Betcha' Bottom Dollar

Things I love. . . 

 Listening to my roommate do the dirty deed all. night. long. 

Having classes in half torn down buildings.

The fact that everyone and their dog is engaged.

That girl that NEVER sits in the same spot and always throws off the whole class.

Living in a house full of girls, yet I still constantly find the toilet seat left up. 


Okay that list was covered in sarcasm if you couldn't tell here's stuff I really do love and adore at this current moment 

Being accused in a flirty way of having glue stick chap-stick.

When the cute guy in institute asks if the pink and white diamond ring that I wear is a promise ring and I can tell him definitely not.

When one of my favorite hockey players tweets me directly.  

Bachelor Monday's.

The one yellow wall in one of my classes. 

Getting out of a 3 hour long class early. 

The fact that I have nothing left to do today except study a few things, hang out, and watch Bachelor.

Mostly, If I had to put it in a statement, I'm a thousand sour-patch-watermelons happy today. 
(Which is pretty dang happy!) 

Happy Monday! 

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