Words With Who?

Okay, yes I play Words With Friends. 
No, I don't cheat. 
Yes, a lot of people do. 

So an.... old friend (If even that), who we will call Lou Sir, decided he'd like to play a game of Words With Friends with me. Okay, whatevs, let's play. Well it took about one and a half turns before it was completely obvious he was cheating. Well I've taken a lot of crap from Lou Sir in the past and he has basically been on my list ever since. So for my pure enjoyment I decided to call him on it. It went like this. . . 

Kylie: I'm convinced you're cheating....
Lou Sir: your cheating

There's your sign. 

A person who doesn't know when to use your and you're. Yeah, they definitely are cheating at a word game. He's a winner. 

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