Vegas Overnighter

This past weekend the Grizzlies had 3 games in Vegas. I told my mom we should drive down seeing as there is only 6 home games left in the season. My dad asked if I had been talking to Garrett, which was not the case. Apparently he had the idea to go down to Vegas the same weekend. 

So what did we do? 
We all hopped in the plane and off we went. We could only go for one night because my dad had to be back by Sunday. 

When we got to Vegas we went and drove down the strip to show Merilee. She had never been before. 
We then went and checked into our hotel. We stayed at The Orleans, which is a little bit off the strip. The hockey arena is attached to the hotel and casino, which was way nice and convenient. 
After we checked in and gave up searching the casino for hockey players we went bowling. 
So. Much. Fun.
I hadn't been bowling in ages! 

This is Garrett's "I'm so excited to be bowling!" face.


So I'm the 3rd down. The first "K".  I came in 3rd the first game....

and 2nd in the third game. Not to brag but I improved drastically. Ha!
Yes, I beat my brother in both games! 

After bowling we were supposed to go grab dinner and then head to the game. Well we ran out of time and I suggested we eat after the game instead. Best idea ever! 

The game was way good and pretty intense. The Grizzlies ended up winning 4-3. Everyone in the arena basically loved us. Not. 

After the game my dad decided on eating at TGIF's. Second best idea ever! 
We had a pretty attractive waiter that was pretty flirtatious. 
Pretty sure he brought us extra napkins like 3 different times. Either he think's we're pigs or he was looking for excuses to come over.  He basically looked like a younger LoVecchio. 
We finished our dinner and 2 guys dressed up walked in and sat 1 booth away from us. I was facing away from this booth and my mom and dad were facing it. My mom asks me if it was hockey players and I turned around and holy cow..... have some Justing Dowling and Logan MacMillan. 
Cue Kylie freaking out. 
Less than 3 minutes later I look up and see Ryan Watson walking in. I know there were like 2 other guys with him but let's be honest, I only noticed him. Cue Kylie really freaking out. I quickly told my parents "It's Watson!!!!" 
As they walked by I told them they did great, Ryan said thanks and they went to the booth. 
We had a coupon for dessert so when we ordered I changed sides of the table with my dad, just to see what the view was like from his side of the table. Long story shorter, we payed our bill and I talked to Kyle (the waiter) some more, mostly about hockey, he asked about the game and such. Before we were about to leave he walked over and plopped a Friday's party hat on the table and said jokingly "here, you can have them sign your hat."
Well we waited around some more just cause. Kyle came back and I jokingly said "hey, Kyle... Will you sign my hat." Bad idea. He picks it up and says, "no, but I'll get them to sign it." He walks over to the table with 5 hockey players. 
I don't know what he said but they all signed it and I know they knew it was for me. My face was redder than the ketchup on the table. He brought it back and sure enough there were 5 signatures on it. After that I basically booked it out of the restaurant. 
I'm convinced I can never go to another Grizz game again. 

So that was our overnighter to Vegas. The next morning we went to iHop and then headed back home. 

We saw this guy on the way to the airport. He was clipping his nose hairs! He did this for a solid 5 minutes. Too funny. 

Home Sweet Home.

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