99 Red Balloons

Well hello blog world! 
If it isn't me, sitting here writing a post on what some people like to call Valentine's Day. Me on the other hand. . . I prefer Tuesday. It is just Tuesday. 
Don't get me wrong, today has been a great day, I just don't like the Valentine's thing. 

Anyways, let's back up. . . 

So my dad has this plane. . . I had never seen it. As far as I was concerned it didn't exist. 
Last weekend my mom and dad decided to fly to Wendover for lunch. They invited me and I was up for an adventure. 
Lo and behold. . . the plane does exist and my dad is capable of flying it. 
It may look little in this picture, but it's a six seater! It's HUGE compared to what he used to fly. 

The view from the plane. 

 Okay time to skip ahead. So my neighbor's boyfriend lives down in Provo and he wanted to sneak balloons in so they were there in the morning. With some help from me and some other friends on the inside we made it happen. He came and put all the balloons in my apartment waited till it was quiet on the other end and with the help of some lent keys (shh don't tell housing) we snuck them in and left them for the morning. It was a pretty late night because somebody kept walking around their apartment and refused to go to bed. Finally around 2:45 AM we snuck in, ditched the balloons and Andrew headed back to Provo. 

This is Andrew. And his 30 red balloons. Well, actually 27. He lost three. 

Here they are in my apartment. Trying to keep them away from the sprinkler heads was fun. 

I like to think I've always been a pretty good friend. I try to do as much as I can for people but sometimes I ask myself why I do crazy ridiculous things for people. Like staying up till 3 AM on a school night so that my neighbor could have a nice surprise in the morning for Valentine's Day. I guess I do stuff in hopes that one day karma will be good to me. One day maybe I'll be the one to wake up to dozens of balloons. Who knows maybe one day someone (preferably a boy) will let 99 red balloons go with me (it is on the bucket list after all). 

Today when I finally rolled out of bed, I headed down to pre-school. It's great, I finally made it to college and I get sent straight back to pre-school. Actually most days, I love it.

 So today not much happened besides the Valentine's Day "giving walk". We split into groups and headed out walking around campus. The kids handed out suckers to anyone they saw and said Happy Valentine's Day. We had 2 little boys and 1 little girl in my group. The little girl was scared and didn't want to hand any out. The boys on the other hand were running around crazily.

 One of the boys who we will call "E" went after a couple bikers. The first one stopped, the second one didn't look like he was going to so E just jumped in front of the bike and made him slam on the brakes. Yes, I know, I will make a great teacher. Just let the little ones jump in front of bikes. The guy was super nice about it though. 

For the most part it was great entertainment and I enjoyed every second of it. It was fun to not only see the little kids reactions but the people they gave the suckers to as well. Most of them were totally surprised and genuinely excited to have the kids give them something. Other people, cough asians cough, totally snubbed them. One old man asian didn't want to take a sucker from E but eventually did and then he walked over by me and tossed it at me. What the heck! Thank you heartless old man. 
When it was time to go back to class the boys did not want to stop and the whole way back they handed out as many suckers as they could. It was so fun to watch! 

After pre-school I went to a college class!!! I learn fast. Skipped a few grades. 

Finally when school was done for the day I headed to Cafe Rio. Even though Jess was with me... I was my own Valentine's date. If I weren't me, I'd want to date me. I'm freaken awesome!!! 

Ooo ooo side story! On the way to Rio. I was waiting at a light to turn right, the car in front of me went and then the light turned green. There was a girl on a bike, she had right of way so I waited. Well she took an eternity to decide to cross the street and then she could barely ride her bike across the street. She was Asian. Not that that's relevant, but it was a key factor in my irritation level. So finally I got to go. Well the car behind me flew around the corner and into the lane next to me and comes flying up beside me...sorta. Whatever, I thought he was mad that I waited for biker chick to cross the street. Well we came up to the next red light and he pulled up beside me and just looks at me. We kind of drove back and forth if that makes sense, I passed him, he passed me, until he came up one last time before we stopped for the light. He totally waved! So I waved back. I thought he must have just thought I was someone else. Well then he continues to stay pretty close to my car the rest of the drive down to Rio. He was basically drop dead gorgeous. And it was Valentine's night and he was alone... he has to be single, right? Well we even missed the turn for Rio just to figure out who this guy was. A couple blocks later I gave up and pulled in the turn lane to flip a U-ey. We watched for him to go by and pass us. Well he had totally rolled down his window and as he drove by he waved again at us. He obviously was paying as close attention to my car as I was to his. Anyways Mr. Mystery Acura driver, if you ever need a date, you know what my car looks like. Come find me. I would't mind meeting you. 

After that Jess and I headed downtown for a much needed Target adventure and it lived up to more than we ever expected. Basically any filter we had before was gone and we were just being loud and saying anything regardless of who was around, which was basically nobody. It was great. 

Now I'm at home, bundled up on the couch watching Boy Meets World and blogging. 
I'm a happy girl and today was a definite success! 

Happy Tuesday!!! 

These are my fortunes from our Wendover adventure. Looks like this year is going to be a good one for me!
Fingers crossed! 

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