and obnoxious. Does she realize that the players can't hear her? Don't get me wrong I don't mind if you cheer, but when you're the only one and your natural voice makes everyone's ears bleed, it's a problem. She wouldn't just yell Go. Kings. Go. It was GOOO KINGS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. She could never have been a cheerleader. Well during the first intermission, sir from the box made his way up to the stands and asked her for her number!!!! What the crap!?! Dude, stop and get a life. On second hand, you're not attractive, she's not attractive, you're annoying, she's annoying, you probably belong together.... so continue. He got her number and she acted like she knew a lot about hockey. Well then I got to endure looking at his face every time he turned around to giver her a "flirty" look which turned out to be more like creeper serial killeresque darting glances. He then decided he needed to give her some gum. Gum? Seriously? So he proceeds to try to shove 2 pieces of gum between thick GLASS. Haha. Yeah right, sir. Unfortunately, my mom was the one who ended up showing him it wasn't going to happen unless you pushed really hard and got the glass to separate. Well the game ended and the Kings won in over time. It was cool to see them review a goal and watch the audience go crazy when they declared it a good goal. Well after the game was over, Sir turns around and like yells to the skank girl behind us that he would talk to her later. I appreciate the fact that you want to have a rink side romance, Sir, but next time can you do it when there is not a family (that's just innocently trying to enjoy their first NHL game) in-between you and skanky girl?

The second day we headed to Universal Studios. I hadn't been there since I was like 10. It was a lot of fun! My parents were awesome as usual and decided to get us these front of the line passes so we wouldn't have to wait and we'd have time to do everything before we had to head to the hockey game that night.  

The Simpson's ride got us all pretty sick and after that I was nauseous the rest of the day. It was still fun. Dad and Garrett wanted to go on Jurassic Park and Mom and I were not up for a water ride so we waited for them. 

Garrett enjoyed it and eventually talked me into go on it. I didn't get that wet and it was actually pretty fun. 

We did everything about one time with the exception of Water World. We went twice and it was super fun to watch. The stunts were way cool and the plane that flew in was pretty intense. 

After Universal we drove a while to Anaheim to the Honda Center for the Ducks vs Islanders. 
This game our seats were second row on the right side of the penalty box. It was awesome. I loved this game and there was a pretty amazing goal scored that took some serious skill. I don't know how they ice skate and keep track of a puck while getting violently smashed into walls. It's impressive. 
The Ducks won. I was happy. 

Saturday morning we went shopping at some outlet stores that were close to our hotel and then we headed back to the Staples Center for an afternoon game. It was our 3rd and last game. 
Kings vs Blue Jackets. 
Not going to lie. I had a hard time cheering for the Kings at both games. I tried liking them since the first game we saw but I just couldn't. I think it has something to do with fact that LA is home to the Lakers and I've just never liked them. 

This game was probably the most exciting. I loved it. The Blue Jackets ended up winning. Their goalie did amazing blocking all 31 of the other teams shots. 
We even got a little bit of fighting in this game. 

After the game was over we headed for the airport but stopped to watch the sun set on our way. It was gorgeous. Plus it overlooked the ocean and the beach which made it even better. 

We finally made it home around 11 and I was back up at my apartment by midnight. It was such a good Christmas present! I would do it all again in an instant if I could. Thanks for the fun trip Mom and Dad! 

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