Confessions #188

Ready for some confessions?
 I am.

I confess... I dislike hockey games (I know, you never thought you'd hear me say that) and have problems paying attention to the game when there's tons of people there. This rarely happens but when it does, I get mad. We ended up watching from up top last Wednesday. Perk of that... right next to the injured hockey players. Can you say Watson and Dowzak!?! 

I confess... I got the random number for this post from LoVecchio's and Watson's jersey numbers. Ha.

I confess... I should be sleeping but I'm excited for tomorrow and not tired. At. All. 

I confess... I get nervous to fly when my dad is the pilot but have no problem getting on a commercial plane having no idea who the pilot is or what their credentials are. Messed up I know. I wish I could get over it, my dad's an amazing pilot. 

I confess... I'm nervous for sharing a hotel room with my brother's girlfriend this weekend. I hope it's not awkward but fun. Fingers crossed! 

I confess... My roommate started cooking her dinner at 12:30 am I went out when she was in the kitchen and slammed the air off so the stank wouldn't come in my room. She just glared at me. 

I confess... After that, I taped paper over the air vent in my room so my room won't be infested with stank when I come back from my weekend. For your viewing pleasure, a picture.... 

I confess... I have 9, yes count them, 9 chapsticks sitting on my desk. Obsessed much? 

I confess... I finally got my hair did today. It's been like a month and a half. My roots were terrible. I felt like a zebra.

I confess... I miss these kiddos SO much!!!! 

I confess... This week has been SO great! Life is good. I can't wait to see what other good things are in store. 

Happy Weekend! 

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