She Shoots, She Scores!

You know those few and far between times that everything seems to work out in your favor? Well mostly everything...Lately it's been a little like that for me and let's be honest, when that happens you've gotta take the time to soak it all up... enjoy every minute of it. Nothing is perfect by any means but I am beyond happy and have been spending more than my fair share of time on cloud nine. 

I guess through all this I've learned that faith gets you through anything and if you're not happy with where you are then you have the power to change it and make it better. You'll be amazed with how even putting forth just a little bit of effort can move you miles in the right direction. 

Sometimes what appears to be the "good" things in life have to end to make room for the truly incredible things to begin. Sometimes people have to walk out of your life so that even more amazing people can walk in and steal a place in your heart. You have to experience the not so happy times to truly appreciate and recognize when things are going wonderfully. 

This past week has been one of my favorites so far this year. Even with the stress of school I wouldn't change one thing about it. It's amazing how certain things fall into place so perfectly. It just leaves me in awe at how amazing the big guy upstairs is and how flawless his plans truly are for each of us. 

Life is good and I'm loving every minute of it lately. 
Let's hope it keeps going in this direction. 

Happy Leap Day! 

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